December 5, 2008, 6:00 am

MBA Marks – Summer Session

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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I don’t know if you ever been at school during summer time but it is probably the worst time to open a book and learn something! This session was really rough since I had to pass my PFP exam at the beginning of summer and my wife was going back to work after a 2 years maternity leaves. Since that crap happens in bundle, I got sick for 2 weeks, right before we had to write one of our paper! Nonetheless, I gripped my books and went through it.

Marketing: A-

This is my worst mark in my MBA. While I still think that MBA Grades don’t matter much, I was still happy to get a row of A’s. I didn’t learn much about the class itself since I did my bachelor in marketing (I guess that my result is the product of my procrastination!). However, this helped us out kicking a new member out of our team. I still can believe that people can think to get their MBA without working! Anyway, this experience will be part of another post next week 😉

Law: A

I questioned the utility of this class until mid term. We were discussing about our classes and their potential utility around a good coffee when one of my colleague brought out a good point: if you ever do commercial banking, you need to know those things because it can help your clients big time. I never thought of this, but most it is very important to know laws surrounding a business and if you are about to lend money to a commercial client, you both better know all the legal aspect of the project!

International Financial Services: A

This was a weird class. Our teacher was directly coming from Mars. I have no doubts that she was a brain and a half in her field and that she conducted researches on very complicated topics. However, she just couldn’t translate her knowledge into words. In fact, she was barely able to communicate to the class. I must say that it could be difficult to communicate when you are sitting in front of your computer, doing excel spread sheet or going on CNN.COM to get the latest FED video conference. I still learned a few stuff such as how credit default swap got us in the credit crunch and how to manage exchange risk through options, futures and money markets. This part was actually quite interesting since I make most of my company’s income in US and British Pounds. I can now protect my money through effective hedging strategies!

Overall, this was probably the session I liked the least. However, the next one seems very promising since we have a class on ethic, strategy and public relationship. In December, I will share a few posts on my MBA experience that I had so far. Let me know if you have any questions about those magic three letters 😉

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