July 10, 2009, 5:36 am

Leverage, Leverage, LEVERAGE!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income
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walking-on-wireMy life is a real rollercoaster 😀 The worst past, is that I like it this way! So while people are trying to save as much as they could, while they are trying to find new frugal ways of living and while they are concerned about their retirement plan: I am going in the left field. I really feel like I am driving the opposite side of traffic… I can’t say that I feel bad about that, however, it is always a weird feeling to do the opposite of everybody!

A resume of my last 2 months…

Remember about 2 months ago, I wrote a post about cashing my Smith Manoeuvre investments because my wife quit her job and we are now living on a single income (obviously mine!). A short time after, I failed getting a decent raise that would have helped me maintaining our lifestyle. Oh and I forgot, we just bought a brand new SUV 2 months ago as well! It’s a good thing my life is not included in the VIX index. It would have topped the volatility of fall 2008 on the stock market!

What is happening… again?

I have been wondering if I should invest in the stock market and restart my Smith Manoeuvre strategy as the market is still pretty low. The good thing is that I sold everything mid-May and it appeared to be the sweet spot of the stock market rally. I finally decided that I would not try to play the market over summer time. However, it doesn’t mean that I am not doing anything with my money.

While cash flow is still tight due to the fact that we are living on a single income, I had several thousands lying in my home equity line of credit. Yeah, I know, those are not my thousands of dollar, there are the banks. But at the current interest rate, they are almost paying me to borrow.

So there we go again… withdrawing all my money to invest… in my company!

But not having the raise I wanted, I realized that I am never going to be rich by working for a company. I knew that a while ago but this event pushed the hard cold truth in my face once again: even if you are making a good salary, you are still in a rat race when you are working for someone else! I call it the rat race deluxe!

So my partner and I decided to make a major step in our company and start seriously investing in our future. This is why we need to inject so much money into our company. By the end of July, I should not have any money left in my bank account.

So you are taking all your money to invest in a company in the middle of one of the biggest economic crisis?

Yes my friend. Am I afraid? Well if this part of my brain was working, I would probably freak out. But since I am kind of crazy, I am actually very excited to think about what my company will look like in a few years. This is probably my chance of living my dream: be able to live from my online income and travel around the world. All I would need to make money would be my laptop and an internet connection…

I would still manage money as a financial planner for a few of my friends and connections as I really like my job. However, this would only require 2 days a week of my time and I would be able to work online the rest of the time… this would simply be amazing!

What would be the worst case scenario?

The worst case would be that the money invested in our company doesn’t generate enough cash flow and that we have to keep working at our day job. Therefore, I would have probably waste 5 years of retirement planning and resign myself to play the rat race deluxe and hope that my pension plan will still be there at 65!

I’ll tell you more about our projects later on… once everything is settled ;-D

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I used to like my life being a rollercoaster until it pulled a few too many Gs and crashed off the tracks. Not saying this will happen to you because you’re probably more talented/sensible/hardworking than me!

The online business is a great dream (that I share). The idea of being able to work anywhere in the world is just so great!

Good luck with your ventures.

I’m well aware that I am taking some risk… However, if I have to fail, I have to do it at my age (under 30). I still have the energy and the drive to do something else later one and “repair” my mistakes 😉


You just had to mention the under 30 thing didn’t you 😉

I can scarcely remember being under 30. Although truth be known I can’t remember what I did yesterday!

Wow you’re crazy man I’m in my early 20s and I’m afraid of taking such risks! Best of luck to you.

by: The Financial Blogger | July 11th, 2009 (1:30 pm)

Studenomics, if you don’t take risk today, you won’t take risk ever 😉

you don’t have much to loose when you are young… think about it 😉