August 1, 2007, 6:00 am

July Top Ten Posts

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten
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I do not know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time following everything that is being written in the blogosphere of personal finance. I decided I would create my Monthly Top Ten Posts. Then, I can share with you my favorite articles across the web! So here is my first edition for July:

#1: How Money Can Change A Life by Money Smart Life: This was definitely my favorite post this month. It makes you think about how money can change your entire life. This is a great lesson to learn for us all.

#2: Criteria for Purchasing Rental Property by Million Dollar Journey: As I am looking into buying a rental property in the future (2 years maybe), I was glad to see what other landlords as to say about picking the right property. Comments on this post are very interesting as well.

#3: Why You Spend and Save The Way You Do: The Science Behind Money Behaviors by The Digerati Life: I am always fascinated to learn how my brain thinks and how I think I made the decision. The way you spend money can be analyzed and therefore, you should be in a better position to correct your spending habits.

#4: 50 Tips for New Personal Finance Bloggers by Clever Dude: As I am still new to this world, advises such as them are priceless for me. I think it is a good summary and definitely a good start for any bloggers!

#5: Think About Your Finances Before Having (More) Children by Money, Matter and more Musing: Too many people have kids without thinking about their finance first. I agree, the decision should come from your feelings. However, your feelings are not paying for the food you will give to you little angel.

#6: Start a Company When you are Young from Go Big Network: Do I have to say more? The title says it all!

#7: Campaign Against Financial Myths: Part 4 – Mortgage & Home Ownership by Grad Money Matters: A definite must for anyone who is thinking of buying a house. Ownership is not as simple as turning the key and opening the door.


#8: The Magic of Positive Thinking by Financial Security Quest: An interesting post about how your way of thinking my influence your life. I think that what you think about will define you as a human being.


#9: Three Ways to Be Sure You’re Paid What You’re Worth by Get Rich Slowly: This is an eternal question: Am I paid what I am worth? Find out some tips to know if you should ask for a raise or if you should consider yourself lucky!


#10: How Do You Start an Investment Club? by Thicken My Wallet: hum.. an investment club. While it sounds like a good idea, starting one and keeping it active seems a lot more complicated than it seems.

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles as I did! There are several many others but I did not want to make a Top 50!

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Thanks for the mention. 🙂

by: The Financial Blogger | August 2nd, 2007 (4:46 pm)

That was because you deserved it 😉

I was just browsing through your archive and realized I never thanks you for the link. Thanks! 🙂