April 4, 2012, 5:00 am

March Blog Evolution Report

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Last week, I declared that I will stop my blog income report. But it doesn’t mean that I won’t be disclosing what I do within my online company. This is why I’m modifying my Blog Income Report into a Blog Evolution Report. I think I’ve proven myself by providing my income for the past 14 months, now it’s time for you to show some faith and follow my blog without knowing the real numbers. Don’t worry; you’ll still get a few hints here and there ;-).


In this “revamped” edition of my report, the categories have changed a little bit. I ask you to suggest other categories if there is a specific topic you want me to cover. Instead of talking about my numbers, I’ll be disclosing information regarding my strategies for various topics.


Traffic Improvement


The most important stepping stone of our business is obviously traffic. I recently shared our most recent traffic jump experience through Pinterest.com (click here to see the huge traffic spike). This is always fun to see when looking at your stats and graphics. Unfortunately, such traffic peaks usually don’t generate much income or additional subscribers. It’s exactly what happened again this time; a lot of traffic, a modest Adsense spike and a few new RSS subscribers.


I would rather work on more sustainable and meaningful traffic hikes. For example, we host the Best Stock Pick Contest for 2012 and The Dividend Growth Index on a quarterly basis. These 2 group projects enable us to share readers with other bloggers that are interested in the same topics. I’m currently looking to start another group project with the same idea in mind. When you gather a few great bloggers and share your point of view on the same topic, it automatically drives more traffic to everybody. The best part is that it offers readers the possibility to follow other bloggers in your niche. They’re always fun projects to do… and it’s good for natural link building on top of everything else!


Affiliate Program Strategies


As I recently mentioned in my “how to survive Google” article, my goal is to improve my affiliate program income. I’m currently working on redesigning one of my sites in order to place affiliate programs in more strategic places on this site. How do I know that it will work? It’s simple: I’ve studied other blogs who are making more money than I with the same affiliate programs. I looked at their traffic, design and how they present the products. This is how I know where to make modifications. I hope to recoup my redesign cost within 4 months with this technique.


Newsletter Projects


I’ve taken a great amount of time during my parental leave to create a new newsletter project. I wanted to create a huge newsletter funnel (click here to learn more about how I manage my newsletters) that leads to an “epic series”. The newsletter series is 12 emails of 1,000 words each. It covers 1 specific topic from A to Z. It was a huge project as I wanted to combine the idea of something incredibly useful that will also lead to more income (through affiliate programs).


I invested several hours and had it read by 3 different individuals to make sure that #1 it was useful and #2 it wasn’t too spammy. There is a very thin line between offering a link to a useful affiliate product and plugging a spammy link to make money. Most people are allergic to advertisements so it’s important to only offer useful and coherent products/services. I removed several affiliate links throughout the series as I would rather keep my audience than push products down their throats. I am almost ready now to launch the series; it should start in April. I’m really looking forward to generating some additional income  ;-).


Niche Site Central


My niche site projects are going pretty well. I was even able to make $13.73 from my latest one; EMT Classes. After 1 month in action, I was able to generate $13.73 in Adsense and get roughly 10-15 visitors per day now. About 75% of them are coming from search engines and this is exactly what I was looking for. Now, the next step will be to gradually increase the traffic through several link building strategies. I’ve made $320.24 in Adsense only across my niche sites. I’m still far away from my 2K monthly objective but its increasing continuously.


eBook Development

Writing a book for me is synonymous with having a lot of fun. However, I’m currently in the only period that I truly hate; revising and rewriting! Since I’m doing 2 versions of the same book (Canadian and American versions), I have to revise and rewrite half of it to make sure that each book is genuine content. It’s quite a challenge to stay motivated and can see the slow progression in the past 6 weeks as compared to what I accomplished in the last Quarter. My main objective this quarter will be to finish the book and send it for formatting. I’m also going to have a Kindle version to cover a bigger market.


Current Projects I’m Working On


My 2 main focuses for April will be to launch my big newsletter funnel and to finish writing the second version of my eBook. If I accomplish both this month, it will be a great month ;-).


Do you have any questions about my new format? Do you like it? I know it’s not like providing real figures… but hey! I’m still trying to share as much as I can!


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Bummer! Will miss featuring your monthly income updates at my site!

Just not the same seeing those big bucks highlighted Mike! 🙂 Your post is up live on Yakezie.com about your expenses, and I edited the post for you to jive with your new mantra.

Best, Sam

I’ll have to get on the Pinterest bandwagon. I wonder if it works for finance sites though. I didn’t know you own everyday minimalist & fabulous … I like those sites and they probably work very well with Pinterest.