April 5, 2011, 5:00 am

March Monthly Income Report

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Oh boy!  I know you may be tempted to go straight to the bottom of the post to see how much I made but wait until you have read the full post (even though I’m telling you it’s my biggest month ever… hehehehe!). I told you I was waiting for some checks, well some of them arrived ;-).

Network Monthly Traffic: 231,359 visitors and 320,672 pages viewed

I must say that my whole network got hit by Japan’s Tsunami. During that week, both my traffic and Adsense income dropped by 20%. I was a bit panicked since it was about 2 weeks after Google announced major changes in their algorithm in terms of search engine rankings. In addition to that, we had some database problems with one of our sites which resulted in 50% less traffic over 5 days! I was freaking out as my partner was gone on a cruise (since he never went to Japan…) with barely access to the internet.

After a week of insomnia and paranoia, everything went back to usual (Thank God!) and my friend got back from his 2 weeks of vacation (those were the longest weeks I have lived with my company so far!).

Adsense Income: $3,439.04

This is what was generated back in February; the smallest month in term of days but my biggest month of Adsense revenue ever! I recently played around with colors and content (image vs text) in order to optimize my Adsense earnings. I was happy to see some improvements in terms of click through rate (CTR) after some of my changes. For example, one of my sites was averaging about $11/day in January. I tweaked it and increased earnings to an average of $13/day in February. I tweaked it again in March and I am now at $15/day (I wish I could find a way to increase all my sites by $2/day on a monthly basis 😉 ).

Due to the slump during mid March and my database problem, I don’t expect to beat my February payout next month… oh well!

Affiliate Programs and Brokerage deals: $3,134.28

I am now starting to reap the benefit of The Financial Blogger’s change of direction in this category. I am now earning affiliate commissions on great products that I use to build my business such as Market Samurai and The Best Spinner. While I am not advocating them too much (I don’t want to upset you either!), the simple fact of mentioning them once in a while is enough to make a few bucks here and there. In the end, it’s a win-win situation: I tell you which products I use to make money online and you get access to very nice products ;-).

However, investment products that I promote from my Flex Offer account are my biggest earners for February. Flex Offer is basically an affiliate program manager platform where you can get access to several products in many niches. I like them as they don’t offer crappy products and their platform is easy to use.

Private Advertising: $5,429.11

I know I told you that I wanted to decrease my income from private advertising but a good deal is a good deal. I was lucky enough to decrease the number of advertisers but increase my price per spot. This is definitely the best of both worlds!

Niche website revenues: $10.69

This is an important drop from my first month and is because I only made Adsense income and no affiliate product sales. Last month, I had registered a $30 one shot product sale. I hope that I will be able to generate more in the future! But to be honest, I have left monetization and promotion to concentrate on content and the creation of 2 more niche websites. In April and May, there will be a lot more promotion for all my sites.

Total monthly income for March: $12,002.43!!!!!

Yup! Over $10,000 earned in a single month! How cool is that? My partner’s answer: “Very cool!”. I’m very happy to crush my objective of making 10K/month in March. However, I know that April is going to be tough as I had several 1 timers this month. I hope to maintain a steady income flow of 8-9K in the upcoming months ;-).

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Very nice done and “very cool”! It’s amazing to see how much you made and it makes we want to work harder. Thank you for such an inspirational post. Keep up the good work and I hope you feel proud because you deserve it.

-Ravi Gupta

That is an awesome number! I love your updates. They keep me motivated to see what I can do (I just had my best month ever, I need to keep the momentum going).

You don’t want to know what we made, you’d be jealous to the point of bringing you to tears (of laughter perhaps 😉 ).

Congrats on the success.

Amazing results. Very motivating. Keep up the great work and congrats!

Nice! I wish I were as good at affiliate marketing as you. It sometimes worries me that adsense makes up 75% of my income.

I LOVE these updates you are a freaking animal…Your growth is unreal

Your growth and focus helps to provide motivation for me! I keep thinking of what you are able to do, while working 4 days a week! Thanks for sharing with us.

Awesome revenue! I had my best month yet in Feb but it is NO way near your revenue. Compared to yours it is laughable… But you give me hope 🙂 Mine is only from one site though… Keep up the great work! And congrats!!!!

You definitely have some nice income there, something for us all to aspire to! Do you know what the net is after monthly expenses?

I’m catching up to you in Adsense, but those affiliate and private advertising numbers are pretty awesome. Gonna have to work on that stuff. 🙂

Out of curiousity, what exactly are the private advertising dollars you’re referring to? Are those ad banners? sponsored posts?

Very well done, hard work pays off indeed!


The amount is amazing, but even more so is the amount of people you get to your blogs!!! congrats!!

While I’m very impressed with your numbers, I’m even more impressed that you have a normal job to boot! How do you find the energy?

Thanks for sharing, someday I’ll have to wake up and try some of the great stuff you are explaining on this site!!! 🙂

Astounding, If I could make a tenth of your amount monthly I would be satisfied. When you see all the guys selling ebooks out there that are not legitimate have you ever thought of putting your ‘story’ down for posterity? It would be a pretty great read and you could definitely pencil me in for the first one!

by: The Financial Blogger | April 6th, 2011 (6:57 am)

I sould be spending about 60K this year and hoping to maintain an income over 10K/month in order to get 50% in profit ;-D

Private advertisers can be links, posts and banners

by: The Financial Blogger | April 6th, 2011 (6:58 am)

@ Money Reasons,
It’s because I LOVE blogging. It’s not only my side income, it’s my passion!

@University Money,
currently working on it 😉

Congratulations, you are an inspiration!

This is insane… I’m going to have to learn some tips from you sometime! 🙂

This is incredible. Do you use tips from places like SmartPassiveIncome to increase traffic?

by: The Financial Blogger | April 6th, 2011 (7:07 pm)

I look at different blogs but SPI is part of my daily readings.

I was serious about the first copy… Keep me in mind! It would be a mental inspiration, as well as the obvious knowledge boost.

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Good job, as usual! Very impressive. I’m working my way up with just 1 site and hoping to get more content on the other. I was on the fence with Flex Offers since an account manager sent me an e-mail, but I might take a look at them now. Keep these reports coming!

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Wow! That’s more that most people’s regular paycheck. You guys are doing really great!

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It is amazing post. I am very impressed with the exposure on the development of your sites, especially for the adsense program. It’s really useful report for me to be able to do more advanced in the future. Keep your continued progress.

Congrats on breaking the 10k mark.

Wowza!!!! Congratulations:).

I’d love to hear your story – go ahead and write that eBook My University Money suggested!

What sites/blogs are in your network?

by: The Financial Blogger | April 19th, 2011 (4:07 pm)

Go in my “about TFB” page, you’ll find everything there 😉