Primerica Reviews

What is Primerica?

Thinking of quitting your job for Primerica? You might want to do further research and look at my Primerica series.

I have conducted my own investigation and posted my thoughts about Primerica on The Financial Blogger. As nothing is completely white or black, I have encouraged Primerica agent and other insurance representatives to leave their comments. I suggest you read the following post about Primerica and you take a serious look at all the comments as well. You will be in a better position to determine if Primerica is made for you or not:

The Primerica Paradox: The Approach
The Primerica Paradox: The Discussion
The Primerica Paradox: The Conclusion Part 1
The Primerica Paradox: The Conclusion Part 2
Comparing Primerica to Other Insurance Companies