April 3, 2008, 6:00 am

March Top Ten

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I really have the impression that I just did my Top Ten for February last week…

I received a really cool news yesterday in my mail box: According to FireFinance The Financial Blogger ranked 75 out of the best 100 PF blogs!!!! It’s a good sign for a blog when you have to schedule about 30 minutes a day to take care of your blog besides writing posts!

So let’s take a look at what caught my attention last month:


#10 Partying likes it 1929 (not a blog)

I found this article and I thought it was pretty funny to see (serious) people thinking it’s the end of the world. I would bet that they were writing the same apocalyptic scenarios when Enron and Worldcom went bankrupt or when Nortel decided to jump of the cliff… Who was there to remember clearly 1929 anyway?


#9 Are You Selling Your Credit Score by Moolanomy.

An interesting thought for people who thinks that registering for credit cards in exchange of a plastic coffee cup where it’s written “I’m with stupid” is a great deal. You credit score is something very important. You can read my 2 post series about credit and trustworthyness for a good laugh.


#8 The Whole life Sabbatical (the 3 parts) by Brip Blap.

Another great series from Steve. He discusses the different types of responsibilities we face, how we handle them and if we can get away from them. I would personally never leave my wife and kids but I was speechless in front of his argument about infirm and elderly parents.


#7 Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Cath-up Day by Paid Twice.

This is the perfect example of a simple thing where everybody says that it’s impossible to do but we all should do it. You want a secret? it is more feasible than you think!


#6 Biggest Money Mistake: Credit Cards by Debt Free Revolution.

Don’t we learn the most from our biggest mistakes? DFR is explaining how she dug herself into a pit of debt with the shinny and promising credit cards. Print this one and give it to your teenagers so they can read it between two PS3 games.


#5 The Seven Habits of Wealth by The Dough Roller.

While I wrote about the Seven Sins of Personal Finance, DR wrote an interesting post of habit to develop in order to become wealthy. They are not fun nor sexy but they work for sure!


#4 30 Personal Finance Rules of Thumb by Million Dollar Journey.

A cool compilation of rules of thumb that can help you out in your quest for financial freedom. I still disagree with the following rule: You should spend no more than 2-3 times your household salary on a house. I’m at 3 times right now and I live in one of the cheapest place in Canada…


#3 The Costs of Home Ownership by Canadian Capitalist.

Thank you! a home is not an investment, it’s a luxury where you spend a lot of money into! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to be the owner of where you sleep (and do other stuff…. like washing the dishes!), but it is definitely not an investment.


#2 Savings is Different than investing by Plonkee.

I don’t know if I agree with Plonkee yet about is point, but one thing is for sure; ones must make the difference between a savings account and an investing account. To me, you should put money aside period. However, if you need your money for a specific project in a specific time frame, an investment account may not be the best financial tool for you!


#1 How Much Do You Need To Retire (part 1 to 5) by Canadian Dream.

Yet, another boring topic for many people but I still think that retirement planning is fun (damn, my new job is really getting into me!). Canadian Dream is trying to shed some light on this obscure aspect of personal finance.


One last thing before I let you go, don’t forget to submit your post for the Carnival of Money Stories as I will be hosting it next week with another great theme!


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Thanks for the link, but good luck getting a teenager to read it! I have one of those in the house, and the only time he reads my blog is when I write about him. I suppose it’s always worth a try.

Thanks for the mention :). Great blog, keep it up!

Thanks for the mention FB. Cheers!

kudos on making it into the top 100! yeah, canada! Yeah, you!

Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it! Congrats on making the top 100, too.