December 15, 2008, 6:00 am

Recharging Batteries

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Christmas is approaching and you have probably been running around like dogs after a cat to buy your Xmas gifts. At the end of the year, I always take a moment to look at what has been done during the current year and what is coming next in 2009. I noticed that too many times, I have pushed my limits this year. Changing jobs, doing a full time MBA, creating my own company finishing my basement so my wife can start her daycare at home in early 2009… those are all things that happen in my life in 2008.

Since it was my first year as a financial planner, the bank invited me to their financial planner congress. This is a 3 days, 2 night stop in a very nice hotel (in the middle of the week so we don’t eat our weekend J ), with very nice meals, wine and activities.

I must admit that it was definitely not the best timing to leave for 3 days since our renovations were not done yet and we had our friend supper (we are the organizers) the next Saturday (I was coming back on Thursday night).

However, it was a really good timing in order to take a break, sit back and relax. I personally think that these kinds of pause are a must in today’s busy life. We spend so much time running, doing overtime and pushing our limits to another level. We need a time to rest.

I am secretly putting money aside to invite my wife to this kind of break. One friend made me realized that if I work like a demon and that I make a lot of sacrifices to make our life better; she has to do the exact same thing on her side. If I am not home because I am working or going to my MBA classes, she obviously has to take care of the home and our children.

And if my job recognize me as a hard worker with congresses and prizes, I must do the same thing with my wife because she is working as hard as me (and sometimes harder!). She is just not working in such environment where sometimes, they gave you the promised candy 😉

This is why it is so important that she benefits from these treats in some ways. Since I couldn’t invite her to my bank congress… I’ll invite her to my congress ;-)!

So this is for all the hard workers with a wife and family: take some time to recognize their sacrifices. You both are part of a team and you must succeed together J

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That’s sweet of you to do that for your wife. I couldn’t agree more with having to celebrate and work together as a team.