November 9, 2011, 6:44 am

My Take on The Blogging Reality Check – It Ain’t Going To Be Pretty

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loserAfter reading Martin’s amazing post about his reality check on the fact that he might not make enough money online to make a living, I’ve given it some thought. A few weeks ago, I was all excited for him as he was about to launch his first eBook. I wished him good luck and wanted to support his book. I have to raise my hand as guilty because I did almost nothing for him the week he launched his product. I really wanted to support him but I didn’t. Not the way I wanted to anyways…


And this is what I want to talk about today.


There is a reason why he failed with his eBook launch and I made the very same mistake with my own eBook 2 months ago.


This is funny (bizarre) as I was discussing the very same topic with my mother who is about to launch her business too. Hey Mom! (she reads my blog 😉 ). We debated this point for a good half hour and yet didn’t come to an agreement. She didn’t agree as you probably won’t either. So I’m either a lunatic or cynic ;-).


I guess that you are really wondering what I’m talking about right now. So what did Martin and I do wrong with our eBooks?


We are passionate (check)


We are motivated (check)


We know what we are talking about (check)


We have an audience and connections with other bloggers (check)


We have a website to launch our product + mailing lists (check)


We researched before launching our product (check)


We thought about it for several hours, wrote a launch plan and setup affiliates (check)


We are offering a great product (check)


At first glance, we have everything on our side to become successful writers. EVERYTHING is checked to become the next online mogul…


So What the F&*/ Went Wrong????


“Vision without execution is hallucination” – Thomas Edison


I know where I failed and when I look at Martin’s product, I know he made the same mistake. I took several hours crafting a great product, several hours reading about how to set it up and more to launch the product. I had a great vision…


But my execution SUCKED!!!


I know all these concepts, I can teach numerous techniques but I am just as lazy as anybody else when it comes down to do it. I just suck! I suck at it because it wasn’t my idea, my technique. Since launching a product is not naturally encoded in my veins (as being overly productive is definitely part of my DNA code), I had to read and assimilate theory before doing it. So I know everything that needs to be known but I’m just too f*%&ing lazy to do it properly.


Instead I dreamed about the day that I opened my laptop and generated 200 sales in the last hour. I would rather dream of the result of my calculations and think of all the money I’ll make if I only convert 3% of my readers.  I dreamed about the life I will have once I can quit my job and become rich by working 4 hours a day on my online company. I would rather dream that I traveled the world with my family and laptop in my backpack while others are creeping around in their 9 to 5 job. I dreamed about all of this with a nice bottle of wine instead of getting back down to basics, putting my dreams in the garbage can and hustling.


You can’t go anywhere without a vision, but if you don’t have a clear and defined process for your execution, you will suck and so did I!


So I would rather buy a dream

The problem is deeper than having people selling the dream and you ending-up wasting money on them. And I’m not going to defend these “Pro-bloggers” as some of them are great wizards of making money online while others are just as creepy as an old alcoholic car salesman. However, there is one thing so true about them; they are selling a dream because this is what you want to buy!


People are lazy.


You are lazy.


I am lazy.


How many times have you started a project and cut corners?

I do it all the time.

It’s too complicated. It’s too long. It is just too boring. This is why I just cut and to get to the final results right away. Because I’m more interested in dreaming than working.


So am I going to buy something that will ask me to work meticulously and be incredibly patient? Man, I would rather buy something that will have me live the good life. But I didn’t read the fine print: The 2 products are probably identical but sold differently. Both require crazy amounts of work before succeeding. And this is why you quit thinking you’ve been sold an impossible dream. Well this is what you wanted, dumbass! I know it because this is what I wanted too!


And some of you may think “that might be true for you Mike, but I know I’m hustling like a dog and I will succeed”.


Reality check: you ain’t working enough… you read it right: YOU AIN’T WORKING ENOUGH!


Or working the right way


Or both of them!


And then you are going to tell me that you are. And we can go on and on about it but I’ll tell you one thing that will shut down any argument you can bring to the table:


Reality check: If you are so good, working so hard and doing everything so right: WHERE IS THE MONEY?


Don’t tell me it’s coming.


Don’t tell me you’re close.


You are darn far away.


If you are not making it NOW, how can you have the guts that you will be making it one day??? Stop drinking your own Koolaid. It’s time to get back to work. The real one.


I’ve failed because I didn’t work properly and I didn’t work enough


I’m not making a living from my online company yet for the VERY SAME REASON


And this will be the case for most of us.


One Last Thing About This Incredible Dream of Living From Your Online Work


Last week, MD made it sound like living from your blog was mission impossible. That only a few gurus can do it and they do it because they tell you how to make money online. We all know that great question about what came first between the chicken and the egg. In my opinion, you should make a difference between your dream and reality. However, reality can become your dream.


If you have read my latest income report, you will notice that I had another month with over $11,000 in income. If I consider all my expenses look at the hours I work on my online business; I made $218/hour. I think this is definitely better than most jobs, right? The funniest part is that I didn’t make a penny from telling someone how to make money online! So the dream is achievable but you need to stop dreaming to make it happen!


Now, it’s not the time to jump up and yell that you will make it. Come on! You know you won’t! I know I won’t… unless I shut my mouth, start thinking and working seriously. I always tell my son that words don’t count… only one’s actions matter.



I bet you were at the FINCON11 or attended another great conference in your life. You might have taken a few notes and went back home smiling because you had a good time. You probably spent a lot of time thinking about the crazy things you will do and how great your life will be in a few months.


I’ll ask you the same question Martin did: what have you done since then? Don’t you think it’s time to take some real action?



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Interesting post.

I did my own business analysis on Martin’s ebook:

I don’t agree with you. I think his execution was excellent. ;P

Wow thanks Mike I didn’t realize you did the analysis.

I agree with TFB in the sense that we’re all chasing dreams. Telling someone how to conquer credit isn’t as fun as telling someone how to be passionate about life.

My problem is that I was more logical than emotional. When selling you need to be more emotional.

Maybe both of us messed up with execution… or maybe we both just don’t have the right audience for our ebooks.

by: The Financial Blogger | November 9th, 2011 (10:46 am)

Hey Mike,

I read your analysis a few days ago and I agree with you in regards to the topic selection. I also found interesting that you considered that it was well executed.

Part of his execution was well done (especially the plan and the actual launch of the book). However, as I did skip this part for my book as well, answering fundamental questions before launching the book was missing:
– what will trigger a sale from a reader?
– who wants to buy this book?
– which needs/dream I fulfill with this book?
– what’s the difference between my book and the 10,000 others on the market?

The “how to sell” part is lacking… and it’s not that easy to complete! This is why most people will keep saying money is coming but will never see the color of it!

weird enough, logical reasons are not good reasons to make a purchase 😉

@Mike & @MD

I guess by “execution”, I was talking about the basics – writing the book, proper formatting, a good sales strategy etc. Things that you have a fair bit of control over. I think both of you did very well there.

Some topics won’t sell no matter who writes them or how good the book is. I guess picking a sellable topic is also part of the execution.

Those questions you list are definitely good questions to ask.

The problem is that it’s not always apparent what topics will sell until after the fact.

I applaud both of you for putting the ebooks out there – a great effort.

by: The Financial Blogger | November 9th, 2011 (12:08 pm)

You are right, I should have tested my market first.

I’m actually going back to my previous success (my dividend investing ebook) and writing a second book about dividend investing. Since I’m almost at 14,000 downloads now, I guess I can’t be wrong with this topic 😉

This post is motivational! I read this like it was written in all caps. I must admit I’m a huge dreamer like many people here.. Just started my blog a month ago and I’m already counting the dollars. so to answer your question of what am I doing? Being patient and meticulously working my blogging/seo plan.

I think your past success made you think it would just sell itself!

14,000 downloads gives you a really solid Email list if you marketed an advanced “upsell/add on” product for a reasonably attractive price Mike. I’m willing to bet you’d see a lot more success there.


you are totally right! I just thought I had to do it to make money… man I was SO wrong!

@Teach Man,

I’m pretty confident that I will be able to make something great this time! but I’ll definitely review my execution several times before I press the publish button 😉