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May Blog Evo Report

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Another month has gone by and we are back for our Blog evolution report. A couple of months ago, I decided to not disclose my online gross revenue anymore. This doesn’t mean that I won’t discuss revenue trends though! After 2 months being under our last 12 month’s average, we are up with a strong month of May, back into 5 digits! The most impressive is that over 50% of this income is coming from affiliate programs and Adsense. This is quite a nice switch, isn’t it?


Traffic Improvement


As previously mentioned in our last report, spring is moving forward bringing more sunny days… with less people on their computer to read blogs! Since most of our traffic is coming from investment blogs and there is this old sayings “Sell in May and Go Away”, you can guess that my traffic went down a little. I carefully checked my keyword ranking to make sure it wasn’t those “Penguins & Pandas” updates performed by Google (sometimes I feel like Google is using the Telus marketing strategy with animals!) but it wasn’t.


I also went back recently to use an old technique of mine to increase my search engine results. I went back to my Google Analytics to see what my top 20 referencing keywords were. Then, I noticed that most of them are not ranking #1 (while ranking in the top 10). The technique is quite simple; you just have to write more articles about the same topic, using the same keyword and linking back to your old articles that already rank super well. This will reinforce your ranking and you should get more traffic J.


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I’m combining the affiliate and newsletter section in this report as I did use some affiliate links in my newsletter to make more money! I don’t have the final results yet (it’s a 30 day campaign started mid-May), but I can tell you that this will be my best newsletter project ever so far. I’m expecting to make over $1,000 with the special offer I sent to my readers. It is coming from a private affiliate program (I mentioned how it works in my PF blog monetization method).


It basically took me about two hours to write my pitch, establish my strategy and answer readers’ questions. With two hours of work, I’ll be able to generate over 1K in net income. This is the kind of thing I can do during my “day of blogging”. This special moment gives me the time to think outside the box and find other ways to make even more money. I’ll go back to this project once it’s completed and have all the results to share. In the meantime, I’ll just tell you how great it was to organize a win-win-win situation between the advertiser, myself and my readers!


Niche Site Central


My niche sites are still going well with roughly $400 of pure passive income (Adsense, affiliate programs and products combined). I was also able to use one of my niche site newsletters to promote my private affiliate program too. Since I’m not done with this campaign, the income generated from this source is not in the $400. This means that I might very well show over $500 in niche site income in June. I truly love this side of my business as it grants me diversification along with pure passive income. We will soon be working on promoting these sites and building more readership. So far, the stats I have are fairly impressive in terms of pages viewed per visit (around 3 for most sites) and time spent on site (around 3 minutes per visits). It’s now only a matter of building more traffic!


eBook Development


There is not much to write about my eBooks for the month of May if you have read What happened after you are finish writing your eBook. I sent everything for editing/formatting and now wait patiently for my designer to get back to me. It will give me more time to concentrate on other projects in June-July (such as building more traffic for my niche sites!).


Current Project I’m Working On


As I write this article (May 31st), we are about to leave for our annual meeting (last Saturday). We have built our “to do” list and established many points to discuss. We are doing something different this year: we will have one of our VAs come for a few hours to discuss our projects. During this week, I’ll also share my thoughts with my other VA (who is based in TO). We like to bounce ideas off of them since they come with a totally different point of view. This help us to make this company even better!


Adsense Income $2,711.79 (-13%)


Traffic has slowed down in May and so did my Adsense income! At least, we are almost at $100/day. $87/day is still pretty good considering my whole network. I mentioned that I was currently working on an “improve your Adsense” series but I’m not done yet. I wanted to test a few more things before I complete this series. I should be able to complete this in the upcoming months as the project went from a one or two article part to a 10,000+ word project! I currently have near 4,000 words written and still have a lot more to cover. So please be patient, it will be worth it!


Next month will be exciting as I will report on what we have discussed during our annual meeting, stay tuned!


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