September 13, 2007, 7:00 am

My First Week in my MBA Program

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Career
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I have now a little bit more than 700 days to go. This is what I was being told a few days ago at my first MBA meeting. 730 days; this is 2 years, 104 weeks or 17,520 hours to study. I do not know if they are right about what they say yet, but they were really frightening us at that first meeting. They were talking about how many hours, nights and weekend this project involves, that they saw divorces and couples being created within the class. They were basically making us understand that we were not there for a cruise but to work hard.


When everybody presented themselves, I felt like a little kid. While I am working very hard and I know a lot of stuff about my field already, I only count five years of fulltime work. The average in my team is twelve. This means my team-workers were earning their first pay cheque while I was kissing a girl for the very first time! I definitely think that I will learn a lot from the program but also from everyone around. In the same room, we have the knowledge from all the big banks and other financial institutions such as insurance companies, investment corporations and law firms. When I entered in that room, I knew it was the place to be.


Later that week, we received our first email concerning our first class. It was a one liner email saying that we have to read the attached documents along with some other reading in our books. In fact, for one course, we have 2 books to buy, 5 chapters to read (for the very first day of class) and a 121 slides powerpoint to get on board with as well. Welcome to the major league.


I realized that MBA designers are expecting no less than maximum performance from each seconds of these 730 days of MBA. Having three days of class a month definitely does not mean that it will require only a few hours to keep up with. In fact, the MBA requires much more than that!


I know that this is only the beginning and there is more behind this whole project. However, I am highly motivated to make this challenge mine and get out of these two years of hard working labour with three things: a bigger social network, more personal and work related knowledge and finally, a promotion! That would be in a perfect world. In fact, if I can get two out of three, I’ll consider that I achieved my goals.



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Hey man, congrats on the big undertaking. I’m a little bit of a troll here, but I’ll bet that you only need one of the three things: Knowledge.

Knowledge is power, you can only be smarter than your bosses for so long before you become their boss or move off somewhere else. So don’t worry about the promotion. And all of the networking in the world is no good if everyone knows you and figures that you’re just a chump, so it’s a two-way street 🙂

BTW, you’ll get some flack for taking these courses. Don’t take it personally. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), lots of people don’t think it’s worth anything b/c there are lots of MCPs who are no good at what they do. To me, the MCP is just another “feather in my cap”, not the only one.

MBAs are much maligned for lots of good reasons. There are tons of MBAs who lots of really stupid mistakes, despite their “schooling”. And the same can be said of University or College graduates. The MBA is nothing more than “proof of knowledge”, it’s not “proof of experience”. Some people will give you flack b/c they’re really dumb and others b/c they’re really smart (the guys in between will just say “Wow, MBA, that’s pretty cool”) Ignore everyone but the smart ones 😉

So again, congrats and good luck!

by: The Financial Blogger | September 13th, 2007 (3:51 pm)

Thx Gates for the good word,
you know, the MBA is just three letters I need besides my name 😉
If you can prove that you are a smart guy during these classes, you’ll get the networking going and a promotion ahead for sure 😈
I agree with you that there is always a proportion of “dodo’s” in every MBA class like everywhere else. I guess it is part of the game!

I really admire you for undertaking the MBA which should help you in the long run. But I still think you’re nuts 🙂