May 2, 2013, 6:00 am

Struggling to Focus? Get Another Job

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Are you struggling to stay focused? Are you finding it impossible to get anything done?

This happens to the best of us. We have all of this free time to get work done, yet we get nothing done. We sit around. We do the laundry. We check email. We go and do the laundry again. How much dirty clothes could we possibly have? We just keep on wasting time. We all know that time is precious and that once it goes away it’s gone forever. Still here we are wasting valuable time.

I have a solution for you.

Get another job.

Find another gig. Instead of spending your evenings or weekends or days on trying to be “an entrepreneur,” why not get another job where you actually get paid for working?

How does getting another job make sense?

But wait, how does this make sense? Another job isn’t passive income. You’re not following your passions if you find another gig. You’re not channeling your inner strengths.

I’ve learned over the years that more time doesn’t equate to more work getting done. This is the harsh reality. You can often get more done in that less hour before deadline than you did in the days or weeks building up to the deadline. We’ve all experienced this.

I have friends that work two jobs and manage to get so much done in between. They’re always on top of things. More work also doesn’t stop them from going out and doing fun things. They simply don’t have the luxury of slacking off or being bored.

Then I know people who are unemployed and can’t even respond to a basic text message over the course of a day. They never have time for anything, yet they have all of the hours in a day.

Actually nevermind, I’m a perfect example of this.

When I have a whole day off, I get nothing done. It sucks. I tried an experiment in school. One semester I tried to work less hours. I thought that this would improve my grades. Did it? Not at all. I just slacked off more.

The next semester I went back to working full-time. I was forced to get the most out of the hour on the bus or the hour before work. I was forced to get an article done in between classes. I had to manage to squeeze in a date with my girlfriend at the time.

Having less time meant no time to waste.

Should you always be working?

Not at all. I just want you to see how valuable time is and how much of it you really have.

This isn’t mean to be permanent. This might not even work for you. You might be perfectly productive and already on top of things. That’s cool. This article isn’t for you. This is for those of us that waste time when we have so much of it available to us.

Try it out.

Find another job or add another commitment to your life. Reduce your free time. Notice what happens to your productivity. You’ll get more done than ever before. You’ll appreciate time.

When you no longer have the luxury of sitting around all day, you’ll get down straight to business.

Once you get better with your time and productivity, you’ll realize that you already have more than enough time. This is when you can quit that job or free up more time to get more done.

Oh and I wrote this article in between commitments. I had limited time at Starbucks. I grabbed a coffee and got straight to work. No time to waste!

“You don’t want to take initiative or responsibility, so you check your incoming mail, your Twitter stream, and your blog comments. Surely, there’s something to play off of, something to get angry about, some meeting to go to. I know someone who goes to forty conferences a year and never seems to actually produce anything.” — Seth Godin

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I totally know this feeling. I can get the job done when I know that tomorrow is the deadline when I had weeks to do it. Although sometimes, the quality of work was reduced when it was done quickly.

I’ve done this just 6 weeks ago. I wanted to pay off my school tuition, and debt (last $5000) as soon as possible. Money also helps to accelerate business, and I did not wanted to give them away because of my goals above.

Now I’m working two part time jobs about 55hours a week, studying College full-time, and still working few hours now and then on my business.

I’m gonna pay off everything by the end of this month, then save a bit to buy another website. I’m much happier after this decision because I feel my time is used well.

When I worked in industry, I always gave the projects to the busy guy. Usually, it is the busy guy who knows how to handle multiple projects and get them all done. I think it is still true that many people waste time, HAving less of it means you will waste less.

I understand this completely. I’m working from home right now while simultaneously trying to find another full time job, and its a lot of work in itself. I didn’t realize it but for full-time positions you have to take each job posting and write a tailored cover letter and fix your resume to play up skills and assets they’re looking for.

As much as I want to get a job a full time job, I have and I want to stay at home. At first, I was really struggling to stay focused and not to procrastinate. But in the long run, I’ve learned how to manage my time and be disciplined enough to know what should be my priorities.

I think this is great advice! I agree it is not for everyone but for people like me, it makes a lot of sense. I’ve been wondering about my productivity levels and have been trying to come up with an excuse of why I have been slacking off so much, but this article really helped me to understand more.

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