June 2, 2009, 5:00 am

Living Large on a Small Budget; The Book of the Year Reviewed by The Financial Blogger!

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I remember about 2 years ago when I finally bought The Wealthy Barber to know what it looked like; I thought this was probably one of the best personal finance book ever written. It was simple, gave real and practical advices and the whole book was making a lot of sense. Well this is what I have to say about this new book written by the bloggers behind Wise Bread. Among those bloggers, there are 2 of my favourite read; The Digerati Life and Trent from The Simple Dollar. They sent me their book over about 2 weeks ago and I literally went through it without putting the book on my shelf of more than 2 minutes (a guy has to go pee sometimes 😉 ).

Why do I like it so much?

As you can see on this blog, I hate to be frugal. Only the idea of restricting myself in order to get financial independence make me want to go to bed and never wake up. Life must be lived and money must be spent. The problem is that you need money all your life in order to live it according to your dreams and passion. Well this book is not about cutting your long sleeves shirt in order to make clothe for your children or opening your toothpaste tube with a knife to make sure you have licked the very last drop of toothpaste before buying a new one.

This is what I like about this book: they provide real and practical tricks to get more out of your buck. Forget about privatization and starving; this is now time to learn to live the good life without receiving the Master Card bill of death by mail 30 days after ;-).

Here’s a few article that you will find in this book:

– 6 simple tips for buying great affordable wine (I just LOVE wine!)

– 9 ways to save big on meat (meat and wine… now we are talking!)

– 14 tips to have a frugal vacation and still treat yourself (eating meat and drinking wine while being on vacation… this seems like a dream comes true!)

– 7 beauty secrets that cost almost nothing (they talk about having sex and drinking wine 😉 hehehe).

– 55 ways I saved time and money planning my weeding.

– and the list continues….

But wait! There is more!

Along with a handful tips for being frugal without getting tortured to death, there is also a part about personal finance. This is this part that made me think of the Wealthy Barber as they give great advices that anybody can understand. You will learn how to manage your money, to know when to fire your financial planner (and transfer with me 😉 ), and how to improve your income flow.

Most advices make sense and are easily applicable in anybody’s life. If you are looking for a personal finance book where you can learn stuff that are not shown at school but could make the difference between making your budget every 1st of the month and living a good life without having to worry too much about money, this book is a great starter!

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Awesome! Thanks for this great review Financial Blogger! 😀 I really appreciate it and enjoyed it. I think it’s a fabulous book, thanks to WiseBread!