February 10, 2009, 7:03 am

My Dream Dates On Valentine’s Day

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Nope, this post won’t be about who I would love to date on Valentine’s Day. Even though my wife doesn’t read my blog, I can’t get the risk of being caught 😉 LOL! More seriously, I will be in my MBA class on Valentine’s Day (I really would like to speak with the MBA schedule coordinator for that one!). So I am actually wondering what I can do for Valentine’s Day and since I am thinking about it a year in advance, I may “have enough time” to plan it and make it happens on February 14th 2010 ;-).

Turning Restaurant

As any other great city, Montreal has a nice turning restaurant. This is cool because you can see the light of the city since it is pretty high. Since Montreal is an island, I guess I would get to see the river surrounding the city as well. I guess this is a great start for a Valentine ’s Day date 😉

Upsides: nice view, nice food, get in a great mood for the rest of the evening.

Downside: this is probably awfully expensive ;-0

A weekend in the mountains

Another great idea would be to rent a vacation property nearby a mountain. We could go walk outside, drink hot chocolate and discuss by the fireplace. Hum… sounds like future plan 😉

Upsides: a chance to completely disconnect for a weekend, there is no such thing as drinking wine by the fireplace!

Downside: this is even more expensive than my first idea 😉

Leaving for a cruise on Valentines Day

All right, now I am really busting my budget! However, leaving on a cruise on Valentines Day would have a big impact since I live in Canada and it is usually -10 to -20 degrees on Valentines Day. So getting on a boat and enjoying the sun would be more than just romantic 😉

Upsides: avoid a week of cold temperature, getting a nice than and recharging our batteries;-)

Downside: We would have to leave our kids for a week (if we take them with us, it’s not Valentines Day anymore). And obviously it would destroy my holiday budget for the year (and who said that money can’t buy happiness?).

What we are doing instead

While we lack of money and time to do anything mentioned above we will still take the time to have a nice dinner together. The babysitter is scheduled, the restaurant is booked and the wine is bought…. I’m still missing my card (very VERY important!).

So have yourself a nice Valentines Day as love is more important than money!

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Nice!! I think there’s an occasion for everything, but Valentine’s Day is just too commercial for me.

I will enjoy my Valentine’s Day at home
Upside: It’s cheaper (bottle of wine and fondue) and I will be alone with my love (no cheezzy romantic red and rose decoration and too crowded restaurant)
Downside: … wait!! There’s no downside!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too TFB!! 🙂

I get your point but I just love to spend money on restaurants 😉 hahaha!


I’m sure you guys will have a blast. I do not have kids and I understand that you will enjoy the time spent just the two of you, in a restaurant, and without the kids (not that you do not love them huh).

N.B. Don’t forget the card!!

Great ideas, and yeah, who in the world said money doesn’t buy happiness?;) lol…

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by: RaiulBaztepo | March 28th, 2009 (5:48 pm)

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

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