January 31, 2008, 7:00 am

My MBA Grades

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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I know, we are already at the end of January, but I just received my MBA grades last week. Teachers are pretty fast when it comes down to giving your projects to do, but they are taking their sweet time to review them! On the other side, I must admit that looking over a 100 pages + document may take a while. At least they wrote some comments along with the marks we received.

Finance: A

I must admit that I really enjoyed this class. We were learning how to asses the net present value of any financial project. The interesting part it was the final assignment. We had to evaluate the value of branch relocation. We had access to all the information from the accounting department and we were able to analyze and determine if the decision was legitimate.

We then realized that even though the project was making absolute sense for several reasons, minimal work has been done in order to make the decision. In fact, we the information we had, the net present value of the project was negative. They basically managed the numbers a different way than us to present a positive return. However, the work that was done was definitely insufficient. This was an interesting gap between the theory and the reality!

IT Management: A

Let just say that it was not my favorite class but I still worked my way out. However I am in a better position now to understand why the IT people are always in conflict with the management. It is definitely two different schools of thoughts.

Organizational Behaviors: A

Yeah baby! 3 A’s for my first semester! This is the class where we had to work the most for our marks. Who would believe that a regular paper (we had 2 to write over the session) should be around 20 pages? Well it was the case for this teacher! I think I wrote over 70 pages for this course alone!

On the other side, I really liked it and I learned a lot about how people react and why they react in certain situations. It was quite a challenge but I will definitely remember something from this teacher!

As you know already, I am already in the middle of my second semester which seems to be as challenging as the first one. While I wrote that MBA grades do not matter, I was happy to be above the average of the class (the average for the 3 classes was B+). The grade itself doesn’t mean much, however, when you compare to your peers, this is where it takes its full meaning.

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Hi! I love your blog! I wanted to pursue my MBA also, which university are you doing it at?

by: The Financial Blogger | January 31st, 2008 (11:22 pm)

Hey Joe,

thx for the kind words, I’m doing my MBA at the Université du Québec de Montréal (UQÀM). Are you from Mtl?

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