July 12, 2011, 5:00 am

June Monthly Blog Income Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report
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For the past 3 weeks, we have been running without our main VA as she was at the hospital. Thankfully, she and her baby are not in danger. It was ‘just’ a kidney stone. I was glad to find out that she was able to return home and get some rest. In the meantime, it is crazy how much it had impacted our business! Yup, you guessed it, this monthly blog income report is not as spectacular as the previous one. It’s not all due to the fact that we didn’t have our main VA going after advertisers but it is a piece of the answer. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Network Monthly Traffic: 205,610 (+19%) visitors and 272,183 (+15%) pages viewed


This is great news since we are entering the worst part of the year in terms of traffic. Usually, people go on vacation or are outside during the summer and we always see a drop in traffic. It seems that a few (not all of them!) of our sites recovered from The Panda Update. Also, the launch of Dividend Investing, our first free eBook helped drive significant traffic towards The Dividend Guy Blog. We got some social media buzz (Stumble Upon and Tip’d), which explains the lower growth in pages viewed when compared to visitors.


To be honest, I don’t believe in social media promotion. They are good for increasing the number of backlinks but people coming from social media rarely stick around. Most of them jump from one site to another without reading much. Their goal being to Stumble sites in order to improve the importance of their user account so they get more traffic when they submit one of their sites. Since most people on those bookmarking sites are using a similar method, nobody gets high quality visitors like YOU, my loyal readers ;-).


Adsense Income: $1973.75 (-20%)

This is probably the last drop due to the Panda update. Since most of my traffic jump was caused by the buzz generated around my eBook and a bit of Social media promotion, people didn’t click on Adsense; they downloaded the book! Which is pretty great overall since I have now over 7,300 downloads since June 1st.


On the other hand, I have also noticed that I suffered a drop in my click through rate (CTR). While I can’t discuss my numbers, let’s just say that my CTR for the past 2 months are way below my 12 month average. This could be explained by 2 things:

–          My high CTR pages were deranked by Google in the Panda update

–          The advertising package during summer time is less attractive to readers

–          People got used to the ads displayed and they now tend to ignore

During the summer, I’ll work on a few things to get back to the $100/day mark. In order to achieve it, I’ll work on the following points:

–          Working on SEO on high adsense potential articles (I’ll write more about this later on)

–          Changing my ad displays and colors (maybe try images as well…)

–          Adding work on SEO for my niche websites (which should become my best Adsense income earners 12 months from now)

Affiliate Programs and Brokerage deals: $1137.05 (-50%)

I told you that summer was bad for our business, right? Well affiliates are pretty bad too! I didn’t receive many cheques this month. Was it due to the 2 week Canada Post Lock-out? It could be a possibility. However, I noticed that most of my big income generators slowed down this month.


Sad enough, I don’t have much time to take care of my affiliate programs right now. I would rather concentrate on content creation and the writing of my second eBook (I’m about half way done now!). Affiliate marketing is great, but selling your own product is much better! This is why I’ll concentrate on creating my own products for the next 6 months. My agenda is pretty full as I plan to write 5 eBooks (a series of 4 eBooks on financial independence + the “sequel” to Dividend Investing, a more advanced investing book).

Private Advertising: $3683.56 (-36%)

This is where we missed our Virtual Assistant the most. We weren’t as fast at closing new advertising deals and also couldn’t renew 2 good contracts. Losing private advertising space happens almost every month. Bad economy, cuts in marketing budgets or simply the end of the advertising campaigns are part of our day-to-day business. However, we are usually able to add more contracts than we lose on a monthly basis. June slipped though and we are down to 3.6K from a high time record of 5,7K. Still averaging between 3K and 5K per month in private advertising, pretty good!

Niche website revenues: $212.03 (+250%)

This is probably the most positive thing happening in our business right now: diversification continues to prove itself right! While some of our bigger websites are slowing down, the smaller ones are picking up. I didn’t work on any new niche websites projects nor any promotions in June and still, the income generated from these sites jumped over the $200 bar for the first time. Traffic is slowly growing, especially for What is a Dividend, which is showing a few high number of pages viewed and time on site (about 3 to 4 pages viewed and 3 to 5 minutes per visitors). I think that what we have learned from our other niche websites was correctly applied to this one. I just can’t wait to see how this site will perform once we start aggressive promotions and backlinking strategies for it!


Total monthly income for June: $6,794.36 (-35%) $10,514.33


It’s crazy how we become greedy over time! Not so long ago, a near 7K monthly income would have made me jump for joy! In 2010, our average monthly income was between 5,5K and 6K per month and now complain with a ‘slow’ month of 6,8K ;-).


I am definitely disappointed but was nonetheless expecting a drop in my income since the Panda update. It just didn’t happen as fast as I expected! The Global economy is also slowing down and one of the first things that is being cut is marketing budgets! This is why I need to move forward and leave the private advertising model. Unfortunately, I feel that this will take me a good 12 to 18 months to do. In the internet world, this feels like a decade!

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Thanks for sharing the inside scoop on your website’s earnings! My earnings are nowhere near yours but they grow more and more each month ( recently broken into the $1000 per month club which is pretty exciting for me).

Anyway, good luck and I hope everyone gets healthy for next month!

amazing results imo!

Back when you first started, did you decide to monetize your website right away by adding ads, or did you wait until you had a following of readers?

Thanks for the results. Despite having a down month you really provide great motivation for those just starting out.

I was wondering why you posted your ebook for free download. Did you consider setting it up as a free gift for a subscription to your newsletter. If could have been a great chance to build your mailing list.

By the way I loved your book. Keep up the good work.

Amazing numbers for a slow month! Hopefully when the traffic returns the jump in income will compensate for your “lower” income.

by: The Financial Blogger | July 12th, 2011 (5:13 pm)

$1,000 is a great milestone! are doing a lot of private advertisers? who’s your best money earner?

I actually wrote for about 6 months before I made my first buck! things are going a lot faster with new blogs now. However, I would not started to monetize faster if I had to do it again!

I actually wanted to have as many download as possible so people can see what I can do. Next time, I guess it will be easier to sell my next book if readers liked the first one.

I did the other way around: give my book and ask my readers to subscribe to my newsletter AFTER. They usually respond pretty well ;-D.

I’m concentrating on writing my second book at the moment, I guess it will help creating a new source of income!

6.5k of revenue still ain’t bad!

Can you tell us about the net profit though, as I would think that isthe more important end goal no?



What do you recommend I use to track ebook downloads?

This would be great to have.

I know you’re disappointed in the drop, but to a dude like me who’s not really making anything on his blog, you’re inspiring me to make some major changes in how I structure the blog. Thanks for sharing the numbers!

Nice numbers for a slow month. Releasing a product to sell is always a good income earner. I am working on some products myself. I can’t wait until its launched. 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | July 13th, 2011 (6:29 am)

To be honest, I don’t calculate my expenses on a monthly basis. I know that it cost me roughly 6K per month right now since I’m spending a lot of money on several side project. Net profit doesn’t drive me this year as it is not my goal to withdraw money in my pocket. I’m reinvesting everything I make (and more!). But I’ll definitely do a post once my financial year statements are ready (probably around September-October).

here’s the plugin:
it gives you daily and total download stats. it’s an amazing tool!

I’m glad you are inspired! I think that you all can do it and make a thousands dollar per month. It is just a matter of staying focused!

let me know when your product is launched, we could do cross references 🙂

Sure no problem. You will be among the first to know. 🙂

Almost all of my revenue is from ad sense the remaining 10% or so is from amazon associate links.

congrats on a good month. many could only dream of that income. having your VA gone i am sure your operating expenses went down as well. how does your profit compare relative to previous months? (same percentage wise, increase or decrease)?

A full year profit after tax and expenses would be great.

I guess call me old fashion, but at the end of the day, I love profits!

I don’t look at my profit on a monthly basis. Since we are in growth mode, there are months we are probably negative at the moment!

@Financial Samurai,
I did one last year and I’ll do another one this year once I receive my financial statement from my accountant. However, “real profit” is hard to determine with small companies. For example, my online company pays for my internet bill. In theory, this is an expense and it’s taking away profits on my financial statement. On the other side, I personally benefit from my company being so “generous” with me. So even my net profit will be smaller than the “real” profit ;-).

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Nice report!

A drop in revenue can definitely be disappointing. My guess is this is your “low” month…I’d put my money on you bouncing back in August. We’ve haven’t had our dip yet, but I’m sure it’s coming…hopefully it’s not too painful!

by: The Financial Blogger | August 6th, 2011 (11:08 am)


it is my lowest month and it was the same thing last year. In comparison from last year I went from 3,8K to 5,7K.. not bad 😉

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Thanks for everything!