February 6, 2012, 5:00 am

What Are Your Life Changing Moments?

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I’m writing this post right before the birth of our 3rd child; Caleb. My wife is due in a few days and we just can’t wait until we get the signal that Caleb is ready to see the world for the first time. As we can’t wait any longer until we see his face, I’m thinking about my life changing moments. How many have I had? How did they change my life? When did I realize they really meant something to me?


Here are a few of my most important life changing moments:


Seeing my parents go bankrupt at the age of 14

This was definitely my first experience with money. Since the age of 13, I was working for my parents and making a few bucks. In a single day (right before Xmas), all my dreams, all my money and basically everything we had just disappeared. We lost our house, cars and lifestyle. We ended-up in a crappy rented house where my mom looked between the cracks in the couch to find a few pennies to buy milk. This is when I decided that I will make money and never miss anything in life ever again.


Meeting my wife at the age of 15

Man… she was beautiful. I still remember the sparkle in her eyes when I first met her. She was my girlfriend back then and became my one and only love. Since then, we have become more than boyfriend/girlfriend or husband & wife, we became best friends and soul mates. Life taught me how beautiful it is to love and being loved.


Travelling across Europe for 40 days at the age of 19

This is when I bound my friendship with my partner, Pete. For 40 days, we travelled throughout Europe with our backpacks. At no time were we separated. The guy, who used to be a simple school buddy, became my best friend, the godfather of our child and my partner. This experience not only founded our friendship, it also taught me to adapt to any kind of situation.


Moving into my first apartment at the age of 20

After an argument with my father, I decided to move with in my girlfriend in Montreal. We had no job, no money but a brand new car, a cool apartment and 10K on our credit cards. This was my first experience with balance transfer credit cards when I was trying to simply avoid having a late payment (while piling up ridiculous interest to be paid!). I’ve learned that my independence had no price. Until today, this is still true.


Quit my first job at the age of 21

I just mentioned that my independence has no price, right? This is also why I ended-up quitting my first job after my first evaluation. After only 6 months, I decided that I would not continue working for someone who can’t appreciate me at my fair value. This is when I grew balls, once again, and find a great job.


Getting married at the age of 22

My wedding was not a life changing moment because my wife was the prettiest woman on earth and we threw a hell of a party. It was a life changing moment because we “fired” half of our friends not so long afterwards. It was kind of weird, but we didn’t keep the same relationship with a group of friends. So we just decided to “clean-up” our friend list after our wedding just to keep the “real” friends.


Having William at the age of 23

Being a father at the age of 23 was an awesome experience. I became more responsible; got insured and bought my first house. William is my “little boy”, he is my source of pride as he is a killer soccer player ;-D.


Having Amy at the age of 25

2 years and 7 days after William birthday came my little clown; Amy. She is my clown because she is always ready to follow me in my quest to do stupidity and have fun! Amy is the incarnation of smiling and makes every day my most awesome day!


Completing my MBA at the age of 26

The 2 years when I did my MBA were the toughest in my life in general. It was rough to manage my new career, 2 babies at home (while my wife was working) + my MBA. During this rough time, I developed a true friendship with 2 of my MBA buddies which I continue to see 2 years after completing our classes. I’ve learned a lot from them and had a lot of fun too!


Founding my online company at the age of 26

Oh Boy! Do you I really have to explain this one? If we hadn’t decided to create a corporation at that time and spend money on our company, I doubt we would be here today. I think that investing money in something is highly dependant on your degree of involvement. You can tell me that you are involved and blah blah blah and you didn’t have to spend money to get involved but trust me, there is nothing like borrowing 25K on your house to put it in a company to get you motivated!


Working 4 days a week at the age of 28


The age of 28 was when I first hit the 6 figure mark. I finished my MBA and asked to work 4 days a week. This is when I understood the importance of taking care of myself, my wife and my family. I understood that money and my career were not the most important things. In fact, I realized that it wasn’t important at all. Do what you love and don’t be a slave to your job. This is what I learned by working 4 days a week. Another unexpected result: I’m way more productive by working less!


Having Caleb at the age of 30


When you will read this post, my son will already be here (my wife is due on Feb 2nd) but I wrote this article on Jan 30th (to make sure that I don’t run out of posts while I’m at the hospital!). I don’t know how this new person in my life will change me and my family. I just know that he will. My first 2 kids taught me different things and I expect the same thing from Caleb. There is one thing I can tell you upfront: having kids is the true definition of living your life. They are by far the best things that ever happened to me.


What are yours?

All right! Now I feel completely naked! So tell me, what are your life changing moments? When and how you changed something in your life due to some event? In other words; what have you learned from life?

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In 45 years of life and with 3 kids (one ready to start college) there have been many life defining moments, but I’m not certain that all of them were life changing. Life changing moments would certainly include the births of all 3 of my children, my first trip to SE Asia (I live in Thailand now), both marriages, the discovery that I could make money from home using the internet and two of several job changes.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 6th, 2012 (8:43 am)

@Money Infant,

wow! I’m sure you have a lot to share ;-). I know a lot of people who decided to move to Thailand or live there at least 6 months per year (to avoid the cold winter in Canada). I wonder which kind of lifestyle I could get with my online income there… hum…

I guess it depends on how much online income you have and where in Thailand you want to live. We are in Bangkok which is the most expensive place in the country (Phuket might be close) and our monthly expenses are just shy of $3000. That is for me, my wife and our 20 month old daughter. Planning a move to Chiang Mai this June for cooler weather, smaller town feel and cheaper living. Housing alone will be 1/2 what we pay here in Bangkok. Oh and as for lifestyle, we live ok on $3k, nothing lavish though. Good location, eat out several times a month, pool at the condo, toys for the baby…a middle class existence really. Stop by my blog and drop me a line if you want to know more. Or just subscribe and wait as I am starting a Thailand series tomorrow 🙂

Cool post, I’m definitely going to mark this and consider doing a similar post down the line. Very inspiring 🙂

I’d say that quitting my job at the age of 26 and moving to Turkey at 28 were pretty big things for me. Life is amazing how it keeps you entertained throughout 🙂

Cool moments, Mike! I especially liked the one about meeting your future wife. 🙂

I experienced many of the same life changing moments too. Children more than many other things over time change you more than others.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 6th, 2012 (8:43 pm)

@Money Infant,
I just did! 😉

Probably my biggest life changing experience was having our son a year and a half ago. It really required us to change priorities and re-organize our life in a whole new way. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

Congrats on the new baby!

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I thought it was ridiculous when people said “life changes after kids.” But wow were they right, having my son changed EVERYTHING FOR ME.

It forced me to completely reevaluate what time means.

Congrats on Caleb! I am a huge fan of the name

Great post! I might write something like this one day. Gives a great insight into a blogger behind the website. 🙂

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