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Niche Site Building – Going the Jon Haver Way

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This is the second post about my future niche site where Ill be part of Pats Niche Site Duel 2.0.You can read why Im participating here.


A month ago, I didn’t have any idea of what I would do in order to participate in the Niche Site Duel 2.0 hosted by Pat from Smart Passive Income. I’ve been struggling in getting consistent work done towards any of my niche sites I’ve developed so far. The results I’ve seen so far make me think that there is a huge potential (after all, I’m making $500/month with my niche site with absolutely no work), but I haven’t worked hard enough to ensure sustainable traffic on any of them. This is why I’m always stuck around $500 while I can grow my business significantly through this model.


I’ve spent the last month working on my business plan to develop my next niche site. This time, I want to think about everything. I selected a bunch of different keywords to rank for and established a 50 post outline linked to these keywords prior to writing anything. The idea is to build the site on paper before it is built online. But this time, I went a little bit further: I’ve developed my monetization strategy upfront as well. Hint: Im not going the Pat way, but the Jon Haver way.


Who is Jon Haver?


Six month ago, I barely knew who this guy was. I knew he had a few sites here and there but it wasn’t clear to me who he really was. He appears to be one of members of the Mastermind Group I attend each Monday night. This is how I got in touch with him and learned about his genius!


You might know him from his flagship blog: Authority Website Income. On this blog, he details his route through building his online empire through authority website building. At this point, there is nothing much original about him, right? I mean, so many people are doing this on the web I’m pretty sure you are simply thinking “oh well, another web marketing guy trying to sell his shit…”. It is true he is using similar affiliate conversion tactics such as showing how he succeeds with this or that software and how he uses it. But in the end, I think it is the right way to do it since you can prove to your audience that it works. However, if you spend a little time on his blog, you will find that, like Pat, he is pretty open about his strategy and how he does his things.


The goal of this website was to highlight the success (and failures) of his first authority website; Pay My Student Loans. His goal was to beat Pat’s site income (Security Guard Training HQ) for three months in a row. He started his site about 6 months ago while Pat site has been around for two years now. After only six months, he is now breathing down Pat’s neck being short by only $300 over the last month. Its true; he made over $2,000 with his authority website 6 months after its creation.


What Makes Jon’s Strategy Different?


He has a similar approach for link building and getting traffic, so I won’t detail this here (you will have to read his blog to learn about it!). But what he does differently is that he completely discarded Adsense from his monetization model. He made over $2,000 last month with $0 coming from Google. How brilliant!


The problem with Google Adsense is that you can make money the very first day your site is up. All you need is a single click in your day and you make a few cents! Psychologically, this is very motivating: you earn money on Day #1! But the problem is that A) you lose your reader to another site and B) the money you get for losing your reader is meaningless.


I’ve always been motivated by building a site generating $5 or $10 per day from Adsense. I thought it would be an amazing model to rapidly and easily earn $10 per day per site. The problem with Adsense is that you rapidly stagnate in terms of income. If your traffic goes up by 10%, your Adsense income will follow. However, if you were making $300 per month, you will only make $330 with your traffic increase. Since at one point, chances are you will reach a plateau, it’s almost impossible to earn more money with your site.


Jon has decided to focus on affiliate offers. Therefore, he made the decision to make $0 for several days, but making $30, $40, $50 per sale. At one point, with decent traffic, instead of looking at 20 – 40 clicks to make $10 per day with Adsense, he is able to make $50 per day through 1 affiliate conversion. If you would get 20 to 40 clicks per day on Adsense, you can probably expect to get 20 to 40 clicks on your affiliate offer instead. Then, it’s up to the company to convert at least 1 of those clicks so you can make money.


When your traffic goes up, the amount you make per visitor is much higher and you will rapidly make over $1,000. Then, you can build a newsletter for your readers and try to pitch your affiliate program through your list as well. The advantage is that instead of losing your reader to a cheap ad, you get them to sign up for your newsletter and keep this reader for a longer period. You can provide them with value in your newsletter and give you a try through your affiliate program once in a while.


The whole site is being built with two things in mind:


#1 Get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter




#2 Get your visitors to click on an affiliate link


Chances are that most visitors will take action within your two goals. If you add banners and Adsense blocks and other distractions, you dilute your goals and monetization strategy. Plus, your site looks like a Nascar. This is definitely not the way to go!


What’s The Plan for My Site?


I’ll be following Jon’s strategy and will build my entire site around my newsletter and an affiliate offer. I know my topic very well and know that affiliate offers in that niche are quite profitable. Therefore, I will not need many conversions to make money out of it.


I wrote about ten articles out of my 50 so far and will continue to explode my writing during the month of July. At the same time, I’ll be applying for a few affiliate programs to try them out and see which ones convert best. I’m also doing a small ebook to give away free to my newsletter subscribers. Subscriptions always work better with a freebie.


Readers, hows your niche site progress? Have you started yet?

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I’ve been dabbling with niche sites as well and I currently have three niche sites, but they don’t make anything. One site made about $10 a month on adsense, but that died out really quick. Maybe I should get another one going, I could really use some extra income. Thanks for the post.