February 13, 2014, 7:53 am

My Membership Website Revealed + Special Offer

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Since the beginning of the year, I have discussed on this blog about my big project of launching a membership website. I really wanted this project to be perfect so I didn’t publicize all over the place to announce my new site back in December. I started with a soft launched that enabled me to #1 recover my investment and #2 control comments and suggestions from my new clients. It’s been two months now since I secretly launched this project, now it’s time to tell you more about it!





Dividend Stocks Rock is an online membership site that gives you access to all the tools and techniques you can use to build a dividend stock portfolio personally.  This is not about stock recommendations or some kind of guru principles. It’s about sound investing decisions made based on solid stock research.

I’ve been investing since 2003 and while my investing journey includes failures, I’ve also earned a few bragging rights:

#1 After borrowing from a $20,000 line of credit to invest, I bought my first house with $50,000 in cash down. All generated from my trading abilities.


#2 in 2012, I launched my first stock pick book and selected 20 US and 10 Canadian dividend stocks. I lagged the US market by 1% but killed the Canadian market by more than 8%.


#3 in 2013, my second edition of the Best dividend stock picks for the year beat BOTH the US and Canadian benchmarks.


I’ve noticed that many readers were interested in my point of view with regards to the economy and the stock market. They were curious about my stock picking process and how I manage my own portfolio. This is why I created Dividend Stocks Rock – to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.


The Dividend Stocks Rock site will build your knowledge, skills, and investment capability from the ground up.  You’ll master the techniques you need to understand what drives portfolio growth and individual stock growth to build the portfolio you want.  Most importantly, it will give you the data at your finger tips that will allow you to put the process into action from day 1.




My goal with this site was to cover the dividend investing world from A to Z from the Canadian and American markets. This is why you will find a lot of information on North American dividend stocks. But I couldn’t compete against the big guys. I didn’t want to enter the playground of data mining and build a filter stronger than Finviz or Ycharts.  I couldn’t compete with news and tons of articles that you can find on site such as Google Finance or Seeking Alpha. I wasn’t able to build a complete site such as MorningStar, Dividend.com or Parsimony Research.


When I look at such a list of “competitors”, it seems that there isn’t any place for a smaller player like me, right? If you think so, you are wrong. I personally use all these sites for my own stock research and portfolio management. But they all share the same flaw: they are too big and contain too much information for the average DIY investor. After discussing with many of my readers, I’ve noticed that many of them are brand new DIY investor and are floundering somewhat in the ocean of information and products offered to them. In fact, there is just too much info to digest for people to properly manage their own portfolios. Folks feel overwhelmed and simply do not know where to start. This is where I have found my niche: by doing the work I do and simply deliver the results so decision making is easier.


The other unique feature I can offer clients is even stronger: ME! Instead of logging into a big site managed by a dozen or hundreds of people, you enter in direct connection with a passionate dividend investor. I’m not here to give direct stock recommendations, I’m here to help investors build their portfolio according to their own investing strategy.




The site is being divided into 4 categories:

Baby Steps

This section was created for beginner investors who want to learn how to build their own portfolios. It explains the DSR philosophy. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start investing; a few hundred is enough. The idea is to have a clear investing process to achieve your goals.

The DSR Investing Baby Steps is an 8 Step process that will guide you through all phases of investing. You can either read each step on your screen or download them in an eBook (pdf) format.






Dividend Portfolios

At the beginning of 2012, we pulled two 100% stock portfolios; one US and one Canadian. Our first portfolios showed a total investment return of 12.37% (US) and 14.69% (CDN). We did it again in 2013. As of November 1st 2013, our portfolios are showing a total investment returns of 31.78% (US) and 17.82%.

We are sharing our talent with you through a series of portfolios that cover a number of different scenarios, you will be able to find a portfolio that fits your needs. There are model portfolio suggestions for Canadian investors, U.S. investors, or investors interested in investing in both Canadian and U.S. investments at the same time. There are a total of 10 different portfolios (click here to see what we are talking about) you can use to build your own. BUY & SELL updates will be delivered to your mailbox!




Dividend Stock Lists

This is the bread and butter part of the active investing portion of your portfolio.  These lists are your starting point for using dividends to grow your portfolio.  With a choice of 8 lists at your disposal (4 US and 4 CDN) the best dividend growth stocks available to supercharge your portfolio returns. We have used four powerful criteria to build our lists: Quality, Yield, Growth & Stability.

Most importantly, these lists are updated weekly with new stats on each and every dividend growth stock as well as additions of new dividend growth stocks and removal of stocks that are no longer providing that all-important dividend growth. Check out the list descriptions here!




DSR Premium Newsletter

This high quality investing newsletter will provide you with first class information about macroeconomics, various stocks to look at and valuable hindsight about the stock market. We will cover various industries and pick the finest stocks with high dividend growth potential. I wake-up every morning to read financial news and economic data. I’m doing all the work for you and send it out once a month. It will be ready to digest and implement right away. This will be part of your favorite Sunday morning reading every month!


Covering these four aspects, I am sure to achieve my goal in giving you all the right tools for a DIY investor to build a strong dividend portfolio.






My goal is to make Dividend Stock Rocks as accessible as possible. After all, your money should be invested and not spent in high fee MERs or on expensive newsletters. And this is the way we see it; DSR is an investment in your portfolio.

I really like when people get more for their money. When you think about it, that’s the whole purpose of investing right? Buying at the right price and benefit from your investment! This is why I’m offering you a special launching package. I’ve teamed up with Pat McKeough from The Successful Investor newsletter to deliver you the best investing offer of the year!

For the price of a Premium Subscription to Dividend Stocks ROCK you also get the choice of receiving one of the two very well-known investing newsletters The Successful Investor & The Wall Street Stock Forecaster.


If you don’t know about Pat’s newsletter, I suggest you checkout his site here and come back for the promotion 😉 Please keep in mind that DSR and Pat McKeough’s newsletter are two separate investing services managed by two different companies. Stock and market opinions may differ from the two services. This is a one-time promotion only and will end on March 13th.











When we created Dividend Stocks Rock at the end of 2013, we wanted to make sure our investment platform was ready to meet our clients’ highest expectations. This is why we decided to do a “pre-launch” with people who signed-up for our special dividend investing mailing list. The pre-launch happened in December and was quite successful. But you don’t have to take my word for it, take theirs:



Is DSR worth the subscription? Do I feel I am getting good value? Compare the $4,900.00 that my wife is paying for advice to a one year subscription to DSR. I can’t believe the value that I am getting! DSR has exceeded my expectations by a long shot!



I just checked out your site. Whoa, impressive! I can see that you have done a lot of work to get this up and running. Great job. I like the Canadian feel to it.




If you have any questions, let me know,


I wish you a great investing journey 😉



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Looks like an interesting product.

Hey Mike,

I’m excited about this and want to give it a try.

You need a return of more than the $170 + all trading and account setup fees with a online broker. Are there details on the most cost effective broker to use for these portfolios?

I’m not clear on if this is a how to be a DIY investor with some extra tips as you move along. Is it a follow the leader, buy when you buy sell when you sell or if it’s the equivalent of a fee-based investor who will rebalance annually.


by: The Financial Blogger | February 18th, 2014 (10:15 am)

Hey OttawaGuy,

In my opinon, the cheapest and best broker for Canadian is Questrade. They also offer US RRSP account which not many banks do (very powerful for US dividend stocks!).

The portfolio models are made to help investors that are less comfortable to trade as pure DIY investors. The stock lists and newseltter will support both DIY and beginner investors. Therefore, this site can “take you by the hand” or simply provide you with the hard work (filtering stocks and coming with clean “buy lists”) if you already familiar with investing.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂