April 22, 2009, 6:00 am

My Week of Vacation is Already Paying off!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income
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hamakI noticed that there was definitely an interest about the business aspect of this blog while I was writing about the week I took off in order to work on our company. While I could have take this week to go golfing during summer time (I have an additional week of vacation compared to my wife), I decided to take a full week and work full time on my blog and other online projects as it was my main job.

First of all, I must say that I really liked the experience. We (my partner and I) decided to go in a neutral environment in order to really work and not fooling around and watching TV. This was a really good move as we were very productive. Taking a week to work on my project also showed me if I would really like working full time on the internet. Let just say that I would definitely be able to so. But first, we would have to rent an apartment as an office.

We took the 2nd week of March so it’s been a little more than a month already that we worked harder on our online projects. Well I can proudly say that we are already make money online out of this week. While it is very minimal (we didn’t pay our week of work… far from it), it is quite encouraging to see immediate results. On top of that, what I really like about websites is that it’s like managing rental properties; once you start making income out of it, it becomes a stead source of cash flow.

We actually tried different things and hoped that one of them would work. This is exactly what happened. By diversifying our activities we increased our chance to make money online… Hum… this sounds like the same strategy as investing in the stock market.

Diversification won’t allow you to make the big homerun most of the time. However, you will less likely strike out as well. As we are looking forward to a long term cash generating project, we decided to diversify our sites and type of sites. Anyway, blogging is just too much work to be able to maintain a lot of them! For example, I would never be able to do another The Financial Blogger, but I can certainly create other kind of website.

This is quite an opportunity to start something in the middle of a recession. It makes you work harder to earn any penny and you learn much faster. Because if you don’t, you will simply quit and go back to your day job ;-). On top of it, when the economy will start rolling again, we will be in a good position to fully benefit from it.

In Addition to the few bucks we made so far in April, we also increase our motivation level towards our projects. We are now constantly working on our websites and we can appreciate its growth day after day.

So if you have a dream, a special project you wish to start, don’t be afraid to make sacrifices to pursue your dream; it definitely worth it!

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Congrats TFB!

My blog, only in it’s 3rd month, has been picking up nicely, some of that is thanks to you giving it some exposure!

Once that gets going some more, I’ll definitely be looking for other opportunities, whether it’s buying a site, setting up a site with affiliate links, or maybe a site with a drop shop source.

Or, like you said, do them all so I’m diversifying!

Congrats, too bad I have no intention of running a PF blog nor making money from ads. Nobody visits my site anyway

But I agree with putting effort into what you love and what you want to do. Besides work, I also maintain a good income stream from rentals and it is rewarding to know efforts will keep it flowing for good and for long

Keep up the good work! Might need to consult on MBA questions in future 🙂

by: Party Pooper | April 22nd, 2009 (7:21 pm)

I do like your site but the misuse of language (i.e. take vs taken) distracts from your message.

imagine if I would write in French… 😉

I’m still trying to improve my English writing skills. be patient! hahaha!

I never thought of that, despite the occasional wrong word, having a blog probably improves your English writing?

I could use a refresher in my grade 9 French… time to start Le Blog Canadien de Finance?

I wish I could take a week off to retool and refocus my blog. It’s been months since I have posted at all and with the recession, I’ve noticed an increased interest in its topic. But, congrats on your immediate results. It’s so amazing what the Power of Small can do.