January 12, 2012, 6:00 am

It Must Be Nice, Right?

by: MD    Category: Miscellaneous
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As you read this article I’m currently enjoying myself in Cancun. It must be nice, right?

Your friend John graduated from college without any debt. Must be nice, right?

Your co-worker Jackie left the place of employment to go work for herself. It must be nice, right?

Here you are working your butt off and having no fun. Why do others have it so much better than you?

It must be nice, right? Are the three examples proof that things are just nicer for other people while you struggle? Are you getting screwed over?

Not exactly. Nothing is ever as nice or easy as it seems. There are two possible scenarios that are occurring when someone appears to have it easier or better than you financially:

  1. The person is putting everything on their credit card.
  2. The person working their butt off when you’re not around.

Both are not situations that you should be envious of. I used to be guilty of the “victim mindset” where I thought that others had it better than me and I was a victim. This is the worst type of attitude that you can have for trying to get ahead in life.

I wanted to write about how you can avoid the “it must be nice” syndrome that so many of us are guilty of at some point…

Take an honest look at your situation.

What’s your situation? Is it really so tough? Are you getting adequate sleep? Are you sleeping too much?

Where am I going with this? You need to take an honest look at your own situation before you try to envy anyone else. I had a friend tell me it must be nice to finish college without any student debt. What he failed to realized was that I worked full-time, lost out on sleep, and was always tired. It sucked at the time. It was worth it when I got to finally graduate without any debt. The problem was that I did miss out on lots by always working. Nobody considers that aspect to it.

Deal with your issues as they come.

All issues can be dealt with. The problem is that we put them off and let them get bigger than they need to be. I believe in dealing with small issues (two minute tasks– paying a parking ticket for example) as they happen. This way you get it over with and don’t need to stress about it.

When it comes to bigger problems, I always believe in taking the next small step. I find that a small step is much more beneficial than no step at all.

How hard are you working?

Are you really working hard? I used to be envious of more successful people. I thought that they were luckier than me or perhaps they were given something. Nobody is given anything. You have to take everything. You have to work for everything. I’m no longer jealous of more successful people because I understand that they work harder and smarter than me.

If you take anything from this post I want it to be this: look at how hard you’re working if you’re not reaching the level of success that you want to. You need to be realistic. You have to be working hard before you can complain about your situation. If you’re working hard and getting no real results, then you need to switch things up.

Do I think that others have it better than you? Maybe once in a while. When it comes down to it, we all have the same 24 hours in the same day. With the Internet we have access to the same resources. It’s just not fair to assume that someone has it better than you.

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by: The Financial Blogger | January 12th, 2012 (6:42 am)

Hey MD!
it sure must be nice to be in Cancun 😉

seriously, I totally agree with you. When I see someone that does or lives something “nice”, I always wonder what he did to “deserve it”. I’m wondering what people does in life when they have huge houses or when they can travel all around the world.

In fact, you can do pretty much everything in life. It is just a matter of sacrifices. My friend once told me: you are able to do everything in life but you can’t do everything at the same time ;-).

Haha this is exactly right! It is funny how some people are always trying to throw a “pity party” for themselves. I graduated form university with no debt, bought a house in my second year there, bought a vehicle in cash as a graduation present for myself…. must be nice huh… Ya…. I just had to work full time (got my journeyman ticket in a trade too), take an extra year and half to do my degree, save invest save some more, and I didn’t complain…. it was all my choice. I missed out on a lot of things but that was MY choice. People don’t understand the concept of opportuity cost. You hit the nail square on!

I had a post with almost the same title a couple years ago. It was in response to my plans to go on an extended hiking trip. I pointed out that being able to go on the hike was the result of living a more frugal life than most people are willing to do.

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Yeah and some people are born into massive wealth and don’t know the meaning of struggle. Not everything is equal, and this optimistic attitude is healthy but utterly naive. The truth is the truth, it does not need to be denied. Some people are luckier, some born with more talent, in the same way that some have it much worst. Again. The truth is the truth, we all have to live with it, and change what we must.