May 29, 2009, 5:30 am

Survival Guide to a MBA Part1: Surviving the program

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I’m now down to my final class of my MBA program. After June, I won’t have classes anymore, just a filthy 100 pages to write with my colleagues for our final project ;-). This series is for those of you thinking about doing the same crazy project as I did 😉 I decided to write a survival guide to a MBA in 3 parts: Surviving the MBA itself, Surviving your Job and finally (the most important part), surviving with your family. A keller graduate school MBA program or any MBA program is worth the survival it takes to complete it.

Surviving your MBA

The very first thing to remember while doing your MBA is that 20% of your work will give you 80% of your mark. Whatever you do, make sure that you are being effective while doing it. If you want to read everything, get further information, work extra hours over night; you will probably learn more than me, but you will probably lose yourself along the way as well. A MBA could be fun but it could also become the only thing you do for 2 years. Make sure you don’t fall in the second category 😉


Choose your colleague and don’t hesitate to change

During our first session, we made everything clear among our team. Everybody expressed their feeling about the MBA and how they intend to go through it. This obviously didn’t solve all our problems but you can detect BS quite easily when you get to the end of the session. As a team, we knew what we wanted to accomplish and we told some people in our team that we would not continue to work this way. They would not be happy with us and we would not be happy with them. It’s not a matter of being mean or kicking people out. In the end, everybody finds its best interest.

There is no point of carrying people on your back in the hope of seeing them change their implication. People don’t change. So you might want to change them for other persons ;-). Carrying people will burn a lot of your time and energy and, most importantly, will feed frustration all along your MBA. Why would you become frustrated for 2 years of your life? Life is too short to be this way 😉

Identify what the teacher is looking for

The quality of your work is a perception of others. Most importantly, it is the teacher’s perception. Make sure you validate with him about what he expects and what he wants to read. I remember having a teacher requesting a “2 pages per topic” paper and when he received our work, he said he was expecting at the very least 10 pages (there were 2 topics in the paper we wrote). The problem with teachers is that it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, they are the teacher and they have “absolute power” in their class. Instead of fighting with them, find out what they want and it will be much easier this way.

Choose your battle

As I said with teachers, instead of fighting, go around it ;-). This is valid with your MBA colleagues too. I have a tendency of fighting at any occasion. I can now say that I have burnt a lot of my resources trying to win stupid battles. Sometimes when you win, you are the biggest looser!

Next week, I’ll keep writing about how to survive your job and with your family while doing the MBA. I’ll be back with financial ramblings tomorrow morning, I promise ;-D

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