February 4, 2013, 5:00 am

January Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report
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Its rare, but sometimes Im not proud of myself


When you see January’s results, you will probably see that I have done quite well. In fact, I killed my previous Adsense earnings record ;-). But I’m not super proud of myself. I feel like I didn’t accomplish much during this month. Could it be because I took 2 weeks off and only had 2 days to work on my business? That has definitely something to do with it. Still, I really feel like I didn’t do enough this month. I will have to work harder in February to reach my objectives!


Traffic Improvement – 407,510 visitors


My traffic shows a great improvement in January with 407,510 visits, not unique visitors. I’m tracking the number of visits instead of unique visitors since I think it’s important to look at the global number of individual coming to our sites and not only ones that come once and leave. People who come back are my most important visitors after all!


My 2013 goal is to reach 491,000 visitors per month. I started the year with a big boom since December was showing 367,017. I’m now at 83% of my objective but that’s only the beginning. The next 90,000 monthly visitors will be hard to gain!


I’ve already started to do some guest posting and commenting for specific sites. I sent 2 newsletters this month to boost my traffic and it worked well. I’m just hoping for some love from Google to boost my search engine visitors and I’ll be on track .


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I just mentioned that I used my newsletter to generate additional traffic. What I did was send an email with a question to my subscribers. I detailed my answer to this question on a post (which I linked to) and ask readers what they thought. It generated over 500 visitors to my site and a few hundred replies back.


The good news was I generated more traffic, the bad news is that it takes forever to answer everybody back! Hahaha! Since the response was so good from my subscribers, I intend to use that strategy at least once a month. This could eventually lead to an affiliate marketing strategy at the same time if I direct my readers to one of my posts that includes affiliate links. We’ll see how it goes!


Niche Site Central $549.12 (+80%)


I decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to provide a little bit more transparency. It will also help me know how much these sites are generating for my company. The $563.64 is broken down into 3 sources of revenues:


$306.71 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$256.93 from Adsense

$0.00 from affiliate sales


I’m happy to present stronger results for this month after a disappointing December! $304 was definitely too low for my niche sites and I’m happy to crack the $500 level! My eBook machines are selling more than I expected. I must admit that I got some help from a small eBook that I put together about the Best 2013 Dividend Stocks. I offered it for free to my newsletter subscribers for 5 days and then charged $2.99. It was more like a symbolic contribution than anything else. I was surprised to see that I could sell 29 copies this month without pushing the product through any channels. Making a small profit of $80 for the book pays for the work involved and I still benefit from the marketing strategy for free!


I think I’ll sell the book right away next year… still not sure about this strategy, what do you think? I guess that I could probably sell 1,000 copies at $2.99 so I would be making a net profit of $2,500. That would be a good start of the year, don’t you think?


eBook Development


My Evil Plan didn’t work out as planned and I’m pretty upset about it. In my original plan, I was going to direct my newsletter subscribers towards Amazon to download a free copy of my Best 2013 Dividend Stock eBook. Then, I was counting on the momentum to gain credibility as an author and boost my ranking for my other book in the Amazon system. I also counted on some indirect sales coming from people that had downloaded the free eBook (or pay $2.99 for it after the free period of 5 days).


I encountered two major problems:


#1 I wasn’t able to format my document to Kindle on time. I’m very bad with technology and even thought it was almost text only, the Kindle file looks like crap. Therefore, I had to abandon the project of going through Amazon and sell it through my own network.


#2 I was disappointed by the Kindle issues and I still have my goal of having 8,000 downloads for that free book over the year. Well, I’m going to be disappointed there too! For some weird reasons, my download link works very well but doesn’t track the number of downloads on my end! Therefore, I have no clue how many people have downloaded the free book over the first 5 days! Even worse; we have no clue why this link didn’t work as all the other links we used prior to this one with the same plugin have always given us accurate information!


So long story short, I’ve put a lot of effort in place to market my book but I have no clue how many books have been downloaded and the indirect effect on my sales… that’s very frustrating!


On the other hand, my other eBook goal was to hit 500 copies sold of Dividend Growth which I easily attained! As at January 31st, I’m sitting on 527 copies sold. I haven’t requested help from other bloggers to review my sales page and process and I’ll be working on this in February to make sure I continue to sell at least 1 book per day. Generating a passive income of about $250 net per month would be awesome!


Current Project I’m Working On


At the beginning of the year, I joined a Mastermind group. I’ll share a little bit more about this project in another post  but for now, let me just say that we meet virtually each Monday. The cool thing about that is definitely the increase in the accountability level. Since we set goals weekly, it kind of looks funny if you don’t do anything during that week to achieve them. So my weekly goals are smaller parts of my bigger plan. We just had our fourth meeting and I find it truly awesome!


The other major project I’m currently working on is my Aweber series. I’ve taken a short break from it and came back with another article this Monday. I’m far from being done with it as I also want to package it into an eBook. The book will obviously be an enhanced version of the series with even more details and more ways to make money with your newsletter. I believe this book will be a great promotion tool to boost my TFB mailing list as well. And hopefully, I’ll make a few bucks with my Aweber affiliate links!


Adsense Income $4,257.34 (+71%)


My adsense earnings definitely look like a roller coaster! After dropping under the bar of $2,500 in my December report, Im back with a record month of $4,257.34! There are two things explaining this awesome month:


#1: I was mentioned by some big sites and got a huge traffic spike (I made $657 on one day!)

#2: It’s January, and people are always looking for investing tips at the beginning of the year


My Adsense income can be compared to how well I do with my investing websites. While my other blogs are pretty stable, my investing sites are the fuel of this source of income. It’s not the best scenario I could imagine since it puts my business at risk, once again! However, the fact that I’m pretty good at writing about investing topics I am comforted a little bit.


Can I make another $4,000 next month? Definitely not! Unless I get another big mention ;-). What I’m the most proud about is that after this huge traffic peak, I was still able to generate an average of $100/day for the rest of the month. This leads me to think that I’ll be making around $3,000 for February and can forget about my “low months” at $2,500. This could be very interesting as my other sites are picking up. It’s more like a mass effect and the overall result pushes me past the $100/day level.


The key now is just to work on the traffic!


Now its your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?





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I am very happy to report that my views were above 100 very day during January and even above 200 some days. It is a slow start but at least it is a start.

I started last fall with Google Blogger, was very unhappy then switched to a free WordPress site. I had a few days off over Christmas and read a lot of great free blog marketing information and that is when my viewership went from teens to over 100.

I was not aware that people marketed their blogs but I am learning now. I wasn’t in this to make money, just cover my internet expenses, but when I see the stats it makes me very competitive with myself.

I wonder if the size of my viewership is reflective of the size of my blog post? I average 450 words per post.

Great job on the site this past month!

Wow, over 400,000 visitors across the network in one month is amazing Mike!

I hope to get to average about 30,000 per month on my site later this year. That would be a great milestone!

Keep up the great work!

Great traffic and huge Adsense growth! I’ve curiously gone away, or plan to go completely away from contextual ads due to affiliate income. However, with $4K in Adsense… I’d keep it for sure.

This income report isn’t even including all the other income yeah?

Even with taking two weeks off you seem to have gotten so much done and improves almost every single number, even if only by a little. All of the plans you describe in this post sound like they’ll help you bring the numbers up even more, probably by a lot.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 6th, 2013 (9:25 pm)


yup, that’s only adsense and small ebooks. Private advertising, affiliates along with Dividend Growth eBooks sales are not published.

I understand your point with contextual ads but Adsense is hard for me to stop… I just tried Media.Net for a few days and I’m about to drop it… it’s not making much 🙁


thx! but imagine if I was working hard on my sites! I’ve done some serious work in February, I hope it will pays off!