February 8, 2008, 7:59 am

My Last Day At Work

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***I wrote this post on my last day of work about two weeks ago. I did not fit in my schedule back then, so here it is:***


So here I am, in the bus going to work for the very last time. I will still be in the bus on Monday morning to go to work, the only difference is that I will stop by another address. I realized that there were a few things to be careful before you leave. Sometimes, the temptation is great as you don’t belong to a place anymore. However, you can impact your future without knowing it. So here are some tricks when you are about to leave.



#1 The world is small

Even if you are leaving principally because you dislike so and so, be careful to not make it obvious. Fortunately for me, it was not the case for my personal situation. However, I noticed that many people become nasty or deliberately show that they don’t care anymore as soon as they know that they are officially leaving. You better think twice before doing so, the world is small and you might work with these people again.


#2 The last impression is as good as the first impression

Even if you have been a superstar during the time you worked for your ex-employer, people will mostly remember you as when you were about leave and not when you were working 70 hours a week a few months ago. Stay professional until the end and work your regular hours. I already wrote about how I quit my first job and since I did it with professionalism, I received two job offers from my ex-colleagues so far. Even though I did not go back, it is enough to show you that the last impression that you leave is very important.


#3 Take the time to thank people that deserve it

If you have been working at the same place for several years, chances are that there are some people around you that made your life easier. Take the time to thank these people and show them recognition. For example, I took the time to write my boss a card to thank him for all the good stuff he did for me. He was always there to support me and I think he deserves to be told so.


#4 Don’t be a stranger

I don’t mean that you have to keep in touch with everybody at your ex-job. However, it could be fun to see some of you ex-colleague once in a while. We often say it but rarely do it. On my side, I’ll try to go back to have lunch with some of my friends still working there. As I am still working downtown, it should be easier 😉


Well, now I have to close my laptop and get to work for the very last time. All I can say is that it’s a weird feeling between excitement and sadness…


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