September 19, 2011, 5:00 am

My 7 Links Project

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While I was on vacation I was asked by Tom, at Canadian Finance, to write about my 7 links projects. This is an article that will relate 7 of my articles answering 7 questions. I think it’s a great initiative as it gives an opportunity to newer readers to discover what we consider to be our best articles so far. So here we go!

Your most beautiful post

In the blogosphere, I am known to be good at increasing my income. In fact, in a single year, I managed to get 3 income raises. In this post, I made the analogy of poker and how to ask for salary raise. From 2003 to 2010, my day job income has gone from $30,000 to over $100,000 last year. I share my secrets in this post.

Your most popular post

One of my most popular posts is from last year when I declared that my online company went from 18K to 124K in a single year. This was my second full year as a corporation. At that time, our income was quite irregular and we finished the year with a big boom!

Your most controversial post

My first success on The Financial Blogger comes from my highly debated Primerica Reviews.  I had so many comments in this series that I closed a few comment threads (one of them is over 700 comments!). Regardless if you are Pro Primerica or against it, I think you need to read this series. The comments are very interesting too (from both sides!).

Your most helpful post

Last year, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income challenged people to write a “pillar post”. This is an article that explains a specific topic. I wrote How I run my multiple blogs; a complete guide to how I run my business and make money online. I think that anyone who wants to manage more than one blog and make it a success should read this, it will be of great help!

A post whose success surprised you

It was a big surprise and it did not even come from me; 30 financials moves before 30, written my MD at studenomics, gets constant traffic month after month. It seems that it has touched the younger readership and I must admit that MD hit right on the nail.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

A while ago, I wrote a 4 article series on How to buy blogs, at that time, TFB was not oriented towards a ‘make money blogging’ audience and it has since picked up the steam I wished it would. I hope that a few of you will go back and look at this series as I detailed each step I follow in order to buy blogs.


Now it’s my turn to nominate 5 bloggers for the 7 links project:

Phil Taylor at PT Money

MD at Studenomics

Crystal at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff

Sunil at Extra Money Blog

Corbett Barr at Think Traffic
What’s your favorite post on The Financial Blogger?

I’m curious to know what is your favorite stuff on TFB? What do you appreciate the most? Let me know so I can write more about the things you like!

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thanks for the nomination. i will def. take it up once i settle back down from the current travels.

i certainly enjoy the income reports on the TFB as they are inspirational to many. i also enjoy your discussion on niche sites. mostly, i’d like to see more information on monetization methods, particularly your way of achieving great success with private ad placements. this is something i have not pursued as hard but would like to shortly.