July 4, 2012, 5:00 am

June Blog Evolution Report

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This month was somewhat special for me as it has started with our annual meeting. This encouraged me to focus on our new projects and keep moving forward after the obstacles that we faced at the beginning of this year.


We put in place an aggressive debt repayment plan in our company (our company philosophy is definitely following my own train of thoughts!) and we want to make sure to keep it despite a reduced income. Since February, we have successfully paid off $15,000 in debt! Here’s what has been done in June for our online company.


Traffic Improvement


There wasn’t much done this month in terms of traffic improvement. Since it is summer time, we always see a small drop in traffic. This was compensated by a few traffic spikes due to some referrals and Google Panda tweaking. However, we don’t have anything to do with that ;-).


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


We have finalized our newsletter campaign with a big boom! We generated a big total of $2,788.50 from a single affiliate program! I’ll cover this strategy in another article because there is a lot to say about the technique used and the results achieved. But for now, I just have to tell you that when you have a great product, with a great rebate and the niche readership to offer it to, you’ll get a big bang out of it. Unfortunately, this was a one shot deal only good for a month since it was linked to a promotion. But then again, I wrote about my $463 email a few months ago and now, I’ll be writing about my $2,788.50 email! This money would have not been generated through my blogs. I absolutely needed my newsletters to work out for us.


We also setup 2 email funnels (you have to register to the TFB newsletter to understand this strategy!) generating between $100 and $200 per month each so far. Therefore, our newsletters are now generating passively almost $400/month! We expect both funnels to become more productive as we increase our number of subscribers and eventually add more affiliate programs to each funnel!


Niche Site Central


Now that our next investing eBook has being outsourced, it gives me more time to work on my niche sites. While the portfolio I have is generating a good $300-$400 every month without working on it, I’m now creating a few more sites. In June, I was able to finish one of them and have since started the outline for the next one. I’m authoring these sites 100% as I have specific targets in mind. It seems that I’m able to create a decent niche site per month with over 50 pages of content. I hope to create a portfolio of niche sites in the same niche. By creating several derivatives of a similar topic, my goal is to dominate small niches.


Here’s my theory: if you can create (not copy/spin/paste) a network of related sites about similar topics and all of them are linked to your “main” niche sites, you should be able to generate a lot of high quality link juice. Therefore, if your network of sites is highly useful, you should rank well for all your niche sites and generate more traffic. Let’s say you want to start a “raising kids” site. Here’s what your network should look like:


This is still at a theoretical stage as I haven’t applied it to any of my networks yet. This is obviously not a link farm since each site does not talk directly about the exact same topic and none of these sites are meant to be “spun” by using existing articles nor by playing with keywords. I’ll write more about this once I’ve tested my theory 😀


eBook Development


I went back to old archives here and there from all the sites that we own and successfully put together two new eBooks! The great part is that it only takes a few hours to put together and format your old archives into a book. I created a 140 page eBook like this J. We only paid for the cover and are now ready to put them up for sale. I hope they will generate a few sales each month but don’t expect to become big bangs! None of them are for TFB but I’m working on one for TFB as well J.


The point is to gather all your old stuff that nobody reads anyways, package it with enhanced information and format it into a nice book. I won’t be charging much for them as I really see them as emotional purchases (similar to a chocolate bar when you are waiting in the checkout aisle).


Current Projects I’m Working On


As you can see, I’m pretty busy now working on several products (eBooks) along with niche site creation. I’ll dedicate the rest of my summer to these projects as I truly believe they will be an awesome source of passive income. I will definitely send a few emails to look for another private affiliate program similar to the one I’ve just used. I just need to find another product in another niche that I’m covering. It’s a good thing to make money with your readers but you can’t send them promotional emails all the time. You will definitely lose a lot of readers if you go that route!

Adsense Income $3,256.66 (+20%)


This number is an approximation as of June 27th of what my month will be since I’m going on vacation the first week of July. There was an amazing increase as compared to what we had in May. I can’t really explain why as it seems that people just clicked more on the ads. I also had a traffic jump on some of my sites which lead to more Adsense income. I know there were more Panda tweaking recently and my sites have benefited positively from these modifications. At least, sometimes, Google helps us J. It’s important to understand that Adsense is simply a math game where the more visibilty you get, the more money you earn. There are no secrets or magical tricks. But the advice I can give you regarding Adsense is to diversify as much as possible. This month, I had ten sites making over $50 each and seven receiving the $100 payment threshold. This tells you a lot about my diversification and sustainability of this source of income. Adsense is now my biggest money earner but this single source is being split into 10 different sites. As long as Adsense keeps paying, this source will be quite diversified.


The Future Looks Brighter


At the beginning of the year, I was a bit disappointed about how things were going. I had to drop my goal of averaging $15K/month and this was bad news for me.  Now, I can see that we have reinforced our business with more passive income, more sources of income and a much stronger experience. The next six months will be very exciting!

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Congrats on the progress and increased adsense earnings. Keep up the good work!

I enjoy reading income reports from other bloggers because their amounts normall blow mine clear out of the water and it never fails to inspire me to try and do better with my own income. 🙂

$15k might have been a bit too ambitous on your part, I always aim for amounts of $500s, for example I aimed to hit $500 a month and now I’m aiming for $1000 a month. Obviously you could aim for a much higher amount than that. 🙂

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I am new on your site and do not know much info. How many sites do you run as of now? Also who do you use for adsense,- google or somebody else? I noticed 17 sites making various amounts is this accurate? Also I do not notice any adds on your site, just a few banners.

by: The Financial Blogger | July 14th, 2012 (6:36 am)

Hey Rich Uncle El,

We run several sites, over 17 😉

We do use Google. There are no Adsense on TFB, only some code for backfill.

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