May 4, 2009, 5:00 am

MBA Grades and What I Have Learned From My Classes

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We ended our last session of 3 courses in March. It took a while to get our marks since teachers have been on strike for a while. This was the toughest session so far because everybody is tired and the motivation level is at its lowest. Nonetheless, we are almost done and we have to finish this with great marks!

Strategy: A

I was expecting a lot from this class. I thought that we would have to elevate ourselves to another level; that we had to think outside the box and realize how the big bosses take their decision…. BIG DISAPOINTMENT! The problem wasn’t really the book or what we saw in class, but the teacher was so bad that I can’t say that I have learned anything. What saved me was that the final exam (which was 50% of our final mark) was on social lending companies such as Prosper and how they can/will influence the banking industry. The positive point of this class is that it gave us the opportunity to create our final and strongest team (we kicked another member out at the end of this session but we “drafted” two really good players at the beginning). So we are now 6 strong students for the final session and the big group project.

Socio-politics in banks: A

I wondered what this class was about until the teacher opened his mouth for the very first time. We talked about conspiracy and how CEO’s are paid and how they unethically managed our banks (are you surprised? Hahaha!). We wrote a paper based on the comparison of a Canadian Bank versus an American Banks. We were looking their ethical practices, how they act in the society (donations, participation in the community, etc.) and how they work on doing responsible business. I was quite surprised to see how the American Banks we choose was implicated in its community (I know now that there is a law about implication in community in the States, which we don’t have here). I actually realized how banks and financial institutions could really impact our society and dictate a better way of consuming our resources by not lending to environment disrespectful companies. I must admit that I first thought that this class was a waste of time but while I was doing my research and writing my paper, I realized how important it is to talk about it if we want a better world with fair wealth redistribution… that’s it I’m turning into a communist 😉 hahaha!

Public relation: A+ (my first one!)

I simply loved this class! This is not even related to the mark I got. We actually learned how to do presentation and learned a few tricks to captivate our audience. We even had the chance of being interviewed by a real journalist and see how tough it was to answer questions in front of a camera! The teacher was amazing as she was giving us the real picture about our presentations. There was no “you are good, you are this, you are that…”. She was giving her uncensored thoughts about how we stand in front of the class. This is probably the only time we will know what we really look like in front of people. This gave me a chance to push a little more and see what kind of presentation I was really able to give (I even explain a bank situation using a medieval analogy 😉 ). Another great point of this class was our lunch break. We had 4 lunch conferences with professionals working in the communication industry. We had a business owner, a guy that worked in banks for 20 years, another working in the videogame industry and a journalist. This was so much fun… I only have good memories of this class ;-D

Now we are up to the last chapter of this MBA. 2 classes left (a Bank simulation and a sales course…. Hum… seems like I’m going to have a lot of fun!). We also have our final paper to write. I’ll tell you more about it later on….

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