Professional Liability Insurance

We live in an increasingly litigious society. You can’t turn the TV on without someone asking if you’ve been injured in an accident or at work and encouraging you to “blame and claim.”

But it isn’t just accidents that can make people start thinking about compensation. Supposing you’ve given someone bad advice? Supposing you just haven’t done your job properly. That’s why so many business people – from doctors and dentists to plumbers and plasterers – will tell that what keeps them awake at night is their professional liability insurance.

Many professionals – solicitors, accountants, financial advisers – earn a large part of their income by giving advice. And as many financial advisers will testify to their cost, what seemed like good advice a few years ago can leave you liable to paying compensation today.

The medical profession face the same potential problems: increasingly we hear of doctors practicing “defensive medicine” – with one eye on the patient and the other on the potential consequences if something goes wrong.

But you don’t have to go to work in a suit and tie to need professional liability insurance – the plumber can inadvertently drill through your main water supply, the painter can knock a tin of ‘morning sunrise’ all over your lounge carpet. In both cases, they’re responsible for the damage they’ve done, and if they don’t have insurance in place it can knock a nasty hole in their cash flow.

All in all, it’s no wonder that more and more people – whether they work in a suit or a pair of overalls – are turning to real experts to arrange their professional liability insurance, who have a dedicated team of professional liability specialists who deal with nothing else, all day every day. Whatever your trade or profession, Staveley Head will have arranged professional liability insurance for it before. They’ll know all the boxes that need ticking, and the questions that need answering. And because they deal with all the UK’s leading insurance companies, they’ll be able to find you the most competitive quote from a company who will respond to any claim quickly and efficiently. If a customer or client is threatening to sue you, the last thing you need to hear is “I’m sorry, all of our operators are busy on other calls.”

Running any business these days is hard enough, and worrying about your professional liability insurance isn’t going to make it any easier. So let Staveley Head take care of for you, and whatever your customers or clients come up with, you’ll know you’re covered.