June 3, 2020, 6:54 am

What to consider before dipping into retirement: JP Maroney of Harbor City Capital Investment reviews

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In today’s uncertain financial times, many people are looking for ways to grow their money. There are numerous investment opportunities ranging from all types of stocks, bonds and mutual funds to unique and even obscure vehicles. It all depends on how much you want to invest, how comfortable you are with risk and what your anticipated outcomes are.

One of the surest bets to growing your money for the future is by investing in a retirement plan.  For example, a 401K plan allows you to defer money from your paycheck into a 401(k) account and invest it. The idea is that the value of the stocks and bonds you invest in will increase in value over the years you spend working.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in a 401K was common practice among many American employees, but now millions of American workers have had to file for unemployment benefits for various reasons.  Today, many people who have lost their jobs are finding themselves in desperate need of cash flow, and some are turning to their savings or 401K accounts just to stay financially afloat.

While it may be tempting to take money out of your retirement plan, you should probably think twice before accessing your funds, or you could trigger a host of unintended financial consequences.

Financial strategist J.P. Maroney, Founder and CEO of Harbor City Capital Corp., reviews that the current health crisis has actually made it easier to take out a 401K loan, with factors like the economic downturn and new government legislation in the CARES act all contributing to the ease of withdrawal.  Maroney’s company, Harbor City Capital, a global alternative investment group specializing in buying, building and monetizing digital assets, is always reviewing ways to help keep investors achieve safe, high yield returns in this and every other environment. 

JP Maroney urges people to consider these things before dipping into their retirement savings.

How much tax will you pay?

Although times are tough and some people don’t have a choice, Maroney says taking money out of their retirement savings should be a last resort.

“People have got to do whatever they have to be able to survive and I would look first to other things. Do you have anything that you could liquidate quickly? Maybe there’s a vehicle,” JP Maroney suggests.

One of the reasons it’s probably not a good idea to withdraw early from your 401K is because there is a hefty tax penalty if you take money out before the age of 59 ½.  In fact, you will need to pay a 10% early withdrawal penalty, in addition to income tax, on the distribution.

If you have to dip into your retirement account, make sure you know how much and which bills you need to pay immediately. Don’t use the funds on discretionary spending.

Find other ways to access money

Even if you are going through a rough financial period, it is best to find other ways to access cash rather than withdraw from your 401K.  Perhaps you could look into refinancing your home mortgage, take out a loan or borrow money from family.  If these are not viable options, consider only taking out the exact amount you’ll need to cover expenses. 

If you must take money from your retirement plan, only cash out the amount you will need to cover the emergency and keep the rest invested.

Talk to an expert

Making a financial decision that can affect your future and is not always straightforward can be worrisome.  Review your options, first.  Compare the urgency of your current situation with the ability to achieve your long term savings goals.  You may want to seek the services of a financial advisor who can help you go over your available options, like boosting your income in other areas or taking on a side job to cover any immediate expenses.

Educate yourself

Whatever the reasons may be for wanting to withdraw from your 401K plan early, it pays to be prepared and educated yourself for the financial consequences that could result from your decision.

“Let’s say you’re a millennial so in the last few years to start up a 401k, it’s a different mindset isn’t it?  I would be less concerned about the immediacy of decisions right, but I think that everyone still needs to try to educate themselves,” says Maroney.

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May 22, 2020, 8:19 am


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Life is the name of moving on. And, aging is a constant process. No matter what we do or say, we cannot reverse the process at all. When we look back after a certain period in our life, we feel that so much time has passed. Then, we may wonder if we could have spent our life differently. What if we lived our life the way we wanted and according to a plan. We would face hardships and obstacles, but we would never feel lost. Such is the power of having a plan ahead in your life.

The fact is, individuals who go according to their plan always have a feeling of contentment. They know that they will be able to deal with any problem as per their wishes. They always lead their lives in a specific, defined direction. And, it serves as a guiding light for them. People who have a clear understanding of their life are undoubtedly victorious.

Now, it is also interesting to find out how it guarantees a remarkable life? To understand this, think of it as a journey. When you embark on a trip, you plan everything. You take every necessary thing along and decide your route. You also figure out as to how you will deal with the impediments and hurdles. In short, you leave no stone unturned in making it successful. And, a life plan works in the same way.

But, since it is a comprehensive plan, to begin with, we need to discuss it in detail. Let’s elaborate on what we should include in the program to make it top-notch and flawless.

1. Future Investments and Finances

Your investments provide you peace of mind and help you avoid unseen troubles. That’s because the uncertainties in life are inevitable. We may never know what emergencies await us in the days to come. Many of us may tend to overlook this one and invest in a short-term plan. A detailed insurance plan is necessary to be completely secure. To do so, you may sign up with the USHealthGroup – Life Protector Plan to work it out properly. Secondly, you should be savvy about your finances. Without it, you won’t be able to craft a plan at all. You may think about what sort of spending you will opt for during a prolonged period. You should also decide how you will fulfill your financial obligations.

2. Long-term Professional Decisions

Your profession is the one that remains decisive in the success of your life. Without it, you cannot be secured financially or pursue a passion. Therefore, it is essential to think in the long-term. If you are on the crossroads of making a career decision, you should do so wisely. Think about how it will impact you in the longer run. Ask yourself if it will serve your passion and encourage you to proceed forward. You should also choose your organization carefully. Choosing the right people to work with will benefit you for the rest of your life.

3. Think About Some Adventures

No person can achieve what they want in their life without some thrill in it. You can only pursue your passions if you are motivated and determined to do so. So, you should plan out the places that you want to visit and the people that you want to meet in the next several years. You may estimate the expected costs of such trips and the planning that it will require. You can also determine who your friends will be during such adventurous tours. Try to create a mix of usual and exotic trips to avoid monotony. Visiting a new place every once in a while during those years will keep you energized.

4. Streamline the Health Issues

Without deciding about your health, it is almost impossible to carve out any plan. There are mainly two aspects to carrying for your health long-term. The first one is related to general issues. It is beneficial to plan out your visit to the physician and the medications that you may require. If you have a health condition, you can plan it out at this point. Carrying out medical tests is also beneficial in the longer run. Primarily, it lets you spot any disease or condition in time. Planning all of your health issues will make your 10-year plan remarkable by all means.

5. Motivational Aims and Ambitions

You cannot achieve wellbeing of any sort unless you are psychologically fit. For this one, you need to have the right motivations and objectives. It is immensely useful to turn to some digital resources. Many people subscribe to a mentor or life coach to find newer ways to solve their issues. Often, it requires them to plan for a certain period or several years. You should also decide that you may read nearly a dozen books to increase your knowledge base. They will become a source of inspiration and motivate you for your plans.

6. Forge New Relationships

You should also plan long-term to forge new relationships and make good use of the available time. If you are single, you may decide how you would want to approach the love of your life. You may determine the years that will take to become financially independent and ask them out. And, if you have a fiancée or spouse, you may work towards building your relationship. You can plan how you could be financially and mentally upbeat to tie the knot. Making crucial decisions about your links will allow you to live with complete clarity.

The Takeaway

Life is full of challenges and obstacles. If you have a good grip on your life, you can indeed perform well. But that’s only possible through some planning and pondering. The key is in thinking long-term and estimating everything. You can only win long-term if you have it planned. Now is the time to craft a complete and diverse plan. Remember, a little effort today will benefit you for many years to come.

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April 24, 2020, 9:06 am

2020 CFDs Trading Tips To Maximize Your Gains

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Investing Ideas

It is very important to understand the fact that CFDs trading is not risk-free. You can still lose money so you always have to be careful. After all, you are using your money. Make sure that you avoid any broker or trader that promises gains since you are most likely faced with a scam.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to minimize risks and increase the possibility of making a profit with CFD trading. Some of the best possible tips for you are presented below. Use them when you trade CFDs to have a higher profit.

Always Use Stop-Loss Orders

When there is just one rule that you have to apply as you trade CFDs, it is definitely that stop-loss orders have to be utilized. A stop-loss order protects you from losing money when the market does not evolve as you want it to. You can easily limit the downside with the use of stop-loss orders so take advantage of this opportunity with every single trade you set.

Always Use The Demo Account First

Reputable CFD brokers always offer a demo account that you can use risk-free. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of this. What is particularly useful with the demo account is that you can utilize it to learn everything about CFD trading. You can familiarize yourself with the terms used and it is very easy to test your strategy before you use real money. In addition, before you use a new CFD trading strategy, one that you did not use in the past, test it on the demo account as it is always available for you, no matter how much real money trading you did in the past.

Learn All You Can About Trades

Always do your homework before you trade CFDs. Contracts for difference are very simple to understand so it is very easy to fall into a trap of confidence. You can easily end up not doing your research if some trades are successful.

Make sure that you invest only after you know exactly what every single term is and you specialize in a specific market. Being specialized helps you increase profits in the long run.

Don’t Use Leverage As A Beginner Trader

Leverage is highly advantageous for experienced traders because of the fact that it allows them to make more money with lower investments. However, leverage can also make you lose more money when a trade goes wrong. Due to this, as a beginner, it is vital that you limit the use of leverage.

Always Use A CFD Trading Strategy

No matter what trade you make, you need a suitable strategy before the position is opened. This is because you have to be prepared for all possible scenarios. Do you know what you will have to do when the underlying price goes down by 10% or when it goes up by 50%? If you do not, you do not have a CFD trading strategy. This needs to change and you have to be prepared for practically everything.

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March 28, 2020, 11:14 am

6 Reasons to Give When Applying for a Personal Loan

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The most important reason to give when applying for a personal loan is the ability to repay it. All loans require repayment in some form or another. If you can’t repay your loan, you’ll be able to get into severe financial trouble. You may lose your home, lose your job, get your credit ruined, and even find yourself in jail. All of these things are going to have a negative impact on your life and future.  

The application for a personal loan is relatively simple, and several Licensed Money Lender require you to apply online and see many sites and try looking for the best interest rates and charges. When applying for a personal loan, you will need to indicate how much you wish to borrow for each application, and one needs to provide the income, employment, and, often, your outstanding debt and your monthly spending information. Most borrowers are going to check your loan and background records by their lending options, and it makes sense to monitor your credit reports and ratings. Even if you don’t encounter an immediate scenario, you have an understanding of what the borrowers do during your query. 

Like with almost all financial loans for individuals with decent credit scores, specific borrowers reserve their lowest interest rates. If your credit is fair to good, it can be challenging to find a low-price personal loan, and if your credit is in a lower range, your credit scores may have to get set before you qualify for individual credit. While a personal loan may sound trivial for its purposes, it can be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations, and if it is appropriately applied and reimbursed. Here are the reasons to give when applying for a personal loan; 

When in need to make massive purchases 

Unintentionally, household emergencies will hit. A personal loan can provide significant relief if you have to buy a new washer suddenly but do not have the funds. Certain significant expenditures, such as amusement centers or machines for games, can often cost higher than the investment plan charges. While entertainment products are good to have at home, personal loans for equipment such as washing machines and washer dryers, toilets, and other essentials are generally better used. You may buy big household furniture and appliances directly via personal loans rather than taking months for them to invest. 

When in need of money to move expenses 

You definitely won’t have to take out a personal loan for a limited period. However, if you face a long-distance transfer for a new career prospect, then the expense of applying for a personal loan may be too high. Personal loan funds will assist you in moving the household properties from one location to the next, purchasing the new home decor, transportation of your vehicle across the world, and other expenses. Consider if your new income would allow you to pay off your debt balance if you consider a personal loan to help fund your excellent transfer. This consideration enables you to avoid the additional stress of paying off your loan in a new place to start a new career. 

Remodeling the house 

Loans can also be used to help an individual with the purchase of their first home. In many cases, individuals who live in a single-family home can qualify for a mortgage loan to help them buy their first home. These loans usually come with a reasonable interest rate that is lower than what is charged for a loan from a traditional bank. However, these loans are not free. There will be fees associated with the loan, such as closing costs, application fees, and appraisal fees. These fees are a part of any loan transaction. Therefore, it is imperative to do your research before you sign any contract. 

If you want to put up a new roof, install up solar panels, remodel the bathroom, and build a swimming pool or a hot tub or garden or a personal loan will be a tremendous support when it comes to home renovations. When you don’t have the resources at the fingertips, your equity will be a significant boost. A personal loan is a perfect match for those who have no capital at home and who don’t want a home equity credit line. 

Consolidating debts 

The consolidation of debt is one of the most common reasons for a personal loan. Having to carry multiple loans or credit cards, all of which are due at different interest rates and balances. It is a result of financial difficulties, and this is also where taking personal loans will help. You bundle all the remaining debts with one bill fee as you pay for a loan and qualify for debt reduction. The aggregation of obligations simplifies the creation of a timeline to pay down the balance without being overwhelmed. 

An alternative payday loan cover 

You may get forced to take a payday loan to help you in the meantime if you encounter financial difficulties. Pay loans are, though, sometimes abusive and may leave you far worse off. Therefore, remember your loan before you pull the lever on a payday lender contract. Although payday loans can be quickly accessed, they bear danger if the amount you repay in the agreed period cannot get refunded. Some lenders demand high-interest rates. On the other hand, personal loans are usually cheaper and require a considerably lower price. 

Unplanned emergency cases 

Hospital expenditures are a significant factor for why people take loans from borrowers. Medical expenses are a significant cause. Available counseling can include dental care, plastic surgeries, fertilization, and other treatments costing $7,000 or more, which may consist of personal loans. A financial loan will also quickly cover additional costs such as hospital transport, storage, medication, and aftercare. Some people forget to talk about burial expenses when talking about the main reasons for personal loans. 

While it can be an unpleasant place to discuss in the case of a family member passing, personal loans may be a valuable tool. Funerals are expensive in general. The cost can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, between burial plots, caskets, funeral homes, and other factors. If the estate of a deceased does not afford such expenses, a member of the family or a different person can choose to request a personal loan to cover the final costs of the deceased. 


For anything, a personal loan can be used and is not limited to the reasons listed above. So although there are many possible explanations for a personal loan, note that it will get repaid completely no matter the circumstances. You borrow money that will be returned with interest while you are getting a financial loan for the purchase of credit cards or the ideal family. A personal loan is a perfect way to boost leverage and fund significant investments, but you can also allow proper use of this financial opportunity.

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March 28, 2020, 9:11 am

Why Personal Loan Helps You Reach a Financial Goal

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Personal loans are borrowed money that is used for alleviating hardships, maybe as a supplement for the rare occurrence or large purchases. These loans can be paid through installments within a period of two to six years. Still, the duration may vary depending on the situation of the lender or borrower or may be dependent on the performance for the borrower to repay it diligently. 

Though taking loans is always considered a burden, but in specific scenarios, it is beneficial only when availed and paid back correctly. Now we will discuss the reasons behind taking personal loans and why personal loan helps you reach a financial goal.

1. Consolidation

The consolidation of debt is one of the familiar rationales for taking personal loans. The other investments with the highest interest rates and balance dues or demanding outstanding credit cards may be not affordable for you then at those times. It is a personal loan that would step in to get you out trouble. So, whenever you are applying for a personal loan, you don’t need to be worried, because all the outstanding balances are combined for one monthly payment, and everything is settled. 

This grouping of debt helps in setting a time frame for paying off without any frustration. One of the best usages of personal loans is that it never forces you for a higher interest rate, and you feel no guilt in taking it. 

2. Payday loan:

When a person is experiencing financial pressure, there might be chances that he would be tempted to go for payday loans. With the Payday loan, he could get rid of the immense financial burden. Keep it in mind, these payday loans may prey you and leave you in a much more difficult situation than before, so if you are going to have a payday loan, then it is better to take a look at the personal loan first.

No doubt payday loans are easier to get, but if you are unable to repay within the timeframe, then it would be precarious for you. Some lenders have charged a 400 % interest rate while personal loans are generally straightforward with lower APR rates. You can check this https://www.instantloan.sg/licensed-money-lender/ to borrow money online.

3. Remodeling of Finance Home

For home remodeling, personal loans are always proven a great option according to vice president of SunTrust Bank. When you are willing to strengthen your home by remodeling your kitchen, installing solar panels, hot tub, new roof or landscaping and you don’t have cash in your pocket personal would accompany you at that moment for improving the standards. 

In addition to it, people who don’t have equity in their houses or they are not willing to get HELOC or equity line of credit for home then personal loans are fit for those people. 

4. Moving Expenses

You need no loan when moving short distance but for long-distance like a transfer from one city to another in search of a job or for some other purpose for a long tie stay then you must have something in the pocket, and for want purpose, you can pursue personal loans.

Personal Loans help in moving household belongings from one place to another place, transporting a vehicle across the country, purchasing new furniture or any other expanse to incur. But before applying for a personal loan, first, examine your situation that either you can fulfill the criteria or not for paying back the given amount. The analysis would release extra stress from you, and you would be calm and relaxed before taking any decision.

5. Emergency expenses:

  • Funeral expenses

The majority of the time, people forget to mention personal loans when they take it for funeral expenses. The reason is a little private to discuss but keep it in mind that personal loans are always helpful in family events like the death of very close to heart person. Funerals are a bit expensive as home services, and other factors are demanding thousands of dollars within a short duration. If the costs are unbearable for the family member of the deceased, then it is better to take a personal loan to cover all the rituals.

  • ·Paying medical bills 

One of the most striking reasons for taking a personal loan is medical expanse which has been reported by Lenders. Fertility treatments, Dental work, and cosmetic surgery are some conventional medical treatments that urge men to acquire personal loans as these expenditures cost even more than $5000. Ancillary expenses like medications, medical travel, parking, and aftercare also cot much and can be paid through personal loans.

6. Large purchase

There are always no expectations for household disasters, so if you desperately need any dryer or washer without having cash in your hands, then a personal loan can play its role and would become a relief for you. Other significant purchases like gaming computers or entertainment centers are always costly and end up forcing you to borrow money as a loan because nothing is in your savings account. So don’t worry about it because taking a personal loan is best at that moment so that you may buy home appliances like ovens, dryers, bathrooms, washers and other necessities.

Personal loans are support and backup, and they allow you to purchase ay of your missing and utmost needed home appliance as early as possible to use it rather than waiting for several months to save money for it. No doubt personal loans would ask you to pay back a little more money, but it is acceptable rather than keeping the time-consuming money process. 

7. Buying a boat, RV or car

When you desire a boat, car or any other recreational vehicle, then a personal loan is there for you to support you. It is not only restricted to these items, but you can also avail of a personal loan for other large purchases like snowmobiles, horses with complete saddle, trailer and other equipment, tiny homes and any more. So don’t wait or be confused for a secured loan if you are not qualifying for it, take a personal loan and be relaxed to get your desired thing. 

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