May 18, 2010, 4:33 am

It’s Not Always That Bad

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Properties
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Last week, I wrote an article about how you should never trust a realtor. I don’t want to be mean but I truly have the feeling they are they only for their pay check. Technically, they are not responsible of anything and they don’t have to do follow-up with clients (since they will probably forget about their name at the time of selling their property 10 years later!).

So today, I’m doing a follow-up on my certificate of localization story. After writing this post, I came into my office, closed my door and started to call everybody.

Note to myself: trying to solve a bureaucratic problem on a sunny Friday morning is a lot of work!

I started with the company who did the certificate of localization to know what were my options and to see if the 12cm could be argued based on the fact that the pool was at 1,5m and its last pole was at 1.38cm…

The receptionist told me that all their experts were either not working or on the road (read they were having a coffee and donuts right behind her but didn’t care to pick up the phone because it’s Friday!). So I couldn’t get any help from them until Monday… Fine!

Then I call the notary to advise her of the situation. I must admit that I was very tempted to “hide” this glitch and just put the certificate of localization in an envelope and give it to her saying “everything is fine”. I thought I had good chances that she would not even take a look at it (I don’t trust notaries either… lol!). But I have figured that I was better off telling her what was the problem upfront in order to avoid further (bigger) problems with my buyers (who are seeking for money back on holes in the doors!).

The notary told me that she would give me her opinion once she has received the certificate but didn’t seem to be worried too much about the pool. She told me that it was quite frequent and not to worry about it… right…

Since I wasn’t satisfied, I have decided to give a call to the municipality in order to prepare myself for a minor derogatory. I spoke with the guy at the city and he asked me if I had a inground or outground pool (huh?). It appeared that the 1.50m rule was for inground pool only and that outground pool has to be at 1.00m from the fence… HURRAY!

So all this to tell you that I will still sell my house on time and I will not have to move my pool around! I guess that you are never better served than by yourself 😉

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Glad to hear there was no problem.

So it sounds like maybe the paperword from the original was in good order? Maybe someone needs to issue a few apologies… ;P

by: The Financial Blogger | May 18th, 2010 (3:12 pm)

yeah… well technically, we should have received a certificate showing the pool when we bought the house… the Realtors still didn’t their job 😉

But I’m glad it’s over now… moving in 3 weeks!

When I bought my house, the certificate showed the pool was half on and old Hydro Québec passage… but everyone on the street put a fence right in the middle, grass and pools!

They told us that unless HQ decided that they needed their old passage right away (or if the whole street decided to buy its parts), we didnd really had to worry about it.

But the pool was in such a bad shape that I decided to remove it. There was a bush growing in the middle so they were not using it for a couple of years (even if they said they used it last summer… LIARS!)

Question: why do you dont trust notaries too? It is really surprising to me so I am curious to see what your answer will be 😉

by: The Financial Blogger | May 19th, 2010 (1:34 pm)

@ Mama Zen,
I don’t trust notaries since they don’t do much in a real estate transaction. They basically add your name to a “fill in the blank” paper and ask you to sign it.

they are for much better help when doing a will 😉