April 12, 2011, 5:00 am

Q1 Goals Reviewed – What Needs To Be Done

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targetAs is the case at the beginning of each year since I started this blog, I setup my goals for the year. I usually do a mid-year revision to make sure I am on track with all of them. However, this year, since I was quite aggressive with both my personal and business goals, I have decided to review them quarterly. I really want to achieve all of them so I better take a look at where I stand:

Personal Goals:

#1 Paying off all my credit cards

This is probably where I suck the most of all of my goals! I’m definitely bad at paying off debt as I always find an excuse to spend more money. I guess it comes with the fact that I tend to make more money so I don’t see the problem. As I mentioned last week in my net worth update, I will be able to use my tax refund to drop my credit cards (and I’ll eventually sell my stocks to clear one of my cards later on…).

So far, I can’t say that I am ahead of target, but I know I have several cards, excuse the pun ;-), in my hand that I have yet played. This is why I am not too worried right now…

#2 Increase my Net Worth to Over 200K

This is definitely not a problem as I count on my assets increasing to reach it ;-). My pension plan update (in April or May) will give it a great help. Combined to a hot housing market and a growing value of the shares in my business.  I am convinced I will reach this goal if I continue working on building my assets.
#3 Be One of the Top 3 Financial Planners in Montreal – Make 150K

As of the last reports, I was part of the best performing financial planners for a 3rd year in a row. I’m aiming for a record year.  So far in terms of net $ brought under management and percentage of objectives achieved (I’m looking at finishing the year over 200% of goals right now). While it is pretty hard to say if I’m on track to be top 3 or not, I know that I am doing well in my book, that’s what matters right now. I just have to avoid the “summer blues” and not slack off during the sunny months… I’m not on vacation yet!

Online Business Goals:

#1 Generate over 250,000 visits per month with my blog network

Having 2 VAs has definitely helped me to grow my traffic. They have helped me by doing keyword research and search engine optimisation of specific articles. As of my last monthly income report, I have achieved more than 230,000 visits. Summer time is coming so the traffic should go down around 200,000 visits. However, my network should be ready for another peak of traffic in September. I should be able to reach my goal.

#2 Write a free ebook and hit 500 downloads

This is where I am getting a bit late! My ebook layout is ready (it will be about dividend investing) and I have started to write it. The plan in April is to complete the ebook and send for editing and formatting so I can launch it in May. This is going to be a tough one!

#3 Create my first product (ebook) and sell 100 copies

Of all my personal and business goals, this is probably the hardest one to achieve. I first need to learn from my free ebook experience before writing one that costs something. Since I want to sell my second ebook, I want to make sure it’s professional and worth every penny you will pay.

I am convinced that my ebook will be ready by the end of the year but selling 100 copies will be pretty darn hard. I will have to work on a huge marketing plan I guess ;-). However, I have my idea for the book and I know that it will worth it for many buyers!

#4 Create 10 niche websites and make a minimum of $100 per month with each of them.

Niche website creation has been quite an adventure since the beginning of the year. I am learning a lot about creating a static website structure, search engine optimization and promotion. I’m only making a few bucks per month so far but the creation is going well. I currently have 2 sites up and running (Home Security System Canada and Second Hand Saddles HQ), and I am almost finished with my third one (What is Dividend?). I can tell you that my third one is much better than my first 2 sites in term of quality content and keyword optimization. I think I have found a way to create high quality content and make money out of it at the same time (basically, reproducing my blog model into a niche website). I’ll announce my new website shortly.

#5 Switch The Financial Blogger’s direction from Personal Finance Blog to a PF/Online income blog

Of all the goals, this one was achieved quicker than I thought. I wasn’t quite sure how you would react to the change of direction for my main blog.  But I have rapidly discovered that most of you are very interested about discovering what I do to make money online. I will still hold onto the personal finance stuff as well as I think it’s part of this blog’s nature. In the end; all means are good to reach financial freedom; making money online or managing your personal finances the right way ;-).

The next step

Since the beginning of 2011, I am pretty much focused on what I have to do. However, preparing this recap helps me ensure I devote my energy to the right tasks. Right now, my priorities for the next quarter are:

Personal side:

– To avoid spending too much money

– Working hard at work and avoid slacking off because it’s sunny outside!

Business side:

– Finish / edit my 3 niche websites and start a 4th one.

– Finish my ebook for the end of April to send it for editing

I think that setting up your priorities help you reach your goals. Short term attainable goals are a must for me to reach bigger goals. How do you achieve your goals? Do you have them written somewhere?

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Great work! Generally things are much easier the second time around and you own and operate a succesful blog. Keep up the good work! Nothing in life is worth doing if it doesn’t require effort!

-Ravi Gupta

I definitely get excited to come to your site to learn about how you make money online. I’ve been stalling on creating niche sites but I’ve been getting more courage to start lately. With Google’s algorithm change against low quality content farms, I’m determined to make niche sites that work.

I found your blog on the Yakezie blog network. I am curious if you found joining it benefial and if so, in what way?

It is inspiring to hear about someone actually pulling in some decent money from their online efforts!

I would be interested in hearing about your eBook journey as that is something I am planning to do as well.

You have some great accomplishments for one so young.

by: The Financial Blogger | April 12th, 2011 (7:38 pm)

CC debt is at 1.99%. in fact, I don’t have any debts over 1.99% (even my mortgage is at 1.50%)… I guess this is why I am not so worried about debts…

thx! Actually, the Yakezie is a great group to learn and to get help. Then, you can also share your success and help others 😉

Right on TFB! You truly are an inspiration. I will keep looking out for your passive income articles on niche websites. It’s something I’m looking into. I’m a firm believer in making money with the least work possible. Working efficiently is a better way to put it. Anyways, I’m stoked to see these goals happen!


how is your mortgage at 1.5%?!?!

Great accomplishments and goals. You seem to have made good progress and inertial energy and the Yakezie network will defiantly help.

Good luck,

by: The Financial Blogger | April 13th, 2011 (7:22 am)

’cause I work for a bank and my HELOC is at Prime -2 or Prime /2 (the highest of both rate). Prime rate in Canada is at 3%… so I pay 1.50% ;-D

love #4 – definitely possible. you will be surprised when you make in multiples of what you are expecting per site. all the best – keep me posted.

btw – can you finance me at 1.5%? lol

by: The Financial Blogger | April 13th, 2011 (8:10 pm)


yeah, our goal is to create all of them ASAP and then start promotion and finally monetization. Technically, we won’t be making $1,000 per month from those sites before the end of the year and maybe only next year but the results will be exponential 😉

the 1.5% is only available for employees 😉