May 31, 2018, 8:34 am

Why The Food Truck Industry Will Continue to Grow

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Spring and Summer are great seasons for those who work in the food industry, and especially for food truck owners. As the weather gets warmer, more and more people will be out and about, and nothing makes a stroll more pleasant than eating some food on the go.

In today’s food industry, food trucks are the fastest-growing business with numbers that keep growing year by year. Food trucks have been around for a long time, but now they’re experiencing their true golden age. In 2012, the food truck industry revenue was estimated $650 million, a number that has since skyrocketed reaching a whopping $2.7 billion in 2017. Food trucks outpaced other commercial food services and can be kick-started with a rather small investment. Food trucks are the next generation of food service, so knowing how to make the best out of them is a must for most modern restaurant entrepreneurs.

What makes food trucks so popular?

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a food truck can prove to be more profitable than a small cafeteria or eatery. With an initial investment of less than $100,000, anyone can setup a profitable food truck business that can make anywhere between $250,000 to $500,000 per year.

Their flexibility makes them quite unique, as an entrepreneur can quickly and easily test different menu items, recipes and even new concepts with a minimum risk. Strategies and offers can be conveniently tailored to specific customer preferences in a very cost-effective way, and the truck itself can be customized and personalized to increase your audience.

Mobile services are easily paired with mobile communication, which is a must to stay up to date with the latest food trends. Millenials, in particular, like to “post” their food on social social media before eating it, and sharing is a fundamental part of eating nowadays. With a properly planned social strategy, food trucks can generate immediate responses even from the most time-starved audiences.

Food trailers are highly mobile businesses that can cater different tastes in different locations at an amazing speed. Changing locations allows them move out from “dead zones” during low seasons, and move only where the best profit opportunities are. They can also follow the masses, and reach out for the largest audiences by setting up near concerts, events and neighborhood parties by making smart use of geolocation tools.

Many brick-and-mortar restaurants use custom truck builders to to make their business mobile, and hit the road with trucks that serve as moving marketing vehicles with the same branding the customers know from the restaurant. Regardless of your situation, you’ll want to make sure that you spend time branding the vehicle to make your food truck easily recognizable.

The requirements to run a food truck

There are a few things you need to do if you want to run a legit food truck service. Every region has its own codes and regulations on food trucks, so you want to know them beforehand to comply with them. Mobile vending laws and parking permits change in every city, so be sure to check the specific ones rather than just state or county laws. You may need to provide proof of ownership, insurance, identification and vehicular license, so get all your documents ready before rolling into to a different city.

Then, you should confirm the minimum distance you can be from a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Other than just being compliant with local laws, you might want to keep competition fair at all times. Also, find out if you need a commissary to prepare food before serving and meet all health and fire codes to get approved by the local board of health.

Other than just to receive formal approval to market your products, some of these regulations are useful to help you provide your customers with only the best quality food possible. For example, by making sure that food is stored and kept in proper temperature, you can prevent it from spoiling especially in the case of highly perishable foods such as fruit or seafood.


As you can see, the right time to find a food truck for sale is today rather than tomorrow. The market is full of very affordable offers, but their price is destined to increase in the upcoming years. As this industry is growing at a steady pace, making this investment now can help you make a hefty profit with very little efforts.

Are you thinking of hitting the road on your own food truck journey? Leave us a comment with your best food truck concept ideas and let us know what you thought of this article.


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May 31, 2018, 7:59 am

Can You Really Make Money Online with Paid Surveys?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online

There’s a world of opportunity out there when it comes to making money online. Unfortunately, that also means there’s a world of potential pitfalls. One of the most popular ways to earn extra cash from home is by taking paid surveys, and those can be a mixed bag for people looking to make some pocket money. Some are great and do exactly what they say. Others aren’t so wonderful,

So how do you sift through the scams to find those treasures – i.e. legitimate paid survey sites? We’ll give you some tips on spotting good reliable panels, and recommend one that we think is best.

Are There Any Truly Legitimate Paid Survey Sites? 

You can definitely make money online with certain paid survey sites. We recommend Survey Junkie, which has the highest score of any panel on Trust Pilot. Let’s take a look at what makes this site so trustworthy and reliable, so you can better understand how to tell the difference between a legitimate paid survey site and a scam.

First of all, Survey Junkie is 100% free to join. All you need to do to become a member of this panel is input your email address or connect via Facebook or Google. Not only is it free to sign up – you’ll actually earn some points for doing so.

Next, the site doesn’t include any hidden fees. Be wary of any panels that charge you in order to cash out your points when you hit the redemption threshold. Taking paid surveys should be about making money, not having them take your money!

Survey Junkie also sends rewards immediately when you redeem your points successfully, so you don’t have to sit around for weeks wondering whether or not you’re ever going to receive your money. And in case you have any trouble, they’ve got a great customer support team. That’s right – there are real humans working there who will answer any and all questions you have to help you have the best experience possible when you become a Survey Junkie member.

What Rewards Can I Get With Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie definitely checks off all of the requirements of a legitimate paid survey site. So what else do we love about them?

They’ve got a verylow payout threshold, which means that you can cash out as soon as you get to 1,000 points (or $10). You’ll enjoy the option to receive real money through PayPal, which is a super popular option. Or you can choose from a variety of e-Gift cards to stores like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Walmart, and more.

And believe it or not, the surveys are actually pretty fun on this site! Not only do they have a large inventory of surveys, they’re for the most part fairly interesting and a great way to influence the products and services that end up impacting our everyday lives. You can sign up for Survey Junkie here.

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May 24, 2018, 9:54 am

Why Investing Proactively in Cybersecurity Should Be at the Top of Your Budget

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When it comes to business, the golden rule is that everything is always changing – and your business should change with it if you do not want it to perish. Entrepreneurship is not only about that great idea but also about knowing how and when to adapt to changes. As recent ransomware attacks have demonstrated, cybercrime is here to stay, and hackers seem keen to keep attacking companies rather than individuals – which means that companies have to adapt to this hostility, starting off by changing their budget.

How to Approach Your Budget

Changing a budget priority is not only about reallocating funds. It is mostly about employing a different perspective on things. What was perhaps once a footnote in how spending was approached has gradually emerged to the forefront of budgeting. Just like with the way advertising and marketing needs have evolved to adapt to the rapidly changing technology or the banking solutions that emerged to make online shopping easier, so has online security grown to occupy a much bigger space in a company’s needs. Any company today that does not have a dedicated IT department and an incident response plan is an easy target for cybercriminals wishing to steal sensitive data and extort companies for ransom by deploying malicious software.

Source: Pexels

Know the Enemy

In order to make sure that you allocate sufficient funds into cybersecurity, first you need to understand where the risk is coming from and at how much danger you are. For example, some types of attacks like spear phishing are more sophisticated and thus demand closer attention. Similar to phishing, spear phishing is a social engineering attack where a hacker disguises as a trusted entity in order to lure the victim into clicking on a malicious link that will give the perpetrator unauthorized access to data, install malware or even launch the first phase of an advanced persistent threat (APT). However, spear phishing is much more tailored than simple phishing rather than automated or sent en masse and thus more dangerous, because the recipient of the message is more likely to consider it genuine. Companies need to invest funds not only in cyber tools to fend off hackers but also in personnel training, as this would be the first and often most crucial line of defense in the case of tailored attacks like spear phishing.

Source: Pexels

Cyberattacks Are Bad for Business

Being proactive is key, as cyberattacks are not only bad for business in terms of disrupting service and turning clients away, they are also very expensive. According to the US White House’s Council of Economic Advisers study, the cost of cybercrime in the US economy amounted to a number somewhere between $57 billion and $109 billion, just for 2016 alone. This translates to a figure between 0.31% to 0.58% of that year’s GDP, which is a huge figure when it comes to a GDP of a country like the US. According to the report, the industries that were contributing the most to the country’s economy were hit the hardest, including manufacturing, government operations, and healthcare. Unsurprisingly, the finance sector was at the top of the number of incidents list, with a record of 471 breaches. The report, which became public in 2018, also suggested that insufficient funding in cybersecurity might be part of why the problem is so acute.

It is not easy to keep adapting to a changing landscape. Still, budgeting in for cybersecurity for your firm has evolved from simply a wise choice to an absolutely essential decision.

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May 23, 2018, 8:53 am

Tips for Playing Real Money Online Poker

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Source: Pixabay

Real money online poker can be tough, which is why most online poker players start on play money tables. This way, they can learn the basics without the risk of losing actual money. But, eventually, an online poker player would have to level up and try their hand at playing with real money. Here are some helpful tips for real money poker players so you can avoid committing the costly mistakes most new players make.

Establish Your Bankroll

The first thing every online poker player needs to learn is how to establish a bankroll. You will need to know how to manage your bankroll and the amount that you are playing with. For players who are just starting out, it is best to stick to tables and tournaments that have smaller blinds or sit-and-gos with low buy-ins.

Take Control of Your Spending

As a beginner, it is best to stick with just one table until you have gained enough experience and are sure that you have your game, and your bankroll, under control. Most online casinos offer several different payment methods to make it easier for players to create an account. If you take a look at the online casinos listed on, you will see that adding money into your account can be made very fast and convenient by using credit or debit cards, e-Wallets, eCheck, and traditional bank transfers; all you need to do is ensure that you play with what you can actually afford.


Know Your Opponents

There is no single strategy in real money poker, and you can expect your opponents to be using a lot more strategies and tactics compared to those in play money games. A few things to take note of, especially by those who are just starting out in real money poker: your opponents will be calling your bets a lot, so you need to bet with hands that have value, instead of making bluffs. If you do have good hands, do not hesitate to play them aggressively. It is also better for you to bet and get calls instead of trying to make sophisticated plays.

Find the Table That Suits You

There are a lot of table variations featured in online poker rooms and there are many ways to play poker, so you will need to find the table that best suits your playing style. Try more than one variation, as each one has its strengths and weaknesses and it will be beneficial for you to see which one you are most comfortable playing at the real money poker table. And, while online card rooms allow poker players to sit at more than one table at a time, a beginner would be better off focusing on one table at a time.

Playing real money poker can mean taking greater risks and taking note of these tips can be helpful in preparing you to become a smarter player. By learning the basics of the game, you can avoid making costly mistakes that most newbie online real money pokers make.

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May 14, 2018, 8:34 am

New Payment Methods and How They Could Boost Your Business

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business

Source: @rshevlin via Twitter

So, you’ve established a website, started to generate leads in your chosen field and – most importantly – begun to make some money. Now, however, you need to start considering how you want your money-making scheme to move forward.

There are many of different places you could start with reviewing your operation, but one issue that should definitely be up for review is how you are accepting payments from your clients. After all, considering it could ultimately prove key as you look to take your business to a whole new level.

Emerging trends

While there is of course still a place in business for traditional payment methods such as credit or debit card and even cheques, there is growing evidence that a number of people are keen to have different options when it comes to buying products or services. According to SmartDebit, research in the UK last year suggested that 90 percent of consumers think businesses should offer a range of payment methods, with 58 percent adding that they would probably prefer to spend money with such organizations.

Bitcoin statistic coin ANTANA” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by antanacoins

Unsurprisingly, many businesses have taken notice of such calls. For example, major organizations like Microsoft and Expedia have taken the plunge and started to accept payments in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in recent years, while this guide to various casino deposit options shows how that industry has also embraced letting people pay using everything from bank transfers to e-wallet platforms like PayPal. In addition, Amazon even now allows people to buy goods through voice purchasing on their Echo range of devices.

But while businesses are offering this diverse range of payment methods, are there actually signs that consumers are embracing them? Well, according to new research from payment solutions provider TSYS, the answer is very much yes.

Growing appetite

The organization’s 2017 US Consumer Payment Study found that younger generations, in particular, are increasingly interested in using new and emerging payment methods, with 60 percent of people who own an AI device such as the Amazon Echo using it to make purchases. In addition, more than half of respondents said they were interested in using a mobile wallet rather than a card to pay for shopping, while 45 percent of people aged between 25 and 34 have also used a service such as PayPal or Zelle.

While the study did also confirm that traditional payment methods like debit and credit cards and cash remain hugely popular, the findings undoubtedly highlight that interest in different platforms is clearly on the rise.

Worth considering

When all of this is considered, it genuinely does seem like there is a real appetite among consumers for them to be able to make purchases in a manner which suits them. With younger generations, in particular, embracing new payment methods, it seems that going forward, businesses are going to have to ensure they are meeting their needs.

Whether you are making money online for a living or simply to generate a little bit of extra cash, considering the issue of payment methods could ultimately be key to your operation’s long-term success.

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