December 6, 2007, 7:00 am

November Monthly Top Ten

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Say what! We are already December 6th? Yikes, I am pretty late on my November Top Ten (maybe I should start writing about my yearly Top Ten right away!). Things are going a bit too fast for me these days between Christmas shopping (almost done!), receiving friends (always a lot of fun), shoveling (we received more than 20 inches of snow this week!) and stu(dying) for my MBA (8 days left before the first exam!). So here is my top 10 for the month of November:

#10: Staying on Track When You Work at Home by Lazyman. After he resigned from his job, Lazyman decided to take some time off and work on side projects. One of them is his blog. He is resuming his first month as being a hubby-at-home.

#9: Time to Run and Hide From Stocks ? by Flexo. I don’t know about your portfolio but mine is going down. I am showing a negative overall return of -8% for 2007. Nothing really to brag about! Flexo is asking himself if it’s the time to sell and run…

#8: What could you give up when you’re in financial trouble? by Cleverdude. A series of two articles where Clever Dude is using his own situation to show you how you can cut in your expenses without having to sell away your newborn. Those are tricks I would use to cut down in my expenses in order to reach my $1,500 project. Unfortunately, I have used most of them already!

#7: Blog Income Report by John Chow. Not a big found but still motivating for me. I sometimes make reference to thisk famous blogger on my blog and I wanted you to know why. I’ll let you go on his blog to find out how much he made last month. Just a clue : it was more than what my wife makes in a year!

#6: Credit Cards: Friend or Foe? by Money Smart Life. I personally think they are my friends for the reasons mentioned in this article. However, they can betray you and become your biggest enemy within a few months as well…

#5: Anecdotes and Advice from a First Time Home Buyer Part 8 by Four Pillars. Did I ever told that this guy is writing great series? Well this time it is his friend, Christine who made this great series for people that are looking for their first house and even for people that are already home owner.

#4: The Sandwitched Generation by Golbguru. As a proud parent of two beautiful kids, I am really concern about this issue. I am the only child in my family and my parents are not getting younger. While I will have to take care of William and Amy, I am wondering if I will have to take care of my Mother and Dad.

#3: 101 thoughts on losing 100 pounds by Brip Blap. I think I will print this article and post it everywhere on January 2nd where I realized that I gained 10 pounds over the Hollidays!

#2: Quitting My Job, Retiring Early: 5 Steps To Lifestyle Change by Silicon Valley Blogger. I did quit my job in the past and it was one of best thing I ever done in my life. Now, we are working on having my wife to quit hers and it will hopefully work out in 2008.

#1: Confessions of a Car Salesman by Frugal Trader. Hum… I thought they were crooked but they are worst than I thought. I personally think that this article is valuable for most salesperson in any field (personal finance included). Beware!

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