September 5, 2007, 7:00 am

One of the Best Things I ever Did After Quitting my 1st Job: Quitting my 2nd Job!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career
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I recently wrote about how quitting my job ended up to be one of the great move I did for my career. Today, I will write about my 2nd job, the one I had on the side for the past 10 years. While it was a blessing to get this job for many reasons, it had become a nightmare the last six months. I recently quit my 2nd job, about 1 month ago and I can tell that I am feeling much better.

Since College, I was working part time for my Parents’ company. They have a bread delivery company and I was delivering bread during night time/early morning and going to school in the afternoon. The pay was really good and I was only cutting in my sleep to do it. When you are young, your social life and activities such as partying are more important than sleeping. So I did not really mind waking up at 1:30 AM to deliver bread. The job was easy in a sense that it just requires two arms and two legs to bring the bread in the grocery stores. Driving a truck with loud music in the middle of the night was kind of amusing too!

During my bachelor degree, I was able to work full time for my parents and going at school during afternoon and night. I was able to lease a brand new car, live in a great apartment almost downtown and going out every weekend. I was able to do all that, without needing student loans.

When I started my 1st job, I decided to keep this job as a side line on Saturdays. At first, it was to pay off for my spending habits (nice clothes, good restaurants and traveling). I thought I would stop once I would get enough money from my 1st job to cover for both of them. I could then quit my 2nd job and keep the same lifestyle. That was very naïve of me!

I took me 9 months to cover my combined salary with my 1st job. My girlfriend and I then decided to get married. I thought it would be a great idea to keep my 2nd job and pay for our wedding expenses that way. A year after our marriage, my son was born and I was still working 6 days a week to cover for baby expenses. Finally, we wanted to move from our apartment into our first house. I then kept on working in order to build nice cash down (I wanted to have 25% so I could start a Smith Manoeuvre right away).

Once we moved into our house, I thought about quitting this job. After all, I was making 20% more than my original combined income with my first job only. Unfortunately, it did not take long until I decided to sell my house to buy a bigger one. Sad but true, I kept on working on Saturday morning to prepare for the next move.

I am finally done with that! Since January, I was waking up at 1:30AM on Saturdays with only one thing in my mind: I am waking up right now for money. This is where I realized it was too much. My responsibilities at my 1st job had increased then and I decided to start this blog. While I really enjoy writing, it is taking time away from me. With another child that came not so long ago, I needed more energy to take care of my family.

Here are the lessons I learnt from this story:

1- Having a sideline is a great opportunity to get extra cash flow for specific purposes.

2- Once that you have achieved your goal, revise your position about having a 2nd job, you might want to take some slack.

3- Cutting off your sleep time is good for so many years, at one point, you need to catch up. Do not wait until it is too late!

4- Try to find something you like, I am presently working on other side projects that are more related to my interest. Instead of taking energy away from me, it provides me with additional drive.

As I know that many of my readers have more than one job, I would like to hear back from your personal story.



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As one having 3 jobs currently, I can give some feedback. I learned #3 and #4 very well at the school of hard knocks, lost my primary job a year ago in part due to working in the evenings and being too tired.

The way I work it now is that I limit myself to just a couple of hours in the evenings and on Saturday, leaving Sunday as much as possible free to relax. The two side-jobs are things I enjoy, help my career, flexible, and I see the fruits of my labor.

Our goal with me working this is to get us out of CC debt. Once that’s gone, I’m coming home baby!

One other tip for someone just doing it for the money, find something you can do that takes minimal time, yet gets you the maximum $ (eg: we rent rooms out of our home).

by: The Financial Blogger | September 5th, 2007 (7:38 am)

Sick, wow 3 jobs is pretty impressive! When you have a determined goal, it is always much easier but still, it requires a lot of courage. Bravo!

Do you rent your room to a student?
It seems to be a decent way of making money with minimum effort!

Years ago, I did the same (worked 2 jobs).

After I was going to be laid off from the second job, a realization had come to me. That my second job was basically allowing me to pay for a bad habit (alcohol), and gas for the car.
I had originally taken the job so that I could afford to payoff credit cards, etc. Unfortunately, my bad habit didn’t allow me to see that minimum amounts were still being paid on the CC debt, but my partying was increasing. During that time, any sane person would have told me that I was an alcoholic (and I was – more so out of self-pity).
Once I was laid off, I found out that concentrating on one job, and doing things better than were expected was much more rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 6th, 2007 (1:20 pm)

Chris, I agree with you. Sometimes, when you are making more money, you are not necessarily spending it in a smarter way. It is one of the very few occasion where being laid off was a good thing!

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