October 1, 2007, 7:00 am

September Top Ten Posts

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The Financial Blogger V2.0

Happy Monday everyone! (sic)

As you can see, I’ve updated my blog and created a new format. I’ve been working on the layout for a while and it’s now online! The categories and the other section on the sides will be changed shortly while I didn’t have enough time over the weekend (I still have a life besides blogging 😉 ). So Welcome to The Financial Blogger V 2.0; next step coming: ads!

Oh boy, this monthly top ten took a good two hours as I saved 32 very interesting articles for September. After debating every single one with my wife, we have come to this top ten. That should give you enough reading for this week!


#10 How Many Earths Would it Take to Sustain You? By Consumerism Commentary.

This is a short and sweet post that will make you think twice about your life style and how we hypothec or future on this planet. It is important to take the time to realize that our good old planet is probably dying and definitely not eternal


#9 Pirates of Personal Finance by Brip Blap.

A cool and refreshing post about personal finance advices. Apparently, pirates were excellent personal finance advisors. Brip Blap is explaining some piratical tidbits. Here’s my favorite: Arrr, no need to enlist with the Navy there be plenty o’ opportunities fer a young pirate in these seas – rum running, lootin’, rampagin’. The same thing but in my own words: you don’t need to get a stable job, there are plenty of opportunities where you can create your own company.


#8 The One Hour Project by the Simple Dollar.

This is more than a post, it is a great series concerning small things you can do to improve your financial situation. Each of them takes one hour to accomplish. I decided to link to the category instead of choosing only one post. Therefore, you will be able to figure which ones suit you best.


#7 How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? By Fours Pillars and Mr. Cheap.

This specific post has been written by Fours Pillars. However, he recently decided to merge his blog with another great blogger, Mr. Cheap (From Financial Security Quest). It is a great idea since they are both great writer. More on this post, it is a well detailed analysis of the blogger’s own situation. He explains why he took so much (750K seems pretty big at first glance, but it is almost the bare minimum to be honest).


#6 The Breast is Best by Million Dollar Journey.

MDJ is definitely my favorite blog by far. While he can write about convertible bond arbitrage, he can also talk about breastfeeding. Everything can be found in the same blog! Anyway, this article is about all the benefit for women and children of breastfeeding. It’s a must for everybody!


#5 Sales tactics by Money Smart Life.

This is another great category where Ben explains how salesman can be faster than you to close the deal and make a decent profit. He outlines 5 sales tactics that seem to work as I encountered them myself while shopping. Learn how to speak their languages and you will make great deals!


#4 Renting vs Buying a Home: A Detailed Calculation by Clever Dude.

Instead of telling you what to do and why, Clever Dude made a detailed list of all points to be considered when you are facing this choice. I think this dilemma is more about personal values and lifestyle than a financial matter.


#3 Watch Prices Go Up: Interesting Facts About Inflation by The Digerati Life.

A very great post from the Silicon Valley Blogger. That makes me think of the good old days where you could by a castle for 200K. It is now though to find a mobile home for 100K! She does not only compare price but also explain the inflation factors and provides great tools to understand this phenomenon.


#2 Chess and the Art of Financial Goals by Dough Roller.

This is the first post of an interesting series about the comparison of chess and the world of finance. In addition to the great post, you get in bonus a chess problem to solve. I guess it will be a bit different than the classic sudoku!


#1 8 Personal Lessons I Learned From Monopoly by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

When I was a kid, I used to play this game all day long. This is by far the most exciting board game I know. The most amazing part is that out of a simple game, there are a lot of financial basics. My favorite lesson is number 6: Life Isn’t Fair, It’s What You Make Of It. It’s up to you to make it happen!

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FB, the new site looks amazing! Great job!

Thanks for the mention also.


Thanks for the #2 spot in your monthly roundup! As a chess fanatic, the series on chess and the art of personal finance was a lot of fun to write.

The Financial Blogger v2.0 looks great. You’ve managed to combine a great look and feel with a nice, functional layout.

Nice layout & thanks for the mention.


Thanks for the mention! Excellent redesign on the site, too, by the way…

Great new look!

Thanks for the mention, but I can’t take full credit for the article. You’ll see it was written by a guest writer.