June 14, 2007, 2:19 am

Money Does(n’t) Equal Happiness

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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I usually write couple of posts in advance in order to make sure I post every day of the week. Somehow, something strange happened. I was on financialjungle.com yesterday and he wrote a post about money and happiness. Guess what, this post was scheduled for this morning. I guess sometimes people connect! So here are my personal thoughts about money and hapiness.


I was recently watching for the second time the movie “Pursuit of Happiness”. I just love this movie. As being a father myself, I can fully understand the sacrifice you are willing to make to give your child a better chance in life. Several individuals, especially in Quebec where I live, have a weird relationship with money. We often hear “money doesn’t make you happy” or “I rather be healthy and poor than dying in a castle”. I’m not quite sure I do understand these statements.


At the very least, I can link them to their origins. In fact, this kind of love/hate relationship with money is coming from the interpretation of religious documents. Many many years ago, people understood that in order to live a good life and to have their reservation done at Paradise city, they needed to give away their goods and live poor. In our modern days, we finally changed our mentality and we know that we can live a good life and help other people without living under a bridge. However, for some reasons, the basics of this principle lie in our culture and are transmitted from one generation to another. I guess this is why we feel so guilty of making money sometimes!


I think that happiness is a combination of several factors. Like it or not, money is one of them. Actually, I find that in several situations, money will leverage the intensity of your moments. Therefore, it can results in very good endings or very bad situations.


If it’s Christmas time and you don’t have much money to buy your kids gifts, it is sad. But imagine if your spouse is ill and you can’t afford to pay the proper medication AND it is Christmas time. Then, your situation just got worst big time. You would probably end-up working overtime or getting a second job to pay off medication bills. Money would not cure instantly your spouse. However, withe money, you would be able to provide her with proper medication treatment and take time off your job to spend more time with your children.


On a better note, I recently spent the whole day at the Zoo with my wife and my son. It was just amazing to see William’s eyes lighting up in front of this gigantesque elephant. He was having the time of his life and us too. We end-up the day at the aqua park tanning while William was running around, crazy happy. Those moments were priceless. Unfortunately, they did have a price. Then entrance, gas to get there and food do cost money. Without money, we couldn’t see giraffes and lions.


It is true that money doesn’t equal happiness by itself. As happiness can be found in your hearth, no matter what is happening in your life. However, you can surely use money to improve your moments of joy. Spend, enjoy and give back to unfortunates.

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Great post. Your posts are getting better and better each time. Are you making minor tweaks to your writing?

by: The Financial Blogger | June 14th, 2007 (2:08 pm)

Hi FJ,
As you have probably noticed by now, English is not my maternal language. However, I write this blog for two reasons ; my passion for finance and to improve my writing skills.

I’m happy that my efforts show some result!

Join the club, FB. I’m a terrible writer myself, and it takes me a while to polish up a post for publication. We can exchange a few tips. :mrgreen: