October 6, 2010, 6:52 am

Launching DoNotWait.com

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Monday was the official launch of our new retirement blog: DoNotWait.com. During the whole month of October, we will be running a huge contest (wait, don’t click on the link yet!). There will be an iPad, Amazon gift card, cash prizes, books and dvds (ok, right click and open in a new tab or window 😉 ). There are several ways to enter the contest and there will be many winners so I encourage you to participate.

Why Do Not Wait! ?

Back in 2008, we bought this domain name thinking it would be a great idea to develop a retirement blog. Why Do Not Wait? Because we think that one should start planning their retirement as soon as possible (as young as a teen years). Government and employer’s pension plans won’t be generous enough to cover your retirement needs. This is why you need to learn how to manage your pay check in order to pay off your debts, protect your assets and invest money for your retirement.

Being a financial planner, I feel that there are a lot of unanswered questions floating in the minds of many people about financial and, more specifically, retirement planning. This is why I thought of putting all the questions together and help shed some light on them.

What is Do Not Wait! ?

This will be a place to ask all your questions, both for American and Canadian residents. While we will talk separately about Roth IRA and RRSPs, most debt management and insurance concepts are the same regardless on which side of the border you are sitting in.

We are also currently working on calculators, excel spreadsheets and other resources (so if you have anything you would like to find on Do Not Wait!, make sure to enter your comment in the contest post). We want people to be able to rearrange their debts, save money and invest it. Once this is started, it will also be important to know how much you can withdraw per month from your nest egg at the age of 65, right?

We will also create a series of small ebooks about retirement planning. Each of them will touch on a specific topic that we will explain in a practical way (we will skip the theory and get to what you need to do tomorrow morning instead).

Our goal with Do Not Wait!

Slowly but surely, we are working on a financial network of our own. We want to offer personal finance advice, retirement planning information, discuss investment topics and eventually credit management discussions as well. Do Not Wait! has been part of our master plan for a long time but we wanted to make sure it flies. This is why we have 2 financial planners working on it, providing quality content about retirement planning.

Those who are on my mailing list will also have an extra chance of participating in the contest, stay tuned!

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Great name for the site! I will check it out.

So I have heard this a lot: do not wait. I’m turning 20 on Monday and have a full time job. I won’t get to access to a 401k until next year. Should I start saving in an IRA?

New blog looks cool TFB. Any idea when the contest starts though? Would love a shot at iPad =)