December 14, 2010, 8:04 am

My Encounter With The Man Who Broke The Box

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Since a very young age, I have been known for my creativity. Personally, I don’t think that I am different than anyone else.  I am just grateful that I have been taught to think outside the box. In school, I was always the kid who found a solution that works but was different than the “normal” method taught in school. Sometimes it was more complicated, less convenient… but it always worked. And this is how I grew up: each time someone tells me “this is the way we do it” I start thinking about how I could do it differently.

This is your chance to shine

Thinking outside the box in your social life will get people’s attention and increase your chances of making friends. Thinking outside the box at work will give you access to promotions and bonuses if you have good ideas. Thinking outside the box in your daily life could result in the creation of a sideline income… read a complete business. In short, thinking outside the box will make you shine.

My Encounter With The Man Who Broke The Box

As I just mentioned, thinking outside the box has been a culture for me since I was born. But recently, I met the man who just broke it. Imagine someone who can sell a product without paying for the good, being legal and having everyone implicated in the sale making money? This is the kind of man I am talking about. This Man once fought his debt with all his might, today, this man broke the box and goes for ultimate financial freedom.

This man is Adam Baker… The man from Man Vs Debt.


I knew about Adam for a while and was inspired by his journey. At one point in his life, he sold everything (and I mean everything) and went backpacking across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India (with a newborn baby!!!).

But besides his crazy adventure, he is now working full time on his online ventures and this is what really caught my attention. I had the chance to speak with him several times over the past 3 months and I must admit: this guy really knows what he is doing. I had the chance to have him as a private coach and he truly gave me a humongous amount of high quality feedback. And on top of it; he was willing to tell me the truth about my online venture without using kid gloves.

Adam is far from being perfect. He is far from being the only guy on earth who knows what he is doing with the internet. But Adam is someone who will break the box, and just start thinking by himself. Letting no boundaries stop him. And this is what I really like about him.

Get yourself a mentor and you will be able to break the box too!

We all have been conditioned to act “normal”. And for most people, it’s a good thing. But for those who have the feeling they are missing something. For those who think that life can be more than waking up at 6:30 to go to work every day, I have one piece of advice; find a way to break the box.

One way is to talk with someone who truly inspires you. Find yourself a mentor in a specific sphere that you want to develop. You can find someone that is performs in shows if you want to become more comfortable talking in public, a yoga instructor if you want to find peace in yourself or, if you are like me, find a successful entrepreneur.

People, who have success in life, are those who aren’t limited by a box anymore

If you have one gift to offer yourself this Christmas, think about contacting someone successful that you admire. I hope this will change your way of looking at life… as it did for me.

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Success can be measured in so many ways. Thanks for this post – I should try to find a mentor!

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Thanks for the post. I am currently putting together my list of goals for 2011. I’m adding this one right away. Contact and obtain a mentor.