March 8, 2012, 6:00 am

Why You Should Start a Blog in Your 20s

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income
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The other day Mike compared investing in stocks to blogging. In this piece, Mike wrote about why he feels that you could make more money from blogging than investing. This article really got me thinking about blogging.

I wrote about how you can start an online business a few months ago. For the first time, I actually reached out to some friends and pretty much forced them to read the article. I wanted to spread the word about this piece because I was really proud of what I had written. I went into detail and explained exactly how you can start a blog right now. I discussed everything from picking a theme, to hosting, all the way to deciding on your topic.

Today I wanted to explain why you should start a blog in your 20s…

You stay focused.

It’s difficult to stay focused on goals in your 20s. There are so many distractions out there. You can get wasted on a Monday night instead of worrying about work. You can chat on Facebook all night as opposed to looking up ways to make money.

When you build a blog, you slowly build an audience over time. This audience forces you to stay accountable and focused. If you don’t post for a few days, your readers will wonder where you went. If you don’t respond to emails, advertisers will question you. If you don’t put up quality work, nobody will ready your blog.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to lose focus. The only reason I’ve managed to stay out of trouble in the last few years has been because of blogging. There have been many nights where I called it a night early instead of doing something foolish to go home and finish a blog post. If you want to stay focused on something, I recommend that you start blogging right now.

You learn more on the topic.

Through writing about money I’ve learned more than I could possibly imagine learning about money. I studied finance in college and it honestly is nothing compared to what I’ve learned through blogging. I learned more about money just by writing about the topic consistently

For example, I always wanted to get into vagabonding but I just didn’t know anything about how to travel the world. Instead of making excuses, I picked up a book on the topic and decided to turn it into a colossal blog post. I then used my own blog post as a guideline when I went on my first trip solo to Europe in September.

You never know what blogging will lead to.

When I started blogging in November of 2008 I was excited about the idea of having an advertiser pay me $20 per month for a text link. I didn’t know what it could potentially lead to. Over the past few years blogging has landed me in the Toronto Star, New York Times, and on Fox Business News. I would’ve never had these opportunities presented me through traditional means (finding a job after college).

You build amazing connections.

Through Twitter, email, blog comments, forums, and conferences, I’ve met some interesting people just because I got into blogging. One of my friends laughed at me when he found out I was going to a blogging conference. When I got back I laughed at him because I had more fun with my blogging peers than I do with this friend when we went on a trip. Through blogging you’ll meet some intelligent people that you can learn from. You’ll also get to meet some fools that will help you decide what mistakes to avoid.

That’s why I think you should start a blog in your 20s.

What would you do with $10,000?

At the end of the piece Mike asked what would you do with $10,000? Would you invest it in the stock market or into the blogging game? I personally chose to leave the stock market in 2009 when I invested my money into a rental property. If I had to invest $10,000 right now it would be into time. I’m a firm believer in using time. Money comes and goes. Time goes and never comes back again. I’m always looking for more ways to find time for my projects. Money is great but time is better in my opinion.

What do you think about starting a blog? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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by: The Financial Blogger | March 8th, 2012 (8:10 am)

I’d say that my biggest mistake was to now start my blog in my early 20’s (I was in my mid 20’s). I remember how much time I wasted on stupid stuff while I was at University…. man imagine everything I could have done back then!

I think that just for the experience, it’s worth it! then, if you are lucky, you start making money with it 😉

@MD – Great post..are you telling me that you found a way to buy time? Cause I’d also invest 10K in some of that;) haha

I have a friend who is starting a blog. She’s the same age as me (in her 30’s) but there’s really never a wrong time. The benefits you list are great. I learn more every day blogging than I do anywhere else right now 🙂

Blogging is fun, but you need to know more about how to promote your site before you can make any money, if at all happen. I am in the learning process and hopefully I will see the money come eventually. But now, I just enjoy the writing and learning part of it. I think it is easier to start a blog a few years back. There are just too many people trying to start their own blog now. Too much competition.

Great post! I do wish I would have gotten into blogging earlier, but I’m still only 22, so I’m good!

I agree. I’m glad I waited until I was done school though – and I’m glad we don’t yet have children. I don’t feel like I’m neglecting anything when I spend a full evening or afternoon on blog related activities.

I don’t believe in having regrets, but I wish I’d read this post 3 years ago when I first started reading personal finance blogs. It never really occurred to me to start my own blog then even though I was an avid reader of them. But now I’ve finally done it (and I’m still in my 20’s, so ha!).

Great post! So many benefits, but the one that hit me was your line about money comes and goes, but time doesn’t come back. Deep stuff.

[…] 8. Why You Should Start a Blog in Your 20s @ TFB. […]

I started blogging at 18 and I believe starting early is the better choice. Why not talk about your investing career on a blog, that sounds fun to do.

I did not know about dividend investing (or not much anyways) until I started reading blogs about it. And then I had to learn a lot more before I started writing about it so I would not sound like a fool. So yes I know that it is a great way to learn.

I spent so much time reading blogs to learn about money that I thought I might as well learn about money from writing about it and hopefully make some in the process.

It is good to start blogging while you are young. Unfortunately, blogging is not yet around when I was on my 20’s, not even the word internet. Am I revealing my age? LOL.

On the contrary, I don’t think nothing is too late to start as long as you know what you are doing and you are not wasting any of your precious time to learn everyday.

I just recently started a blog. I am currently a graduate student sharing my personal finance experience and knowledge to my friends. The contents might not be in your best interest, but I am making adjustments and improvements as I go. I really enjoy reading finance blogs to become financially independent and I find it important to share what I learn,

Charlotte @

Hi there ! well, I’m in favor that people should do blogging at their 20’s. Blogging is a kind of activity that most individuals can earn extra income. There are lot of ways to do internet marketing, and blogging is one of it. Making a blog also do not requires great knowledge about optimizing your blog, you can enhance your website with just few clicks like WordPress and Blog.

I started to blog 4 years ago. That time I was 19. I blogged in the first 2 years and later I was absent from the blogging scene. I had to work on my other online business. Readers started to wonder where have I been?

Then on some public conference I was invited and I met many people who know my blog since the beginning. I then decided to start blogging again and begin where I left it.

Now I am blogging again, in the early 20s and lovin it!