June 10, 2013, 8:27 am

June Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report
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Hows the Penguin treating you?


Traffic Improvement – 335,613 (-8%)


Our traffic is slowing down compared to the beginning of the year mainly because a good part of it is seasonal. My investing website traffic (which is a big part of my network) always slows down until September as people use the “Sell in May and Go Away” methodology. They lose interest in the market for some reason.


The other point is that I didn’t focus on improving traffic with my newsletter at all during the past month. I have been working on several other projects but they are not all related to traffic, lol!


I’ve studied my rankings and made sure the last Penguin update didn’t hurt our sites. The good news is that we didn’t get hit by anything; the bad news is that we didn’t recover from the previous hit back in October either. Therefore, traffic and rankings are relatively stable.


I’ve been studying a lot different link building strategies as well as keyword research methods in May. The point was to improve my rankings as other type of traffic (reference and direct traffic) is currently doing well. I recently discovered Longtail Pro for my keyword research and noticed how strong this software is compared to Market Samurai. I’ll detail my usage with some real examples shortly once I get some interesting results. In the meantime, my friend Matt from Dumb Passive Income does a great job explaining how he uses this software to boost his ranking.


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I’m done with my 10 days investing series that I discussed in my April Evo Report. I sent the first email of this autoresponder series last week and got several positive comments. The key with this series is to send short and concise emails to educate people on investing. If you wish to learn how to invest and build a strong dividend portfolio, you can register to this newsletter here:



This series will help me on several fronts:

–          Increase my credibility

–          Improve the chances of selling my Dividend Growth Book

–          Improve my affiliate conversion

–          Increase the conversion rate for my membership website in the different future

Throughout this series, I’m also asking my readers how it is going with their investments and if they struggle while building their portfolio. Their comments will give me more hints about how to improve my membership website and provide them with unique value. As you can see, this email series is part of a much bigger plan…mwhahahaha!


In May, I converted several affiliate offers for brokerage accounts and investing services. What is interesting about these conversions is that I didn’t run any promotions or write any reviews on my blogs to push my sales. Therefore, it’s a great sign that my autoresponder newsletter strategy is working. It’s good to make money passively! Hehehe!


Niche Site Central $458.53 (-39%)


I decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me know how much these sites are generating in my company. The $458.53 is broken down in 3 sources of revenues:


$260.34 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$198.19 from Adsense (included in my total Adsense earnings)

$0 from affiliate sales


Niche sites went up and down with my Adsense revenues for several months while my small eBook sales are stable and even increasing slowly. Since I didn’t push any of my niche sites using my newsletter (I usually send 1 to 2 emails promoting one of my niche sites and this generates between $100 to $150 in Adsense revenue). I definitely need stability in my newsletter mailing and content creation on these sites.


I started the Niche Site Duel 2.0 a week ago and I’m confident that my niche site earnings will jump after the end of summer. This is the time I need to create my content for this new niche site and then start the promotion. Instead of building several sites at the same time, I’ve decided to concentrate on one niche only and make the best resources on the internet ever for this topic. I’ve also designed an aggressive promotional plan in order to push my rankings quite fast.


I was quite aggressive with my keyword selection and I picked a relatively highly competitive niche. The reason why I decided to take this route was because of the topic itself. Since it’s quite sophisticated, most internet moguls won’t be able to write about it. Therefore, it leaves more place for my site to rank as I will compete with established companies with no real writers ;-). I will definitely provide you with more info on this site in a few weeks, once it is live and it looks like a real site! Hahaha!


eBook Development


I’ve done a lot of work on eBooks since my last update. My Aweber book is finished, but not yet launched. The reason why I’ve haven’t publish the book is because I want to add more features (more on that in my current projects).


I’ve also reviewed most of my eBook linked to my membership website. I will be able to finish it in June and send it for editing and formatting for July. I want to use the Amazon platform to launch this eBook as well. The book itself explains an investing strategy and how to build your own portfolio from A to Z. We start from your risk tolerance and teach you how to build a “couch potato” style portfolio. It is designed so that anybody could manage his own money without having to pay high fees.


By launching the book through Amazon and using a free download for a few days through Kindle, I show increase the number of readers and, hopefully, more members for my memberships! This launch will also boost my authorship profile with Amazon as it will be my second book. Since Amazon works as a search engine by itself, boosting your authorship profile is crucial. I’ve highlighted some techniques on how to use Amazon and make money here.


Current Project I’m Working On


I have two projects capturing my attention right now:


#1 Back to my membership site

The development is going well as the site is fully designed on paper. The crucial step is now to A) find the online resource to generate the content we want, B) hire a programmer to make it happen and C) hire a designer to make it look awesome. This will be quite a ride for the next two months but this is definitely the future of my company!


#2 Niche Site

It’s the first time I have committed to build a niche site like this. I’ve been very good over the past 5 years to buy existing websites and make more money from your them. However, I’ve started several projects that I’ve left trailing behind with a few hundred per month of income while I thought they would all generate thousands of dollars.  I have found a competitive niche where I have a unique selling proposition better than most sites currently ranking for this topic. The best part of all is that I don’t need much traffic to generate income. It’s all about the right topic and the right amount of commission paid by affiliates ;-).


Do you know that one of my friend just hit over $2,000 last month with only 14,000 visitors? Check out his site here.


Now its your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?


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I like the niche sites where you have a laser focus. You dont need a lot of traffic just need to target the right people. That will help with better conversions. Heading over to check out your friends site.

by: The Financial Blogger | June 10th, 2013 (9:08 am)

Hey Thomas,

Jon’s site is the perfect example: with “only” 12,000 unique visitors, he makes over $2,000 per month. That’s $0.50/visitors. if I could do this with my network (over 300,000 unique per month), I would be millionaire by the end of the year! hahaha!

It’s sad folks sell in May for blog income. Come back everybody and help make it rain!

Thanks for the link and the recommendation that people check out my Long Tail Pro posts. I’m really looking forward to seeing how your new niche site progresses.