June 30, 2009, 5:34 am

4 Stocks for 2009 Competition: Another Quarter, Another Champion!

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As you probably remember, a few personal finance blogger and I entered into a friendly stock picking competition on January 1st 2009. The purpose was to pick 4 stocks each and pray that we are lucky enough so we can create a positive return at the end of the year. As 4 stocks is definitely not enough to maintain a well balanced and diversify portfolio, this is far from being a scientific competition and I do not encourage you to take our picks for granted.

What is really interesting to see into this stock picking competition is the ranking from one quarter to another. After the first quarter result in March, I was second and most of my fellow bloggers were showing negative returns. However, now that the market surged from March to beginning of June, the ranking has completely changed.

Some people who had “bad stock picks” for the first quarter saw their very same stocks (we are not allowed to change our picks… unfortunately!) soared during the second quarter. We had a few bloggers that decided to bet on the price of crude oil. Since there was a lot of speculation lately (it went from $35 in December to $70 during last month), they are showing a much better portfolio yield now!

As for my own choice, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) keeps doing well this year. There is a lot of changes in the techno world and betting on a highly liquid cash company is definitely a must. Google can easily survive this economy crisis and grow stronger from it.

Com Dev International (TSX: CDV) is not doing much right now and it is definitely not helping my portfolio to outperform others ;-). However, we still have another 6 months ahead of us and I strongly believe that it is a good pick (maybe for 2010 😉 ). The thing about stock picking is that you must be patient!

Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX: BNS) is still doing fine but the bank rally seem to be over. I guess I won’t get much out of this stock this year. If it would be include in my own portfolio, I would have to decide if I keep it for its good dividend yield or I sell it in order to cash in my profit. There was definitely a misevaluation of Canadian bank stocks at the beginning of the year but the results from the last quarter seemed to have brought all investors on the same pace.

Unfortunately, my “safe pick”, Johnson and Johnson (NYMEX: JNJ) was not a great one considering that we just went through a stock rally (bull market? Who knows!). Therefore, this one is slowing me down in the competition… for now ;-). What influences my results compared to a real portfolio is that I don’t get to count the dividend (from JNJ and BNS) in my returns. It would have contributed to give me a few additional percent ;-).

So here’s the ranking and their latest post about the contest (will be live at the end of the day!):

















Million Dollar Journey











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I would count my performance with and without the dividends ;-).

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Congratulations on your 5th place standing….. 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | July 2nd, 2009 (5:32 am)

Look who’s talking, isn’t not the very same guy who said during the first quarter that it was all luck? hahahaha!

I’ll be back ;-D

Yes, but I was wrong… 🙂


FP I hate you… I hate you even more since Komisarek signed with the Leafs!

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