Welcome to my resources page. This section of The Financial Blogger has been created to share with you the products I use to build my websites and make money with my blogs.


Please note that some of those links are affiliate links. I do earn commission if you purchase those products. However, I am promoting them because they are great and useful product that I use on a daily basis to build my online empire.


Domains (we have a lot!) Hosting just $1.99/mo! 468x60

I have all my domains at Go Daddy. One account = much easier to manage! It’s easy to buy and play with your domains. We also use them as part of our web hosting network.




This is our main server for a simple reason: their customer service! They are very prompt to answer our questions and solve problems. Since we can’t make money if our sites are not hosted properly, customer service is the number 1 concern for us.  They are more expensive but offer more flexibility and services along the road.

Spring Savings! $7.49 .com domains at!
As we use them to manage our domains, we also use them to host a part of our blogs. Go Daddy is very reliable and provide us with great customer service.


We didn’t want to host all our blogs on the same provider (security purposes). This is why our 2nd choice was Hostgator.


Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95
Finally, we have opted for a third hosting companies since our online empire is growing. Our third one is BlueHost.


WordPress Themes


All our designs are made by the same company: Forum Skin.To be honest, they are sometimes a bit slow in making up new designs but they listen carefully to our needs and it’s well done the first time. In my opinion, this is priceless.


Buy Websites


If you are looking to buy a website in order to grow your empire, Flippa is the place to start. Be careful as there are many bad websites out there as well. Ask questions, look around and analyze carefully. This is how we bought one of our very first websites; Intelligent Speculator for about $3,000 3 years ago.


SEO and Keyword Research


Try Market Samurai now for free!I am currently using Market Samurai. This is definitely the most powerful and complete keyword tool. I am using it to define which keywords to use in my articles, to orient my topic writing and to create niche websites. It’s a very cheap way to get on the first page of Google!


Creating Contents


I am using Odesk to find writers. I have recently found a great one to add content to one of my niche website: What is Dividend. For a cheap amount (cheaper than what I can have if I ask other bloggers to write for me), I am getting quality content and my writer is highly reliable.

the best spinner

Speaking of building niche website; I also use The Best Spinner in order to create more articles. This easy to use software enables you to run through your articles and find synonyms to all your words. Therefore, you are able to create original content with existing one. This saves me a lot of time when I do article marketing.


Managing my Online Empire


Most of you must know about Odesk already. This is my favorite place to outsource specific tasks. It’s easy to find what you are looking for and you can monitor the work of your freelancers by automatic screen capture.


Then again, depending on which blog niche you are working, this could be a great (or not) idea. Personally, I experienced Odesk services and the system is great. It is easy to post a job, look into candidate’s profile and interview them.

Google Analytics

This is a must in terms of traffic tracking and website analysis. Sometimes I wish I had more time to look at the incredible amount of information available in these pages!


My Biggest Money Makers (Affiliate Programs)


Here are my biggest affiliate money makers so far:


Flex Offers


They have a modern platform which makes everything easy with them. I also was able to communicated with Jennifer, an account manager, that helped me getting approved with several affiliate programs on their platform.


Market Samurai


Try Market Samurai now for free!All I can say about Market Samurai is that it is very easy to sell an amazing product! If you are writing anything on the web, a keyword research is mandatory if you hope to be found via search engines. Market Samurai makes this task easy and optimize your keyword researches in a few clicks.


INO – Investing Courses


INO products are pretty neat. I actually like their free investing email classes along with their trend analysis software (technical analysis). They also offer more expensive products that are designed for serious investors.


Commission Junction


They have tons of products and services in several categories. It’s easy to find the product you are looking for and put the banners on. Definitely a must if you are looking to make money online.




This known Canadian brokerage platform is dominant in the investing market. They offer the lowest cost per trade of the industry (in Canada anyway!).