October 14, 2013, 6:55 am

Leaving Everything Aside to Focus on ONE Thing

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I’ve always valued multitasking over everything else. In my mind; if you are productive; do as many things as possible. As long as it is still effective; simply go for it! But I noticed that sometimes, focusing on one single thing is the best way to make it happen.


I’ve had this dream of having a membership website as part of my online empire for some time now. A membership site is awesome since it enables our ability to build a “real” company. By “real”, I mean that I have a product, something to sell; something that nobody can take away from me. On top of this, once you have a product, you have clients. And these clients can stick around for a while and there are no Google updates to take them away from you. You can build a relationship and be in direct contact with your customer. This is why I call it a “real” business.




I’m sure I’m not the first one to daydream about the number of potential subscribers multiplied by a monthly fee to see how much I could rack-up in a month. Imagine that you have 1,000 clients paying $15/month for your product. That’s $15,000 each month coming into your pocket. Your cost of goods sold is close to nothing since you have no building and no inventory to maintain. Even if you hire a VA to manage customer service, you will still net $13,000 per month out of the 15K…. wow!


As I just wrote, this is called daydreaming. I might reach that point with my product one day, but it’s not going to happen overnight… especially since I don’t have a product launched yet! Many people come up with an idea, fund thousands of dollars to create their product and keep it wrapped up in their basement on the shelf of the broken dreams.


It’s definitely not easy to offer something original, something that is not being offered a thousand times over already. Finding the right product, the right audience at the right price is an art all by itself. This is why I’ve brought my expectations to a much lower level. My goal is to reach the mark of 100 subscribers within the first three months and adding 200 subscribers each year. With such a plan, I will be making that $13K net in 5-6 years. I guess this is more realistic.




I have spent more than year thinking about my future product. About how I would offer added value to what is being offered on the market right now. Now that I’ve clearly defined my idea, I needed a lot of time to build the structure around it.


I started to work seriously on my special project about 6 months ago but it wasn’t going fast enough. I was working hard, sending tons of emails to my partner, doing research, etc. But, the results weren’t not coming my way.  After 5 months, I had a very good idea of what my product is, but the structure wasn’t anywhere close to being in place in order to offer it.


When I came back from vacation, I decided to put almost all my attention towards this project. This is why I haven’t been writing much over the past week and why I’ve been delaying most other projects in my workflow. I kind of stopped my empire to focus on one thing.


This is how I was able build a structure and determine a deadline: I want to launch my project for December 2013!




By spending numerous hours in a row working on the same project day after day, I was able to think about all the “little things” that would make my product successful. I was also able to drive my partner crazy because I was sending 5 emails a day about this project, hahahaha! I was working on it mostly by night so he wakes up with a bunch of emails to answer. This caused a bit of confusion since I had the bad habit of sending more info each time without waiting for him to answer the first email… but this is the hype of brainstorming!


The fact that I was 100% focused on 1 project helped me to brainstorm to another level. Each day, I had a better idea than the previous day. The focus mode built a bubble around my mind where the only thing I thought of was this project. I have gotten more done over the past three weeks that I’ve done over the last 5 months! This is why sometimes focusing is better than multitasking!




Are you getting curious? Hehehe! You can register here if you want to be the first to know about it!





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This is the one area that most serial entrepreneurs struggle with, focus. We are naturally idea orientated individuals and it is hard for us to stick to one thing without moving or to something else. This is the difference between being success and failure.

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I totally agree with this concept. Its good to have an overall plan, but when you really focus on one specific thing, you can achieve great results. People think setting limitations are bad, but its all about freedom amongst barriers.