October 15, 2012, 5:00 am

Why Everybody Gets In Line To Kick Me In The Nuts???

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Warning: rant avalanche coming!

kick me

I rarely rant and complain because I think that whining is for losers. But sometimes, you just feel like saying “Go [answer all the bad words you know here], You [repeat all the bad words] and you can also [hum… you know how to do this, right?]…” to the world. Today is one of those days. When I look back at 2012 (and it’s not over yet), I truly have the feeling that everybody gets in line to kick me in the nuts; over and over again!


I’m Not Only Getting Kicked, I’m Taking The Beating of My Life!


The most frustrating part while I’m quite upset right now; is that I can’t really blame anyone directly for what an optimist would call “misadventures”. If I had to blame someone it would have to be either ME or the thing we can call “LIFE”. ‘Cause I feel that “LIFE” doesn’t want me to have it easy these days. It all started back in January…


1st in Line to Give a Kick: Mr. RX-8!


Mr. RX-8 is my nice-sporty-costly-car. During the Holidays, Mr. RX-8 decided to stop starting… right in front of my son’s elementary school! Wires, coil and other mechanical stuff broke. This was only the beginning as MR. RX-8 got a few tickets to rub it in and kick me several times. Overall this year, I’ve been to the garage 4 times for 4 different problems and that had cost me around $5,000 in car repairs.

The positive side of these kicks: I paid this car cash so I don’t have any cars payment on top of the car repairs. Plus, since my last repair (which was this summer), the car is driving like a charm (KNOCK MY HEAD ON WOOD!).


2nd in Line to Give a Kick: Mr. Google!


Mr. Google seems to have enjoyed his first kick in my face back in 2011 with the First Panda Update as it came back TWICE this year to kick me. The first time was by crashing down the private advertising business while it had penalized several sites for this practice. I was spared (my bet is that I had ton of quality content and this is why I’ve got spared) but after this “PR Slap”, that part of my business dried up significantly. It’s now less than 30% of my overall income while it used to be 55-60% of it.


The positive side of this kick: It forced us to diversify our sources of income through affiliate programs, creating our own products and creating newsletter monetization. As of October 1st, we were still ahead in our gross revenues as compared to last year (month over month). The big difference is that we are now making money from several different sources and our business model is definitely more sustainable.


But Mr. Google wasn’t done kicking us. When it saw Mr. RX-8 getting more than one ticket for the year, it quickly got back in line to give another shot. This kick definitely hurt us big time. I’m not quite sure exactly why, but our best adsense income earner was hit by the 1242th Panda Update. My gut feeling tells me that it’s because we had optimized that site so well with Adsense that Googlebots didn’t like the fact that there were more Adsense code than content above the fold. It has been known around the web that the more ads you put above the fold, the more Googlebots hate your site. Here’s how hard Google struck this time:

kick in the nuts


This doesn’t only lead to less traffic, but it also leads to major Adsense income changes:

Adsense drop

Just to make matters worse, I just got my biggest Adsense month ever… then I got hit right after!


The positive side of this kick: It may be too early for me to see the positive side of getting hit so badly. Since I can’t see how making less money can make me happier than I was back in September, I’m not quite sure how to take this. This is clearly another lesson telling us that you can’t rely on anything to make money as the world is evolving every single minute you breathe.


3rd in Line To Give a Kick: Myself!!!


Wow… that’s not very impressive. I’ve kicked myself in the nuts! It’s like driving a $12 golf ball into the lake… that is BEHIND you (don’t laugh; this also happened to me once!). At the beginning of the year, I was all excited to buy an above ground pool. I had planned everything: roughly 5K for the pool and about another 1,5K for the deck. I was going to receive a 5K tax return this year so I should be able to find 1,5K to clear everything by the end of summer. That sounded like a wise plan back then. Well I didn’t get the 5K in tax return since I withdrew too much money from my company without calculating taxes at that time (so it was added to my tax report and had to pay taxes at the end of the year) and the pool + deck + all the other stupid expenses I didn’t expect (electrician, pool installer, building a higher fence according to municipal rules, etc) totalled almost $10K. So this is how the pool and my car conspired together to killed my emergency fund and forced me to become even more indebted instead of paying them off as stated as my 2012 personal finance goal.


The positive side of this kick: After all, I recently decided to quit on paying off my debts and concentrate on generating more income. This funny strategy seems to be working so far as I am generating more income overall right now than I was a few months ago. My expenses are also under strict control right now and I feel that I will take a positive turn upon my next net worth statement early in 2013.


4th in Line to Give a Kick: Mr. Job!


You would think that 3 people getting in line to kick me in the nuts would be enough, especially since 2 of them took additional turns. Well guess what: it’s not over yet! Mr. Job was particularly rough with me this year. I’ve already mentioned on this blog, my life has been quite chaotic this year. Changing jobs is one thing but changing jobs to start a whole new book from scratch is a lot of work. I’ve went through a lot of small successes but I’ve also hit several walls during the past 7 months. I just got kicked another time last week as something unexpected happened. My boss is pretty happy with my work and we can both see the progress made since I started. But I’m not the kind of guy that is easily satisfied with okay work. I want to be part of the winners, not playing in the middle of the pack! Not performing as I expect I would right now is probably the kick that hurts the most.


The positive side of this series of kicks: Only two words that come to mind: NEVER QUIT. It’s hard, it’s tough, but you just can’t quit. In two years, I’ll be looking back, laughing at what is going on right now. I just have to work hard, be patient and continue hustling.


The Year is Almost Done and I’m Done With The Year Already!


I’ve realized two things as I write this post:


#1 Writing is an incredible way to get my frustration out!


#2 I’m better off looking towards 2013 already!


There is not much I can do for the next three month besides work very hard towards a better 2013. The only solution I’ve found when I get kicked like this is to get back on my feet and ask for more! Working harder is probably the only way I’m going to get out of this situation anyways is to:

–          Grow my online business revenues

–          Pay down my debts

–          Make more money at work

The hardest part is getting the wheel rolling again. The problem when you hit a speed bump is that you slowdown instantly. If you hit several speed bumps in a row, you may almost stop. Then, you are tired and don’t really see why you should keep going and re-start pushing on the wheel. It’s tough because your motivation is at a very low level and you don’t really feel like working harder. Right now, I would much rather be eating chocolate cookies in front of the TV until my stomach hurts. But that won’t get me anywhere and I will grow fat pretty fast too!


This morning, in order to burn of a few of my frustrations, I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 4.5 miles in 45 minutes. I felt a lot better after that. You can bet that I’ll be jumping on my treadmill tomorrow morning too! It’s the only way I’ve found to get out of my rut and get something positive out of this situation.


Have you ever felt like the world is only waiting to kick you around the block? How do you get out of this? What’s your trick?



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Hey look at it this way, for everything you mentioned you looked at the postives that could or did come out of it. I think Google kicked everyone in the nuts in some way shape of form. Many people have car payments and have to fix it at least the car is paid for.

I agree seems to best at looking forward to 2013 and getting the ball rolling. When I feel like things are getting me down I look at the positives and lessons learned. I used to go ride my motorcycle when I needed to cool down.

Sorry you have been having a rough year but 2013 is right around the corner. Keep a positive attitude, especially toward next year and kick it off with a bang.

I’ve been getting kicked alot lately as well. I started my site this year and enjoy writing about dividend investing because it is one of my main interests. I was just starting to get some visitors and then google knocked me down with thier most recent change. Now I’m back to the start but like you I am going to focus on moving forward. Seems like bad luck is running wild lately as my wife was recently hospitalized and had to have her gall bladder removed. We had a vacation planned to Europe but that had to be canceled.

I find for me that exercise helps a great amount. I also try to stay positive and look towards the future. Making a plan for getting back on track also helps put me to ease.

Keep your head up and keep moving forward! Good Luck.

by: The Financial Blogger | October 15th, 2012 (10:22 am)


When I started writing this post, I didn’t intend to find a positive twist. I guess it’s my nature and it overides my anger!


I’m sorry to hear that you were hit with your site. It’s quite a bummer when you just start. I hope your wife is recovering well. I have to feel blessed since everybody home is safe and healthy.

Exercise is definitely the best way to change your mood!

Good luck to you to!

Mike, but you’re making more than ever and don’t have to rely on the TLA anymore! Imagine if that was your primary source of income and you quit your job because of that.

I say you have a huge win from an online perspective.

The offline perspective is your just suffering from materialism, which can be easily cured with less.

by: The Financial Blogger | October 15th, 2012 (11:01 am)

Hey Sam,

What frustrates me about my company is where I could have been without those kicks by Google. I would probably be making twice of what I’m currently making and this is what is driving me nuts :-).

I’m working on my materalism habbit, but it’s not an easy process. I don’t think I’ll become a minimalist tomorrow morning.

I hear ya on Google. But without Google, we’d have much less traffic and revenue anyway.

Hence, better to be kicked by Google than not have Google!

I remember 3-4 years ago when I first began reading your site, I was like WOW.. $1,000+/month in online income is sweet! We’ve got to remember where we came from and just be so thankful of what we have. Now you make way more!

I am so sorry to laugh any of your misfortune, but this post has such a silly twist, it made me chuckle over my coffee. However, I totally feel your frustration.

Now that you’ve actively written down all of your hurdles, perhaps it will help you clarify a resolution to catapult straight over some of these nasties.

I am so angry at the big G because many small-time sites got kicked in the nuts from those updates, choking out their income streams.

Here is hoping the end of 2012 / 2013 will be full of positive transformations for you!

Mike, fyi, don’t think your Tweet button or share buttons are showing up. I want to tweet this post out. thx

by: The Financial Blogger | October 15th, 2012 (1:49 pm)


you are right, life is much better today than it was 3-4 years ago. And life is better with Google than without 😉 hahaha!

I know, we have a problem with the twitter button… again! doh!


laugh all you want, I laughed this morning and I read back my article 😀

Sorry to hear about the job. Yes, this year has been a year of disappointment in many ways for me too, but many positives as well. I wish i could offer some simplistic explanation for it all, but there’s nothing to say other than, more work to be done. 😉

Love the style of this article. Very refreshing.

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