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Start Making Money By The End of the Month

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By working roughly 10 hours per week, I’m able to generate between 40K and 50K in net profit per year (that’s 20K-25K each for my partner and I). When you think about it, it means between $38.46 and $48.07 per hour net of taxes. I’m not even talking about the side benefit here… I don’t know about you, but I’m not making this much at my day job!


It’s not because I’m underpaid at work.


It’s because of where I’m sitting in the food chain.


At work, I’m part of the food chain. I’m relatively high up but there are still a lot of people getting paid before I can touch my pay check. When I work for myself, I’m sitting on the top of the food chain. There is nobody taking its profit before I cash mine. This is the whole point of being an entrepreneur; it’s about being the first one to cash in!


I must admit that sometimes it’s tempting to quit everything and start working for my company full time. If I was to do that, I would have to diversify my company a little bit more. The way I would do it is through freelancing.


Freelancing is theBest WayTo Start Making Money By the End of the Month


The arrival of the internet was a real revolution for people who are looking to make more money on the side. Prior to this major technology advancement, it was harder to start a sideline. It has always been true: you needed money to make money. But today, you have no excuses; you can start freelancing today and start making money by the end of the month!


There is a fundamental principal in the universe (whoa, this is big isn’t it?) and it is that you are special because you are you. “Being you” is your most powerful marketing tool as nobody else can offer the same product as… you! This is the basic of freelancing; offer something you can do better than the average bear (that’s a French saying that I just translate directly to English 😉 hehehe!). We all have passions, we are all good at something. You don’t need to be the ultimate expert, you just need to be better than average at something. Why is that? Simply because the internet playground is big enough to have millions of players in the same industry. What will make you successful is the way you are, the way you do things, the way you are being yourself!


How Can You Start Freelancing Today?


To be completely honest, you don’t need much to start freelancing. You need a passion, an idea that will meet people’s needs, solve people’s problems or answer people’s concerns. This is quite easy to find. Here’s a quick list of topics you may be good at and cover. I took 5 minutes to put this link together just to see how many ideas I could get in a very limited time). It doesn’t only cover internet avenues:


Interest                                                                Freelance Offer

Gardening                                          eBook on gardening, offer Gardening classes, grow your own plants and trees and sell them


Construction                                      Painting, small work around the house, building decks/patios do youtube videos to explain how to build things


Writing                                                Ghost writing, commenting, researches on specific topics, editing/correcting, blogging


Art                                                          Classes, custom made orders, sell your art online, critics


Sport                                                     Sport article review, classes, youtube videos on techniques, training programs and being a trainer


Cooking                                               Youtube recipes, blogging about cooking, make your own food and sell it, cook at home services.


Finance                                                duh! Hahaha!


The Point is Starting Right Away


The point here is that you have the passion and there is a market for it. Then, all you need to do is to start working right away on your freelancing offer. It doesn’t mean that all the ideas listed are good enough to make a living from them. In fact, most of them will first constitute an awesome way to use your passion to make a few bucks but you won’t probably get rich with them. But you need to start somewhere if you want to start making money.


When I started blogging, I wasn’t making much out of TFB. But each time I made $10, I was telling myself how great it was to make that extra money. This is what freelancing is about; it’s about making more money. Most importantly, it’s about making money by having fun at what you do.


This is why it’s important to start with your passion or your interest. Do you really think I could write 6 articles a week about personal finance if I wasn’t passionate about writing and finance in the first place?


If you start today, you will be making a few bucks at the end of the month. You might make less of an hourly wage than you do at your day job. But you will be using your “free” time to make something constructive and profitable. At first, I was probably making 2 cents/hour… I guess it was a good deal to continue hustling until I got to $40/hour, right?


Here Are a Few People Making More Dough Than The Average Joe


I know a lot of fellow bloggers who added more freelancing activities when they went full time. This is a very nice way to add more money to your pocket quickly. On top of that, the pay rate is usually pretty high. You can think of Corbett Barr and Adam Baker who offered consulting services on the side when they started. Their strengths range from product launch to building a strong community. There are also Sam @ Financial Samurai who’s offering whale post services and Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff who’s offering her gourmet commenting services. Another awesome dude in this business is my virtual assistant; Martin @ Studenomics. This guy is doing everything related to blogging from writing to carnival submissions while offering keyword researches and complete blog management.


Speaking of Which, Here’s theBest WayTo Start Freelancing Today


I know it’s not that obvious to start working on an idea to make money right away. It’s not that simple to find that small idea that will be profitable enough so you want to continue using your free time for it. I guess this is why Martin wrote his own step by step master plan to freelance and is offering it.


I really like reading about people who did it when I want to learn something new. After I read Martin’s book, Start Freelancing Now, I found that it was probably the best step by step blueprint for someone who wants to start making more money. It’s neat, easy to read and each section goes directly to the point. You won’t be wasting your time and will be able to have a comprehensive approach to freelance after reading this book.


If you want to start making money by the end of the month, you better grab your copy now!


So… what are you doing? Are you going to make more money in June or what?

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Nice tips, never forget programming in it. The internet needs good programmers and their are good freelance work out there for programmers. By a programmer, freelancer and a writer.

Freelancing/consulting is one of the easiest and least costly businesses to start, since it has:
   –>very low start-up costs,
   –>flexible hours,
   –>a high hourly pay rate, and
   –>you already have the expertise to get started.

Quitting your job to start a business is financial suicide–even if you have prior business experience. Without a source of cash flow, you’ll be desperate for cash, and will end up making mistakes that will kill your business.

Instead, start your business on the side–using your day job to fund it–and test your business idea & assumptions quickly and cheaply. Learn from your testing, and you’ll incrementally create greater success and profitability.

I started my consulting business in January 2007, and QUADRUPLED my former day-job salary. In addition, I’m MUCH more secure being self-employed and having lots of clients than I was by having a single employer.

Eventually, you’ll be able to quit your day job, but before you do, make sure you have a reliable minimum monthly income.

That’s essentially what I ended up doing. After I started my consulting business on the side and growing it over time, I realized that my time spent at my day job was getting in the way of how much I could earn consulting; at that point, I went part-time at my day job while I ramped up my business, and a couple months later, quit my day job completely.

However, I didn’t start my consulting business thinking that it would eventually become my full-time gig. When I started consulting, I just liked having the extra money–which was wonderful.

You can check out an interview I recently did where I talk about how I made the switch from employee to consultant, and where I talk about some of my initial fears & doubts, and give actual income & rate numbers:

Greg Miliates

Great points about Freelancing! Lots of opportunities out there. My kids are too young to start freelancing yet 🙂 but it’s certainly something for young aspiring students and side income for anyone.

It’s nice to see your passive income generated from 10 hours of work, but the reality is that you are running a business and you have people working for you and it takes many more hours to keep up the blogs for the profit that you generate overall when you include everyone that works for your empire. What’s the number of hours total in a week that is spent when you include everyone that you pay? I am curious because ultimately, no one can do it alone and that’s something every serious blogger will need to conclude sooner or later. I have been at it alone since the beginning and I am starting to look for help.

Freelancing is definitely something I would be interested to help provide me with some income throughout my semesters during university. I currently have a blog but am not generating the kind of income I would hope. It hasn’t discouraged me at all since I love writing about the topics on my blog anyways.
Do you have any tips for my site in particular on how to best develop a greater opportunity for income?

This is exactly why I started my blog. While I haven’t made any money yet I can see the ability to start making money sometime within the next year and after I have grown my website hopefully I can make some decent side money. It takes time but I enjoy it but still have a lot to learn.

Freelancing IS all that and more, but only if you can succeed at it. I have known FAR too many freelancers who wanted the dream, but did not know how to market themselves, or quite honestly weren’t ready to get out there on their own. And they suffered greatly because of it. Caveat emptor.

I went through this myself. It was an extremely rough time in the beginning, mostly due to the economy of the day. In retrospect, I should not have gone out on my own at that time.

However, I stuck with it, and learned how to succeed. I grew to realize six straight years of six figure income (some people think that’s a lot of money, but trust me you get used to it fast).

I recorded an information product, a one-hour course (and self-assessment quiz) that you can use to determine whether or not you are ready to be a freelancer. If you ARE ready, go for it and never rush to get to the office by 9am to listen to a lecture from the boss ever again. If you are not ready….. don’t jump. You can listen to me and learn from my experience, or you can take a guess and learn the hard way.

I don’t teach freelancing anymore. But I do think this will be useful to anybody who is on the fence about whether or not to proceed.


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I’ve been freelancing and running side businesses for a while now. I do everything from blogging to graphic design to web hosting for friends. If you diversify and get a bunch of different sidelines without getting too swamped, you can make a decent side income from your freelance pursuits. While not everyone is going to make “quit my job” money, it can definitely add some money to the bottom line. I’ve made six figures from my sideline pursuits over the past few years, and it has changed my life. I highly recommend others get started now!

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Love how you started your post with NET PROFITS and the split! Way to go Mike!

by: The Financial Blogger | June 12th, 2012 (5:48 am)

Hey Sam,

I thought of you when I wrote this post 😉 lol!

Hi all,
Just want to clarify a few things.
If you are considering going into freelancing, your biggest challenge is going to be finding clients. There are more life coaches, inspirational whatevers, and positive feel-good consultants out there than there are people looking for such services.
Also, most creatives (the kinds of people who WANT freelancing freedom), struggle when it comes to marketing and sales (by their very nature, require discipline routine and consistency–the very trap creative people are trying to avoid).
Going into freelancing is a risk. If you can make it work, it IS all it’s cracked up to be.
But beware expensive products or services that claim to teach you how to succeed as a freelancer. Their primary interest is getting your money up front, not showing you how to make your own money later on.

[…] from The Financial Blogger presents Start Making Money By The End of the Month, and says, “How to increase your income right […]