February 10, 2014, 5:00 am

Monthly Income Report is Back!

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Back in July 2012, I highlighted the reasons of not sharing my online income anymore. At that time, I felt that I there were more disadvantages than upside. The bulk of my business revolved around private advertising and I was spotted by a few jealous individuals who had nothing to do with their weekends but to harm my business. I hope they feel better about their lives and they feel they have done something right for the human nation. I don’t hold any grudge against them; my life is busy enough without worrying about trolls!


Having said this, I am now back with a new version of my income report. The reason being that private advertising is not a primary source of income for my business anymore. I’ve moved towards other ways of making money online and they work. This is why I’m not scared of getting hit by Google again after disclosing my numbers. On top of this, Google already struck TFB with a PR 0 a few months ago, so I have nothing to lose, lol!










The main reason why I have decided to post this report again is actually for my own follow-up. Since my third child has arrived, my online business has been harder to manage. Doing this report helps me keep track of my main goal: making 100K online in 2014. A few weeks ago I outlined my business plan as follow:

Therefore, my revenues could be represented as the following graph:


Instead, my first month shows the following results:


Overall, my online business generated $7,027.05. This is gross revenue and does not include my expenses. My online expenses are around $3,000 per month. I spend a lot on VAs since I want to take care of my family more than I want to spend time on my computer ;-).



I really like when Excel decides to adjust their axis so I have the feeling that I killed my goal by looking at the blue bar compared to the red one! Hahaha! Unfortunately, I only beat my goal by $15. These are the revenues generated by my blog network. Most of it is Adsense and also have affiliate income.


As you can see, my blog business is still generating the bulk of my income. I would say that we own 5 majors blogs, three of them in the financial niche (including TFB) and two others in different niches.


I’m obviously using my blogs to promote my different products but I’ve decided to use a different category as it is a completely different business model.


PRODUCTS $1,877.66

This Monday, I disclosed that I made over $6,000 with my new membership website within the first six weeks. In January, this site generated the bulk of my product segment. It makes sense since I offer a $149.50 annual subscription. This doesn’t require many sign-ups to boost this figure!

This business division also includes my two books for sale on Amazon:

Dividend Growth – a 4.5 Star Investing Guide

2014 Best Dividend Stock Picks – After beating my benchmark with my picks in 2012 and 2013, I’m going back for a third year with 20 US and 10 CDN favorite picks.


It was obviously a good month for my 2014 book since this is the perfect time for investors who are looking for ideas to improve their portfolio. I started the month by giving it away for free for 5 days and it was downloaded 1965 times! Unfortunately, I don’t make any money out of free downloads! However, it has helped me to rank on the first page of the Kindle Investing Book search on Amazon. I now hope to continue on this wave and I’ll also promote it across my network. I’m making about $1 net per book since I only priced it at $2,99 on Amazon.

But I’m smarter than that. This book is in fact a visit card for my membership website. You can find the link to my site several times throughout the book. If I can beat my benchmark (dividend ETF) again this year, I will gain a lot of credibility. Things look great since I’m already ahead for both my American and Canadian picks for the month of January!



When I mentioned earlier in this post that I had lost track of a part of my business, I can show that right here. I was under the impression that I was making $500 per month with my niche site. This was right a while ago, but right now, I’m far from that!

The main reason for this “disaster” is the drop in traffic over the past 6 months. As I mentioned several times on this blog, it’s been a good 12 months that I haven’t worked an hour on my niche sites. 12 months in terms of the internet is the equivalent of a century in real time. Therefore, Google ran several updates and cut some of my traffic each time. There is not much left right now for that reason. I will have to spend more hours in future months to bring this segment up to speed and generate at least $500 per month.




I’ll explain in a minute while I’m super proud of my month, but for now, let’s just say that I’m happy that most of my income was truly passive this month! I’m also super happy of the continuation of my membership website. I keep increasing the number of members weekly and this is a big accomplishment!

As is the case each January, traffic was quite good. This has helped me make some great money with Adsense and boosted my affiliate sales as well. I’ve made over $350 with INO, a technical analysis paid service.



You are going to laugh but what was the real mess was my stomach! I caught TWO stomach viruses! Can you believe that? Yeah… I guess that’s the price to pay to have a daycare in the home! Lol!

You can guess that I didn’t work as much as I should have! I was more in survival mode than anything else. Among the tasks that weren’t accomplished this month there were some quite important ones like:

#1 Write guests posts for my membership site

#2 Create an affiliate program for other bloggers

#3 Give free access to other bloggers so they can review my site

#4 Write more on TFB! Lol!


I took a two month break away from blogging not so long ago and expected to be more present in January. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out well. But now, I’m 16 pounds lighter (training and not eating really works!) and full of energy!




Unfortunately, I’ll have to achieve my January tasks this month and it won’t be easy. I’m really busy at work these days and I’ll also be in survival mode. Nobody says it is going to be easy (I’m actually writing this post in front of the Super Bowl where “my” Broncos are getting the beating of their lives… arrgh!).


On top of the tasks I didn’t complete last month, I want to accomplish the following:

#1 Run an affiliate campaign through one of my blogs

#2 Establish a plan to improve my niche website traffic

#3 Add a new portfolio model to my membership website (500K+)




I hope you enjoy this new report and that I will be able to bring you hope and motivation through these posts. I’m confident that I will reach my objective of making $100K with my online business this year. And this report is one of the tools I will use to make sure I make it.

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Looks like a pretty good month Mike! Glad to see your membership site has taken off so well!

If you want to do a guest post about it feel free to contact me. It’s always good when we can find new great tools to help us invest!

by: The Financial Blogger | February 10th, 2014 (1:36 pm)

Hey Dan!

As soon as my affiliate program is up and running, I’ll give you a shout! you’ll get the guest post, but you will also be rewarded for it 🙂



by: Zach @ Dividend Ladder | February 11th, 2014 (4:55 pm)

Great start to 2014. It will be a lot of fun to root you on with your membership site through these monthly reports. My previous site DSO (If you know what that stands for) hit 600 members before receiving a slap from the big G. Your business model has a much better chance of long term success. Your idea for promoting the site through your book is great amoung the other methods you are using.

Hi Dan,
Income reports are always worth to read. it motivate to newbies like me.keep sharing it monthly.

Your first month was great given that you are so busy with your family and your new child. Just keep hitting your goals and may that stomach viruses not caught you again this month. 🙂

Good luck Mike! Stick with it through thick and thin!

Good luck Mike. Hope you achieve your goals.

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Wow – really awesome results Mike! I had no idea your books were doing so well. That’s awesome!