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Money Hacks Carnival #32 – Have You Ever Edition

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For this 32nd edition of the Money Hacks Carnival, I decided to go with questions most people ask themselves or problems they tried to solve without really finding the right solutions. Hopefully, you will find some answers through these great articles.

Have you ever tried to be the best? (Editor’s Pick)

We all wanted to be the best in something one day. We worked hard, tried to focus on our goal and sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Here are the bloggers who succeed submitting the best articles of personal finance this week (this is definitely not a big prize, but winning is winnings, right?) Maybe next year we can charter a used sea ray yacht for sale for the winners.

LAL presents Socialized Capitalism? posted at LivingAlmostLarge.

AJC presents Why most doctors aren?t rich! posted at How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years™.

The Happy Rock presents Your Health and Your Wealth – Fitness Impacts Wallet posted at The Happy Rock.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best Places For Your Money When The Stock Market Tanks posted at The Digerati Life.

Have you ever tried to beat your brother-in-law’s investment return?

Years after years, during the Christmas party, your brother-in-law (or worst, your father-in-law) brings the investment topic on the table and tell you how great his broker did with his portfolio. If you are tired to be the last one on the hot stock every time (you probably just bought RIM two months ago!), try listening to these guys:

Tushar Mathur presents Are you disappointed with your mutual fund investments? posted at Invest In India.

Aussie presents Quick Ratio Formula posted at Stock Market For Beginners.

Dividends4Life presents Pocket Change Portfolio – August 2008 posted at Dividends4Life.

Contrarian Profits presents Why US Treasury Bonds Are the Best-Ever Short Play posted at Contrarian Profits.

retirehappy presents Copycat Portfolios Are Dangerous posted at My Retirement Blog.

Hank presents Protect Yourself From These Classic Investment Scams posted at Military Money Might.

Upside Trader presents The Next Capitulation posted at upsidetrader.


Heather Johnson presents What Would a Return to the Gold Standard Mean for You? posted at Currency Trading.net.

RC presents Learning from the Stock Market’s Volatile Performance This Week posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.

Have you ever try to make a budget and make it fit at the end of the month?

Several people who have a budget just can’t follow it. They think that writing down numbers on a piece of paper will actually make them reduce their spending habits. It’s either a money management problem or a saving problem. Find out about great frugal tricks and ways to manage your money differently in this category:

The Shark Investor presents Where Is Dirt, There Is Cash posted at The Shark Investor.

Steve Faber presents Credit Card Gas Rebates – How to Get the Biggest Rebate | Super Gas Saver posted at super gas saver.

Aryn presents How to Stay Warm this Fall and Winter posted at Sound Money Matters.

Jim presents 40 Money Tips for College Students posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Dale Liebrecht presents Saving Money posted at A Bag Full Of The Real Poop.

J. Money presents Save gas and drive the home stretch w/out hitting the pedal! posted at Budgets are Sexy..

Amy @ The Q Family presents Coupon of the 21st Century posted at The Q Family Adventure.

mbhunter presents Watch out for this grocery pricing trick posted at Mighty Bargain Hunter.

Cash Money Life presents Blockbuster vs. Netflix posted at Cash Money Life.

Bankruptcy Access presents Credit Card Debt posted at BankruptcyAccess.com.

The Smarter Wallet presents 8 Summer Fun Activities That Won’t Break The Bank posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Master Your Card presents The Costs of Apartment Living posted at Master Your Card.

CreditAddict presents Frequent Flyer Credit Cards Getting Worse, Stick With Cash Back Rewards posted at Credit Card Addict.

nickel presents Current Online Savings Account Interest Rates posted at fivecentnickel.com.

KCLau presents Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency: FREE Financial Education for Malaysian posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.

Hilary Green presents 10 Ways to Save On Gas and Improve Mileage posted at Cars for Girls.

Fitz Villafuerte presents Tips On Selling In Bazaars, Trade Fairs and Craft Shows posted at Ready To Be Rich.

Mrs. Accountability presents Gas From Costco Without a Membership?? posted at Out of Debt Again.

Kevin Fleming presents How to Save $50 a Month on Cable or Satellite TV posted at Satellite TV Guru.

Have you ever wanted to own half of your town?

The purpose is tot to brag about it, but driving down the main street and looking at your real estate properties and businesses must be quite a feeling. If you always dreamt of starting your own business or buying rental properties, you might find some answers here:

Finance Yogi presents Check your Credit History Before You Apply for Business Financing posted at financemoneyloans.net.

Helene Zemel presents Formulating a Marketing Plan for your At Home Business posted at Work at Home Mom and Dad.

Cade Krueger presents How To Start A Small Business Opportunity posted at Small Business Opportunity.

Roshawn Watson presents Dishonorable New Exit Strategy For Desperate Homeowners posted at Watson Inc.

Have you ever wonder how come young kids are driving brand new Porches and BMers?

This is simply because they understood main principles of economics and personal finance. Since there are no personal finance classes offered in our education system, they decided to take another route. Some bloggers wrote about pretty good insight of economics and personal finance in this section:

Erika Collin presents Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: What Next? posted at Currency Trading.net.

ChristianPF presents The mortgage crisis and the economy posted at Christian Personal Finance.

FIRE Finance presents Risks Of Cash Advances And Payday Loans posted at FIRE Finance.

MBB presents American Express Black Centurion Credit Card posted at Money Blue Book Personal Finance Blog.

Mr Credit Card presents Removing Your Name From A Credit Card Account posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Make Money During a Slow Economy posted at Bugs Munny.

Penelope Pince presents Learning From Our Mistakes: Our First (Auto) Loan posted at Our Fourpence Worth.

Amy presents Thinking Through the Emergency Fund posted at My Daily Dollars.

Curt presents Bush Warns of Long Recession Without Bailout posted at PennyJobs.com.

Joe Manausa presents Bailing Out The Banks? Actually Bailing Out America! posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Aaron Aiken presents 9 Things To Do With a Bonus posted at Where You Are Now.

Michael presents Consumer Debt Worst Offenders: Banks, Advertisers, and Advisors posted at Small Business Blog.

FFB presents What We’re Looking To Do With Our Finances In The Next Year (And A Contest) posted at Free From Broke.

BTG presents Financial Lessons From Maya Angelou posted at Bridging The Gaap.

Have you ever felt like an outcast?

Sorry guys but I just couldn’t fit your posts in one or another category of this carnival edition. Therefore, you have been classified as “other”…

Mary@SimplyForties presents Stupid Tax posted at SimplyForties.

FMF presents Do You Exercise Your Brain? posted at Free Money Finance.

RothIRAr presents FDIC Insurance Coverage for IRAs posted at Roth IRA Explained.

fwp presents a thoughtful balance transfer, credit cards revisited posted at the financial wellness project.

SEC Fraud presents Calls for Regulation of Credit Default Swaps Market posted at SEC Fraud.

Scott presents Navigating the Credit Crisis posted at Budget and Finance Blog.

Image source: newsday.com, Paper Money, Charcarson, DC Photos, AJ French, Arabalkan.com.

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Thanks for hosting and for including my article! Looks good!

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Very nicely done. Thank you for hosting the carnival.

Great job hosting! 🙂

Thanks for hosting!

Thanks for hosting and including my post “Pocket Change Portfolio – August 2008”.

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Thanks for including my post to such a great round up. My post for the carnival will be up on Sat.

Great Edition!

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Thanks for hosting and including my article!! Great job!

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