March 22, 2012, 6:00 am

One Tip For Getting Ahead in Your 20s

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How can you get ahead in your 20s? Is there one way that you can get more out of your 20s? From observing and experimenting I’ve noticed that there’s one thing that young people need to do if they want to get ahead.

If you want to get ahead in your 20s you need to meet your obligations. 

How can you meet your obligations in your 20s?

Always be on time.

Nobody likes it when someone is late. If you make a date, appointment, have work, or schedule anything, you need to be there on time. I’m not perfect but I hate it when someone is late to something. It’s also only cool to be fashionably late to a night club or a party where you haven’t committed to a time, and not an official meeting.

Here’s a quick example: Coming late to class may seem funny, but it’s a pain for everyone. I used to hate it when someone came in late to class because the professor would have to stop, that person would look around for a seat, and then they would make noise getting to the seat. The only irony here is that the professor is going to remember you as the late person. Why not come in early? I used to always come a few minutes early to ask difficult questions. This little bit of time really helped me out with my grades. When you come late (even a few minutes) you leave a bad impression on everyone.

We’re all going to be late once in a while. You just can’t make it a habit to be late when you’re obligated to be somewhere at a specific time.

Pay your bills on time.

If you pay your bills on time, you won’t have to worry about those late fees and interest charges. If you can’t afford something, then don’t buy it with your credit card. It’s really that simple. Your credit card is not your emergency fund.

[You can learn more about conquering your credit.]

Build your savings first.

Saving money should be an obligation in your 20s because you don’t want to be flat broke at 30 years old. You need to get into the habit of paying yourself first and putting your money aside for a rainy day or any other reason you want to save.


Doing your work is not enough. It’s important that you do more than is expected from you. If you do the bare minimum then sure you won’t get fired. You also won’t ruffle any feathers with the bare minimum. You just won’t get ahead. You’ll stay afloat. Doing the bare minimum should be a rare occurrence. Why would you want people to expect anything less than the best from you?

Don’t call in sick.

Calling in sick is always a problem for our generation. Calling in sick on a Friday also raises many flags. I’m very against calling in sick. I believe in time off and planned partying (I do it all the time). I just have no patience for those that want to have fun and then call in sick later. I learned when I was 19 from an older friend that if you have time to drink, then you should have more than enough time to work.

That’s how you can get ahead in your 20s. All you have to do is meet your obligations. It really is that simple.

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I hate when people call in sick because they were partying too hard and felt bad the next day. It absolutely drives me nuts. It is so easy to plan partying (even at the last minute) so that you do not have to call in sick.

“If you have time to drink, then you should have more than enough time to work.” I definitely agree with this. I also believe that calling in sick after partying reflects unprofessionalism.

Great points! Sadly, a lot of people in their 20’s don’t follow many of those rules… especially the “not being late” and “not calling in sick… when you’re not sick”.

Solid advice. If I did half of those things in my 20’s, Iâ??d be a millionaire by now. I think the biggest problems is most people in their 20â??s are convinced they have it all figured out and will not take advice even when it benefits them â?? Iâ??m speaking from personal experience.

I think the most important thing here (from a financial standpoint) what you mentioned is pay yourself first. Although, saving money is probably the best thing you can in your 20’s, investing money is truly what “paying yourself first” is in my opinion because investing is only investing if it gives you a ROI.

I want to call in sick too, but unfortunately, I have no sick days…

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