March 26, 2010, 5:56 am

On The Roll Again…

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Personal Finance,Properties
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Sometimes, I feel like my life is an eternal maelstrom. The funny part is that it seems that I want it that way. When it’s too calm, I start a project to “keep me busy”. Although I am already pretty busy, as is the case right now, I tend to get “bored” when I reach a certain level of stability in my schedule.

Let’s recap the past decade

Back in the early 2000s, I started university, had a stable girlfriend (who is my wife today). School was going well and work  for my father back then) was good too. This is when I had decided to move to France for 6 months in a student exchange program. This was an amazing experience but it threw some chaos into my personal life at the same time.

Upon my return, I finished the bachelor degree, left my parents’ house at the age of 20 (loaded with debt since I wasn’t working full time yet) and then worked 6 months for an investment firm before quitting my job based on a difference in value with my direct manager. Then, once stabilized with a new job, my situation changed again and…. We decided to get married.

Marriage has also created chaos in my life as we lost a few friends along the way. It wasn’t directly related to the wedding but the fact that we were getting married pushed us to ask ourselves serious questions about our values and projects in life. Some friends didn’t agree with our perception and went down different paths…

A year after getting married, we had our first child; William. When he was 3 years old, we moved in into our first house. Seven months later, we put the house up for sale and looked for a bigger one. Once moved for a second time in the span of 12 months, my wife became pregnant with Amy.

When Amy saw the light of day for the first time, I was buying my MBA books. For 2 years, we worked very hard and I even decided to start an online company with my best friend all at the same time.

What more? About a year ago, my wife had stopped working and about 6 months ago I started working 4 days a week to concentrate my energy in my online company.

What next?

It’s been awhile that we have been considering another move. We’ve always wanted to have a bigger plot of land and be closer to nature. While I still believe I’ll work in Montreal for a while longer, we are seriously thinking about moving an hour away from the big city. In any case, we want to move and change towns before our son starts school (he is will begin pre-school this autumn).

So this is why we are putting our house up for sale… this Sunday!

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I’ve also been down a similar path; not married yet, but relationship wise there’s not much missing other than the ceremony and the paper! Just curious… why are you considering moving so far away from Montreal? I love nature myself, but I also feel it would be kind of lonely so far away from the city.

If you’re not in a hurry selling, try selling it yourself and save a bundle! If not, i am sure you negotiated a very good rate 🙂
Good luck!

OMG… 😀 he he he I understand the «urge» to make a move… I was thinking yesterday that somedays my life is like a tropical storm: it can become an hurricane and blow a lot of stuff on his way!

Well, it’s a nice project, hope your house will get sold quickly at the price you want. Do your mortgage is closed or open? I am a bit curious about the impacts of selling a house on a closed mortgage (because this is what we plan to do ;-)).

I agree that a lot happened in a kind of short period of time… life is full of surprises! 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | March 26th, 2010 (8:08 pm)

Since I will keep working in Montreal, I’ll get both world at the same time. On the other side, I don’t really mind driving my car for 30 minutes – 1hours. I used to deliver bread for my dad when I was young. Back then, I was driving easily 500km during a single day ;-0

I’ll definitely selling it myself. 16-17K is way too much paid to a real estate agent to sell my house!

@Mama Zen,
I have a home equity line of credit so I can close it and reopen it at anytime. If you have a fixed mortgage, you can always transfer your mortgage to your next property to avoid the penalty.

Today was a very rough day, we are almost done painting and decorating. We will be ready to take picture and put it online this Sunday ;-D

Hey FB – simply good luck to you. Like most things in life, you need to do what you feel you need to do. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. Good luck with the painting, decorating and staging (for photos). I’m sure things will work out!

The french abreviation for this mortgage is kind of impossible to memorize lol! That’s nice, much more flexible than ours! (fixed rate 5 years… beuhhh)

You did your painting very quickly with your 2 young kids and all your stuff… woah you’re motivated 😉 good luck to find a good buyer as quick as you want!

I though *I* like to keep busy, but you are far more motivated than I am. Best wishes with selling your home and moving to a new place.

Wow…! You’ve accomplished so much is such short time!

Good luck with the house sale! With this market, I’m sure you’ll sell it in no time =)

I hope you find a nice place with a big yard to watch your children play in!

Have you started looking for a place outside of Montreal yet?

Oops, i meant “in” not “is” =)

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