August 6, 2007, 7:00 am

Sunday, August 5th 2007: The Beginning of a New Life

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Yesterday, at exactly 3:25 AM I became a new man. On an exceptional basis, today’s post is not really about personal finance. It is about love. The love for my wife who gave birth to a little angel named Amy. I was already a fulfilled husband and a lucky father of a wonderful boy. But yesterday, this love got to another level. We are now, more than ever, united through our family.


What can I expect more from life? I am young, healthy and I found love early enough in my life to get two beautiful children before I turn 26. In fact, I realized something very important from the past couple of years. Enjoy the moment. Do not waste your time with regrets or anticipation of the future. Go home tonight, and go see somebody you love and tell them. Tell them how much she or he represents for you. Just do it.


Too many times we are wasting our time planning, calculating and thinking about our future. We sometimes forget to look around, pick-up a flower and smell its voluptuous perfume. Do not always think about money and what it can brings. There are a lot of things that are free in life and we forget about them. My son William reminds me this lesson of life every day of my life.


Money is sure important. There is a part of me that is passionate about finance because of two reasons: I love enjoying the best material things in life. But more than everything else; I care about my family’s comfort, security. I saw my parents running after money like rabbits looking forward to this carrot they would never get too often. They sure always gave me what I needed and many times more than I expected. But they had to pay a high price in interest simply to get a computer or to pay for my tuition fees so I can go to school and have the right tools to succeed.


I would like something easier for my children. I would like to have them not to worry. I am very grateful to my parents as they taught me everything that needs to be known from life. Today, I want to use all my knowledge to bring a bright future to my children. Love can drive you in many ways. Sometimes, it is the key to success.

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Congrats on the new addition FB!

Great post too.


Congrats on the baby girl!


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